Romantic Novelists' Association

Introducing The RNA Disco Chapter

2 November 2020

RNA DISCO chapter logo

RNA DISCO chapter logo

The Romantic Novelists’ Association has formed a new chapter primarily for members who live with disability, chronic health conditions, mental health issues, and neurodiversity, either personally or as a carer.

The aims of the DISCO chapter are to be a safe and inclusive space for RNA members with chronic health conditions; to offer support and friendship as well as a writing forum where members can share knowledge and ideas; and that members from groups that are currently under-represented in publishing feel welcome and included in the association.

The chapter is being set up in response to requests from members and feeds into the RNA’s continuing work to increase diversity in romantic and relationship driven fiction. The group is primarily a space for those who face disability and health challenges that affect their daily lives and writing, but also open to RNA members writing about disability and chronic illness. It is a place to share tips, friendship and support.

One of the chapter founders, Jeanna Louise Skinner said, “As a romance novelist living with a disability and ADHD, and a member of the RNA through its Diamond Bursaries/New Writers Scheme, I feel very fortunate to be a part of an association which celebrates love in all its wonderful forms. I hope that the founding of the DISCO Chapter encourages authors who live with chronic health conditions and who write romantic fiction to join the association, as love stories are for everyone and EVERY BODY.”

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