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New Publications: January 2019

7 January 2019


Louise Allen. The Duke’s Accidental Elopement

Historical romance (Regency)
December 1st, 2018

He’s a duke, she’s in disgrace and they never meant to elope… Her family tell her that she’s ruined after an unwise youthful romance, so Miss Sophie Haydon cannot see that she’ll make things worse by offering to help retrieve the Duke of Weybourne’s rash young sister who has set off for Gretna Green with an unscrupulous fortune hunter. But accidents and circumstances leave the pursuers thoroughly compromised themselves. Hal Wyatt knows he has no honourable alternative but to offer marriage, but he has reckoned without Sophie’s determination not to force a man she is beginning to care for very much into such an unsuitable marriage. An unscrupulous clergyman, a heedless young heiress and a disapproving brother all stand in the way of a happy ending in this romantic road trip to find love.



Helen J Rolfe: Christmas Miracles at the Little Log Cabin

Independent Amazon KDP
paperback and ebook
women’s fiction
6th December 2018

A snow-covered log cabin surrounded by Christmas trees brings plenty of surprises for Holly … do you believe in Christmas miracles? Holly is looking for a change and even though not everyone agrees with her career choices, she’s determined there’s more to this life than the long hours she works as an editor in New York City. What she doesn’t expect is to meet Mitch, a recluse who’s hiding more than she realises. Mitch spends his days hidden away in a little log cabin in the woods out in Inglenook Falls where he owns a Christmas tree farm. He speaks to people only when and if it’s necessary, so when Holly falls into his life, he’s not sure how to react. All he knows is that something needs to change if he ever wants to get his life back on track. Along with friends Cleo and Darcy, Holly is determined to bring joy back to Mitch’s life, but will he appreciate their interference? And when a business proposition throws everything up in the air, will it do more harm than good and ruin lives forever? Both Holly and Mitch must learn that on the surface people aren’t always what they seem…but if you dig a little deeper, they can take you by surprise.




Contemporary Romance
26 December 2018

FOREVER YOURS is the fourth book in the Levanté Sisters series.
A new start…
After finding her boyfriend in bed with another woman, Carmen is devastated. How could she not have seen this coming? The warning signs were there, but she was blinded by love. Never again will she fall into that trap. With her opera-singing career on the rise, Carmen moves to London for a new start. She signs with the up-and-coming boutique artist agency, Adagio, run by the charismatic and dynamic Jet Anderson. Despite their obvious attraction, Jet is lethal with women, and Carmen is determined not to fall under his spell. A task that is easier said than done…
An old wound…
Jet has met hundreds of beautiful women in his life but none are a match for the Spanish-born opera singer, Carmen Levanté. After a devastating relationship destroyed his first marriage and ended his own singing career, Jet is determined to hold the exotic and talented beauty at a distance. That is until Carmen gets beneath his skin, and he begins to fall…



Francesca Capaldi: Danger for Daisy

Contemporary romance
My Weekly Pocket Novel
27th December 2018

Daisy’s excited about celebrating her first Christmas away from home – that is until she meets handsome archaeologist, Seth, who offers an alternative Christmas on a secluded island. Daisy looks forward to her first dig, but then something is unearthed that points to the island harbouring a dark secret. It’s not long before the team are under attack, and it looks like one of them might be responsible…



Margaret Mounsdon: Castle of Flowers

Romantic Suspense
Amazon KDP
1 January 2019

Evie Quinta knew her father had a history with the powerful Vicente family, but the details were cloaked in mystery. When the opportunity arose to catalogue Astra Dempsey’s 60’s fashion collection Evie didn’t hesitate to take up the offer. Astra had been married to Mauricio Vicente. Hoping to find out exactly what had happened to her father Evie flew to Portugal, but it didn’t take her long to realise that she had stumbled on a more powerful secret, one Felipe Pereira, Astra’s grandson seemed determined to protect at all costs.



Virginia Heath: The Uncompromising Lord Flint

Mills & Boon
Paperback and eBook
1st January 2019

Imprisoned by her past Set free by her enemy! Charged with high treason, Lady Jessamine Fane is under the watchful eye of icily calm Lord Peter Flint. It’s a task this spy won’t be swayed from, no matter how alluring his prisoner! Only it’s not long before Flint realises that tenacious Jess hides a lifetime of pain. With so much at stake, can he afford to take a chance on their powerful attraction?




Elizabeth Bailey: The Candlelit Coffin

Historical mystery
Sapere Books
3rd January 2019

A beautiful young girl, dead in an open coffin, surrounded by candles. Francis hopes the riddle will drag Ottilia out of a deep depression.





