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New Releases: April 2021

29 March 2021

Merryn Allingham: Rio Revenge

Romantic Suspense
The Verrall Press
Ebook and paperback
30 March 2021

It’s Carnival and Nancy Tremayne is on holiday in Rio when an ugly quarrel, a woman found dead, and a missing child, draw her into a terrible crime that lies hidden beneath the sun-warmed beaches and the samba rhythms. Together with Archie, her husband’s assistant, Nancy embarks on a perilous mission to track down the killer and find the child. Murder and suspense are peppered with romance in this fast-paced mystery set in the glamour of 1950s Rio.






Zoe Allison: Second Chance at First Love



Totally Bound
6th April

Eva is a pending divorcee and Damon is coming to terms with the break-up of his family. Can Damon help Eva overcome her emotional trauma? And will he ever see her as anything but his nerdy best friend?









Elizabeth Bailey: The Dagger Dance (Lady Fan Mystery)


Historical Mystery
Sapere Books
ebook and paperback
13th April 2021

Can Lady Fan help her steward Hemp to save his Barbadian lost love, a slave girl accused of murder?








Helen Buckley: Strictly on Ice

Contemporary romance
Ebook and paperback
9 March

Desperate for cash, former Olympic skating champion Katie Saunders reluctantly agrees to take part in a new TV skating show. She’s horrified to not only be partnered up with love rat rugby player Jamie Welsh but to find that one of the judges is her ex Alex Michaelson, who previously dropped her on the ice and shattered her ankle.
As the show progresses, will Katie be shown the hard way, once again, that romance on the ice should remain strictly off-limits?






Annie Burrows: His Accidental Countess

Regency Romance
Mills & Boon
pb and ebook
18th March 2021
To stop an unsuitable elopement, Tobias Spenlow bundles his ward’s intended bride into his carriage – only to discover he’s made a terrible mistake. The woman is actually an innocent governess, Miss Dorothy Phillips – whose reputation he’s unintentionally ruined! The only way to right this wrong is for the Earl to wed her. She might have accidentally become his Countess, but their consuming attraction has him courting her in earnest…!






Philippa Carey: The Nurse and The Captain


WW1 Romance
Ulverscroft Ltd (Linford Romance Library)
Large Print Paperback
1st April 2021
It is 1918 and the Great War is ending. The evening before the last great battle, Ben hears that the flu epidemic has killed his entire family. Devastated, he is reckless in battle. Badly wounded, he is sent to an auxiliary hospital in England. Laura’s grandfather, the earl, has died, and she doesn’t know what to do now. She volunteers at the local wartime hospital and is put in charge of a very sick officer?…







Philippa Carey: The Lady At The Inn

Regency Romance
18th March 2021

Amanda’s parents have both died and left her a wealthy woman. She has gone from Calcutta to London to live with her uncle, but he is dismayed to find she has Bengali features and also wrongly thinks she has little money. He casts her off when a fortune hunter abandons her at a country inn, also thinking she is poor. The Earl of Twyford and his sister rescue her, neither of whom cares if she is rich or poor, nor that she looks half Indian. A story of love overcoming the evils of racial prejudice.







Lorna Cook: The Girl From the Island

Women’s Fic/Historical Fic
Pb, ebook, audio.
April 1st
1940: When Nazis invade the island of Guernsey, two sisters rebel in any way they can. But when forced to take in a German soldier, they are shocked to find a childhood friend who has now become their enemy. 2016: Two generations later, Lucy returns to Guernsey after the death of a distant cousin. As she prepares the old family house for sale, Lucy discovers a box of handwritten notes, one word standing out: resistance. Lucy’s search for the author will uncover the story of a forgotten sister who vanished from the island one night, never to be seen again.






Victoria Cooke: The Single Mums’ Book Club



Romantic Comedy
HQ Digital
ebook paperback is out 8th July
30th April

Three mums . . . One quest for some peace and quiet.










Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead: The Captain and the Father of the Bride


contemporary m/m
ebook and paperback
20th April 2021

Yacht captain Leo’s never stayed in one place long enough to fall in love. That all could change when he’s left £1,000,000.
But there’s a catch. Leo can only inherit the money if he takes a bride before the year is out. And Leo’s the kind of man who’s only interested in taking a husband.







Kate Field: Finding Home


Contemporary women’s fiction
One More Chapter
16 April 2021

Meet Mim Brown: she’s jobless, homeless, and living in her car. But when, in a random act of kindness, she drives two stranded strangers to their seaside home in Devon, her life changes beyond her wildest dreams.







Morton S. Gray: Summer at Lucerne Lodge

Romantic Suspense
Choc Lit Publishing
eBook and Paperback
20 April 2021

Could a beautiful old house and a handsome stranger hold the key to a life-changing secret? Rosie Phillips could be forgiven for not being immediately won over by Tanner Bryant. Their first meeting involves him knocking a tray of prawn cocktail over her expensive dress at a charity event in the grounds of Lucerne Lodge. But little does Rosie know how pivotal that awkward first meeting will be, or how the Lodge will become the unexpected backdrop for a summer spent finding out who she really is, and who she could be …






R J Gould: Nothing Man

Romantic Comedy – from a man’s point of view
25th March

One man in need of an overhaul. Two women determined to drag him there.
Neville Watkin’s life is so rubbish surely things can’t get any worse. Yes, they can, because his wife leaves him, he loses his job, has a car crash, and ends up in hospital.
Feisty Laura, the other party in the car crash, befriends him and sets out to turn his life upside down. For reasons he struggles to understand, Caroline, her equally feisty mother, seems to like him. Rather a lot.
But is Neville courageous enough to seize these new opportunities?







