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J.b.buell: It’s Hard Being A Shy, Bi Dad

26 September 2019

I’m delighted to welcome J.B Buell to the blog today to talk about their upcoming release, The Boyfriend Trap.  This is an M/M romance published through JMS Books LLC and is due for release on the 28thSeptember.

J.B. It’s really good to have you here. Could you tell us a little more about The Boyfriend Trap?

 Thank you for having me! I’d love to tell you some more about it. It’s a sweet rom-com where two grown men find themselves outwitted by a precocious eight-year old.

What happens when you’re a single dad and you happen to have a great boyfriend, but you’re hesitant to take the next step and introduce said boyfriend to your plucky eight-year-old daughter?

This is the situation club manager Luke finds himself in: his first serious relationship since his divorce, and he’s feeling a little out of his depth. Not to mention that his boyfriend, Jamie, is getting annoyed about being kept out of Luke’s personal life so much, especially when Luke’s kid Sofia comes to visit him. Jamie wants Luke to include him in some family time, but Luke keeps stalling.

Luckily for both of them, Sofia figures out her dad has a secret boyfriend and she orchestrates a cute picnic date with them both so she can meet Jamie.

It’s amazing what one little push in the right direction can achieve!

Luke’s fear of introducing his daughter to his boyfriend (and essentially out himself as bisexual to her) is proven to be unfounded when Sofia is nothing but happy for the pair, and she even lets slip that some of her best friends have two moms or two dads.

Once that sinks in, and Luke realises his daughter is accepting of his new partner, he can relax and enjoy himself on their first family day out, and even start to think about the future with Jamie.

The book sounds really sweet and I’m looking forward to reading it. Thank you so much for coming to talk to us today.

About the Author:

JB Buell is a non-binary writer (they/them, or he/him) of m/m romance and gay rom com stories. They are a cat person, and can’t decide if they’re more of a coffee or tea person but is quite happy to drink both.

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About the Interviewer:

Ruby Moone lives in the wilds of Lancashire with her husband and writes historical and contemporary romance. At school, her teachers said that she lived with her head in the clouds and if she didn’t stop daydreaming she would never get anywhere. She never did stop daydreaming, and after years of happily living in the clouds, decided to write the stories down.