Jenni Keer: The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker

Women’s Commercial Fiction
Avon Book UK, Harper Collins
10th January 2019

Meet Lucy, aged 25, and Brenda, aged 79. Neighbours and unlikely friends. Lucy Baker is not your usual 25-year-old. She is more at home reading and knitting in her cluttered little flat than going out partying and socialising. 79-year-old Brenda is full of wise and wonderful advice, but when she’s diagnosed with dementia her life begins to change. Before her memories slip away for ever, Brenda is desperate to fulfil one last wish – to see Lucy happy. Gifting Lucy the locket that helped Brenda find her own true love, she hopes to push her reticent neighbour in the right direction. But is Lucy Baker ready for the opportunities and heartbreaks of the real world? It’s about time she put her knitting needles aside and found out…



Jill Barry: Melting Evie’s Heart

Contemporary Romance
DC Thomson
My Weekly Pocket Novel
10th January 2019

Evie flees London, dumped by her showbiz boss Marcus and seeking a tranquil Christmas at home in the Cotswolds. But attractive antique dealer Jake keeps playing havoc with her good intentions and village life makes it difficult to avoid him. When her scheming ex-boyfriend arrives with a tempting offer and upsets her, Jake rushes to Evie’s defence and makes a bad enemy. Life becomes further complicated when the village panto loses its Cinderella and Prince Charming. Evie’s mum insists on casting Jake with her daughter, but Evie needs a job in the New Year and drives to London for an interview where she faces Marcus again, this time set on revenge. An unexpected twist puts him in his place but can Cinders put the past behind her and go to the ball?




Katherine Garbera One Night Gamble

Contemporary Romance
Entangled Publishing
January 14, 2019

Talia Spencer’s life is the epitome of boring and predictable. But then she meets him… The first time she meets Casey Waltham, she’s buying condoms… for her grandmother. And of course, drops them accidentally at his feet. Faceplant. The second time she sees him, she’s this close to landing her dream job and is celebrating at a club. Two chance encounters in the same day–that’s got to be a sign, right? He’s charming and flirty and just what Talia needs for the night. But it was just supposed to be a hook-up. At least, that’s what she thought…until he turns out to be her new boss…



Sharon Ibbotson: The Marked Lord
Choc Lit
January 15th

It’s 1803 and widowed aristocrat Sophy De Browarec must flee France after being exposed as an undercover British agent. Fearing for her life, she returns to Cornwall to seek help from the only living link to her past, Fitzwilliam ‘Fitz’ Ravensbourne. Lord Ravensbourne has suffered his own share of misfortune and it’s left its mark in more ways than one. He has become a near recluse at the Ravensbourne Estate, but still reluctantly accepts Sophy into his home. Sophy and Fitz’s relationship is strained, and her return could bring danger to Ravensbourne – but there is something that prevents Fitz from casting her out, something almost forbidden …



Elaine Roberts – The Foyles Bookshop Girls At War

Historical Saga
Aria, Head of Zeus
15th January 2019

Swapping books for the bomb factory takes courage – and could be dangerous. Working at the Foyles bookshop was Molly Cooper’s dream job. But with the country at war she’s determined to do her bit. So Molly gathers her courage and sets off for the East End and her first day working at Silvertown munitions factory… Molly must face the trials and tribulations of being the ‘new girl’ at the munitions factory, as well as the relentless physical work. The happy-ever-afters Molly read about in the pages of her beloved books have been lost to the war. And yet the munitions girls unite through their sense of duty and friendships that blossom in the most unlikely of settings…



Paula Martin: Changing the Future

Contemporary Romance
Kindle & Kindle Unlimited, Audiobook
January 23rd

Single parent, Lisa Marshall, loves her teaching job in the English Lake District. But when volcano expert turned TV celebrity Paul Hamilton arrives at the college, everything crashes down around her. Years ago, she’d been in love with Paul and thought nothing could tear them apart. She’d been wrong.
Paul had thought Lisa was the love of his life but when he suspected she’d cheated on him, everything shattered in an instant. Had he known she was teaching at the college, he wouldn’t have accepted a short-term contract there. It was painfully obvious Lisa wasn’t happy about his appearance either. Forced to work together, they must find common ground to keep the peace. As memories of what they’d once had resurfaced, is it worth try finding their way back to each other? Or will everything be completely destroyed again when Paul learns that Lisa is still keeping secrets from him?