Elizabeth Hawksley: Tempting Fortune

12th April 2021

The illegitimate Sarah becomes a talented theatrical costumier; the tyrannical Lord Fulmar finds himself without heirs; and Jack, a handsome womanizer, joins the Theatre. Sarah has no intention of being tempted either by Jack or the ill-fated Fulmar fortune.








Georgia Hill: Janey Trelawney’s Year of Surprising Triumphs


Goldcrest Books
paperback and e-pub
24th February 2021

Janey’s life becomes more disaster movie than rom-com when the ruthless Becca steams in to manage Cheney House. Her job as head gardener in peril and her self-confidence in tatters, Janey must fight back. Finding an ally in Will, who’s more Clark Kent than Superman, it’s up to them to save the day while owner Clare is away having her Shirley Valentine.








Karen King: One Summer in Cornwall.

Headline Accent
ebook and paperback
29 April 2021

When Hattie is made redundant and evicted from her flat in one horrible week, she needs time to rethink. Her Uncle Albert left her and her father each half of Fisherman’s Rest, his home in the Cornish town of Port Medden, so this seems the perfect place to escape to until she can figure things out. As Hattie stays in the cottage, getting it ready to sell, she finds her feet in Port Medden and making a new home here feels right. If only her dad didn’t need a quick sale, and her unwelcoming neighbour Marcus did not complicate things . . .







Natalie Kleinman: The Reluctant Bride

Regency Romance
Sapere Books
ebook and paperback
6th April 2021

Forced by her father into an arranged marriage with an older man, Charlotte Willoughby is widowed six weeks after the wedding. As she goes out into the world again, the countess enjoys her independence. Will any of her suitors win the love of this feisty young woman?









Catherine Kullmann: A Comfortable Alliance


Historical Fiction – Regency
Willow Books
eBook, paperback, and hardback
25 March 2021

When the Earl of Rastleigh discovers that a marriage based on affectionate companionship and mutual respect is only second-best; he must woo his wife again. Having gained Helena’s hand, can Will win her heart?







Judy Leigh: Chasing the Sun

Romantic Comedy/ Women’s Fiction
Ebook/ paperback/ audio/ large print
Date of Release: April 8th 2021

Molly’s seventieth birthday comes as something of a shock. Widowed and living alone, she fears she is slipping into a cliché of old age. She and her sister Nell take off for an adventure in Spain as a tonic for broken hearts and flagging souls. But is Spain enough to revive Molly’s spirit?.







Jo Lovett: The House Swap


Rom-com (contemporary)
Ebook & paperback
19th April 2021

When Cassie and James find each other on a home swap website, it feels meant to be. Soon, Cassie’s living in James’s smart London penthouse and James is living in Cassie’s ramshackle Maine island house. It’s perfect, except their lives become entwined and they really don’t like each other… But as the insults fly, so do the sparks. When the time comes to swap back, can Cassie and James give each other up?






Sheila Riley: The Mersey Mistress

Historical/ Saga
Boldwood Books
Ebook Paperback Audio Hardback
6 April 2021

Ruby Swift is a hard-working, straight-talking woman of substance who does not suffer fools. But when tragedy strikes on a bitter Christmas Eve, Ruby and her beloved Archie take matters into their own hands when a house is tragically engulfed by flames. Ruby helps Anna Cassidy but cannot save Anna’s brother, Sam. The Mersey Mistress takes you on a journey to another time, another place. From the banks of the River Mersey to the frozen waters of the Canadian Saint Laurence River.








Georgina Troy: Spring Siren. 


Contemporary Romance
Green Shutter Books
E-book and paperback
24th April 2021

Book 4, The Boardwalk by the Sea series. Jools Jones loves her quiet life as an artist living above her grandmother’s second-hand bookshop on the boardwalk, but everything changes when she secretly helps a customer trace his out-of-print book and meets his grandson.








Samantha Tonge: Summer Secrets at Streamside Cottage


Contemporary Romance
Aria Fiction

Tattoo artist, Lizzie, is devastated by the death of her estranged parents so visits the village of Leafton, and the cottage she never knew existed. She’s determined to learn more about their past and hopefully uncover the reason they cut her off. However, the tight-lipped community has secrets of its own and is no help, until she meets her handsome new neighbour, Ben.







Linda Tyler: Revenge of the Spanish Princess


Romantic adventure
Large print
1st April 2012

Cornwall, 1695
When her father dies with the name Lovett on his lips, privateer captain Catherina Trelawny vows revenge on the mysterious pirate. Cate and Henry Lovett set sail across the high seas, battling the terrifying storm, deadly shipwreck, dissolute corsairs – and each other.







Sheila Riley brings you an exciting list of New Releases every month, and this month she is proud to include the first novel in her new series, The Mersey Mistress, which is out on 6th April. Sheila has been a member of the Romantic Novelists Association since 2003, is a member of the Society of Authors. Published by Boldwood Books and represented by Felicity Trew at Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency.