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Hayley Thorpe: Hayley Reviews

5 November 2018

Today’s guest on the RNA blog is Hayley Thorpe, who reviews on her site. Welcome to the RNA blog Hayley! Let’s dive straight in with the interview.


You’ve been blogging for a long time now and your blog has gone through a few changes. Can you tell us a bit about your blogging journey?
I started off using blogger under the name of The Ramblings of a London girl sitting here thinking about that time reminds me of how much I loved that blog name. The problem with it was there wasn’t much of a focus and a point so it just became random and I don’t think I fully understood blogger either. I had written book reviews for various sites over the years and then had seen a friend mention she was looking to build her team and the rest was history. I then became part of Dark Readers – which I loved and learned so much from the experience. In between that I also had Hayleyslilworld on WordPress – I loved the difference of how WordPress functions. I loved my lil place on the Internet until the nasty taunts started. I put up with it for a little while and then I decided to call it a day and I hated it. Then I started volunteering at Cancer Research in the midst of everything I had happen in my life. Once I stopped volunteering I decided that I wanted to keep my place on the Internet which is where came from.

What’s the best and worst thing about running a blog?
The best thing is when you can make authors smile and when you can educate others. For me the worst is I say yes to too much and then I end up letting people down which then makes me look and feel crap.

Tell us a bit about your review policy – what genres do you review?
I’m a mixed bag I love a good romance, a psychological thriller and non fiction tbh I give most things a go. So my policy tends to be if it excites me I want in and if it’s from one of my favourite authors I also say yes.

What has been your stand out read for 2018 so far?
Now that’s a hard one I’ve read some great books. Paige Toon melts my heart and I have to mention the queen of sparkly in Miranda Dickinson her Somewhere Beyond the Sea truly spoke to me.

I gather from your blog that you’re a fan of Boyzone and you actually met them! Can you tell us a bit about that (and about the fab picture you have of them)?
I’ve been a lucky girl in my 34 years on this earth. Those Boyz have been the soundtrack to the good and the bad in my life and I’m going to be so sad next year when they bid farewell but my It sure will be a party to remember. That picture took place in Hastings last Summer the only thing missing is the gorgeous Stephen Gately.

Do you ever read just for fun or do you review every book you read?
I do tend to want to share my thoughts but saying that Miranda’s fabulous book I’ve shouted about but not officially reviewed.

If you were able to host a fantasy dinner party for your favourite authors (alive or dead), who would you choose as your guests and what would you prepare for them?
There would be bubbles, there would be cakes ha. The rest I’m not so sure on I would have Daphne Du Maurier I still have lots of her collection to devour the woman is a genius. I would add Ruth Ware as I know she gets the Daphne thing. Charles Dickens, Ian McEwan and the Bronte Sisters.

We often ask our guests what they consider to be the next “big thing” – what do you hope to see more of in 2018 – 2019?
I read Susan Gee’s debut featuring an absolutely crazy Hayley and I can’t wait to see what she does next. I’ve also read and started two of next years titles and I cannot wait to see what else materialises.

What’s the best way for authors to get in touch with you?
They can find me on Twitter HayleyTOfficial on the blog or to email me at

Thank you for chatting to us today Hayley and for all the fabulous work you do as a blogger.


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