Suzie Tullett: The French Escape

Whole Story QUEST
Publication date – 24.01.19

It’s fair to say that Flick has had a terrible year. Her beloved father died, then, just hours after her wedding ceremony, her husband ran out on her. Fed up with her daughter living like a hermit, Brenda decides to drag Flick off to France to stay in a chateau. What could be better than an idyllic escape? But when they arrive, Flick discovers the chateau is all but abandoned. The only upside of her French escape is the handsome and mysterious neighbour, Nate. Nate loves his life living in the cottage on the grounds of the abandoned chateau, but that is about to be put in jeopardy… Can Nate and Flick learn to come to terms with the past and find love again?




Liz Taylorson: The Manor on the Moors.

Contemporary Romantic Fiction.
Manatee Books
E-book with print on demand paperback.
24th January.

Alice has landed her dream job, searching the Misterley Manor archives for tales of the elusive Gilbert Fox-Travers – life should be perfect if only she could untangle her complicated love life… Caroline is desperately trying to keep Misterley from falling down around her ears, and it’s a tough enough job without throwing a stroppy teenager, a difficult ex-husband and a cantankerous father into the mix. When disaster strikes, Caroline and her family must pull together to save her beloved family home…Can Alice uncover the mystery of Gilbert Fox-Travers in time to save the Manor?



Jill Mansell: Maybe This Time

Contemporary Cotswolds-set romance
Headline Books
Hardback, ebook and audio.
Jan 24th 2019

When Mimi first visits her dad’s new home in the Cotswolds, she falls in love with Goosebrook and the people who live there. (Well, maybe not snooty Henrietta, who lets Mimi walk miles in the rain rather than give her a lift.) There’s Paddy, with his flashing eyes and seductive charm. Friendly and funny Lois makes Mimi laugh. And seriously gorgeous Cal is welcoming and charismatic. Though Mimi loves her city life and her career, she’d be very happy to return to Goosebrook if it means seeing more of him.
Life is about to take some unexpected and shocking twists and turns. And Mimi’s path and Cal’s are set to cross again and again – but will it ever be the right time for both of them?



Julie Cohen, Louis & Louise

Contemporary fiction
Hardback, ebook and audiobook
24 January 2019

Louis and Louise are the same person born in two different lives. They are separated only by the sex announced by the doctor and a final ‘e’. They have the same best friends, the same red hair, the same dream of being a writer, the same excellent whistle. They both suffer one catastrophic night, with life-changing consequences. Thirteen years later, they are both coming home.



AnneMarie Brear: Kitty McKenzie

Historical Saga
Ulverscoft LP (Aurora Imprint)
Large Print & Audio
January 2019



After losing everything, can she keep her family safe?





Janice Horton: Island in the Sun

Romantic Adventure Fiction
Thornhill Print
Ebook and Paperback
January 2019

Escape to a tropical paradise in this epic story of hidden pasts and family secrets: When successful jewellery designer Isla Ashton unexpectedly inherits her eccentric Aunt Kate’s Caribbean island, she is obligated to return to the place she associates with heartache and regret. To where she grew up and fell in love with her childhood friend, Leo Fernandez. Fully intent on selling the island and finally putting the past behind her, Isla is soon compelled to put together the pieces of what really happened on a fateful night ten-years before. She begins to believe that in going to prison, Leo hadn’t only been shielding her from the same fate. She also starts to suspect that her late Aunt hadn’t been entirely honest in sending her away under the guise of recriminations. Who had they both been protecting and why?



Clare Harvey: The Escape

Simon & Schuster
Paperback, e-book and Audible
January 2019

One winter morning in Germany in early 1945, Detta passes a group of exhausted British prisoners of war who are being force-marched westwards. One man catches her eye and she cannot forget him. The following day she receives an urgent message to contact the local priest: he needs her help.
Miranda is a photography student in Berlin in 1989 as the Wall falls. Trapped in an abusive relationship, her one hope for escape is an old postcard of the village her grandmother, Detta, was born in. As Miranda flees through the rubble of the Berlin wall and into the East, she begins to suspect she’s being followed by the Stasi.
Two very different timelines; two women who share a history and a dark secret. Can they save each other now the time has come to reveal it?




The Second Wife: Sheryl Browne

Psychological Thriller
e-book and print
29th January 2019

She made her bed. You’ll lie in it.
Rebecca only wanted to help out – to be kind. Richard seemed so alone after his wife, Nicole, died, and Rebecca wanted to make sure he knew he had someone to rely on. But now she’s in Nicole’s immaculate house. Drinking from her favourite crystal wine glass. Keeping shoes in her orderly closet. Comforting her sweet and grieving step-daughter. It feels like Rebecca is living another woman’s life. And as she gets to know the neighbours, Rebecca hears stories that make her wonder: was free-spirited Nicole happy in this perfect life, or did she feel trapped? Did she feel, as Rebecca is beginning to, that something wasn’t quite right?



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