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New Releases: August 2022

1 August 2022

                             AUGUST NEW RELEASES 2022



Elizabeth Bailey: Misfit Maid



Historical Romance
ebook and paperback

Inveigled into sponsoring the come-out of an eccentric heiress, Viscount Delagarde’s life is turned upside-down. Maidie wants a complacent spouse. Her efforts at husband-hunting drive Delagarde into a frenzy as he hauls her out of one social gaffe after another. Much to his fury and her indignation. A traditional Regency romp.





Tracy Baines: Hopes and dreams for the Variety Girls



WW2 saga
All formats
August 2022

Cleethorpes – September 1939: Struggling to keep their spirits up as the reality of war hits home and theatres are closed, friends Jessie Delaney and Frances O’Leary search for work to see them through until they can sing and dance again.







Ruby Basu: The Love Arrangement



Romantic Fiction
HQ Digital/Harper Collins
17 August 2022

When Annika needs a fake boyfriend, her childhood nemesis, Rav, offers to play the part if she agrees to be his date at work events. It sounds like the perfect arrangement. But love was never part of the deal.





Vicki Beeby: A Wrens’ Wartime Christmas


Canelo Saga
Paperback, ebook and audio (audio published by Bolinda)
25th August 2022

As Christmas in wartime Orkney approaches, Mary is battling grief. However, with the help of Joe and his cheeky Morse code signals from aboard the Kelpie, Mary gradually opens herself up to the festive spirit – and to love. But the Germans keep slipping through Scapa Flow’s defences. Can Mary and her friends stop them before more lives are lost?





Jennifer Bohnet: Christmas on the Riviera




Women’s contemporary
All formats

A divided family meet up again on the Riviera at Christmas. Will they be reconciled – or will the spirit of Christmas fail to work its magic?






Susan Buchanan: Just One Day: Summer



Contemporary Romance
Susan Buchanan
Ebook and paperback
August 2022

List-juggling, mum-of-three Louisa is reeling after a tragedy, and learning how to cope after a life-changing revelation. But the secrets she keeps are causing her headaches, and all she seems to do is upset those around her. With her to-do list gathering pace at an incredible speed, will she provide a stable home, embrace her new normal, and rebuild their life from what’s left?





Deborah Carr: The Beekeeper’s War


One More Chapter
4th August

1916. Pru le Cuirot leaves Jersey to nurse at Ashbury Manor and meets American pilot, Jack Garland. When Jack vanishes on a mission, Pru must make an agonising decision. In 1940, Pru’s daughter meets a mysterious beekeeper at Ashbury. As past and present collide, will her mother’s secrets finally be resolved?




Sue Cook: Tara’s African Adventure

Cosy romantic suspense
Ulverscroft Limited
Large Print Paperback
1st August 2022

Award-winning investigative journalist Tara Ahr is taking a year travelling when a conman strands her in the Botswana bush. Safari guide Peter Schafer can help, but his outfit is beset by problems and he looks like the shyster who got her into this mess. Having few other options, Tara decides to trust him. Neither are interested in love right now, but as sabotage attempts grow more obvious and dangerous, they work together to outwit the man trying to bring Schafer Safaris down. The job done, it’s time to go home, isn’t it?








contemporary fiction
hardback, ebook and audio

Set on a remote Maine island, SUMMER PEOPLE is the story of a passionate love affair between two women, both of whom are married to other people.






Christina Courtenay: Hidden in the Mists
Viking timeslip
Headline Review
All formats

Skye Logan has been struggling to run her remote farm on Scotland’s west coast alone ever since her marriage fell apart. When a handsome stranger turns up looking for work, it seems that her wish for help has been granted. But echoes of the distant past won’t leave them alone, and it seems that the ghosts of the past have secrets . . . and something they want Skye and Rafe to know.








Lynn Forth: Secrets of the Château



Romantic Escape
Ebook and paperback

A château with fairy-tale turrets. What’s not to like? Working for Alex Conroy, who owns an exclusive hotel chain, is a dream – as is the man himself! So why does she panic at the thought of visiting his new hotel, a dilapidated château in the glamorous south of France? Must she reveal her past to uncover the secrets of the château?





Jean Fullerton: A Child of the East End



PB and ebook
4 Aug. 2022

A brand new uplifting, emotional and sometimes shocking memoir about life in London’s oldest suburb, from the Queen of saga fiction Jean Fullerton . . .







Liz Harris: THE ROAD BACK (2nd Edition)



Historical Fiction
Heywood Press
ebook and paperback

“A wonderful story of an illicit affair in Ladakh (a territory west of Tibet) in the 1950s. There is some terrific cultural detail in a splendid read.” (The Bookseller review)







Julie Haworth: Always By Your Side

Contemporary Romance
Simon & Schuster
August 2022

When Rose loses her dream job at a London primary school, her self-confidence takes a knock. An unexpected phone call means Rose must drop everything – including boyfriend Ollie – and return to the Sussex village where she grew up. Rose stays for the Summer and reconnects with village life and falls head-over-heels for local farmer, Jake. But when her London life beckons, Rose is faced with an impossible choice…






Wendy Howell: Sunshine and Cider Cake


romance, women’s fiction.
One More Chapter (Harper Collins)
18th August 2022

The Great Summer Street Party 1: Ashley arrives in the quaint coastal town of Berecombe feeling lost. After a horrific car accident, she needs a new start. With Eddie, an American history professor and the eccentric community who love nothing better than tea and lots of cake, she gradually heals.






Wendy Howell: GIs and Ginger Beer

romance, women’s fiction.
One More Chapter (Harper Collins)
Format: paperback
Date of publication: 18th August 2022

The Great Summer Street Party 2: Ashley is settling into Berecombe life and is getting involved with the community’s commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. She’s busy – so why can’t she stop thinking about Eddie? And now sexy Cornish painter, Jake is on the scene to further complicate matters!







Wendy Howell: Blue Skies and Blackberry Pies

romance, women’s fiction.
One More Chapter (Harper Collins) Date of publication:
18th August 2022

The Great Summer Street Party 3: Ashley knows better than most that life has a habit of surprising you, so when things go all sorts of wrong between her and handsome American Eddie, she’s forced to lean on her new friends in Berecombe. Luckily, in Berecombe, there’s no problem that can’t be solved with lots of cake and a bit of bunting!






Pernille Hughes: Ten Years



Contemporary Romance
One More Chapter
Ebook, Paperback, Audio

Becca and Charlie have known each other since uni. Becca and Charlie have hated each other since uni. When asked to complete a loved-one’s bucket list, they decide that tackling one task a year must, surely, be endurable… How wrong can this go?







Lynn Johnson: The Potteries Girls on the Home Front





Historical Saga
Hera Books
Ebook and Paperback

Betty Dean has a dreadful secret, which she must keep from her Tram Girl pals and from her soldier friend, Duncan Kennedy. If word gets out, it could destroy her life.






Lizzie Lane: Marriage and Mayhem



WW2 Family Saga
Boldwood Books
All Formats
3 August 2022

5th in the Tobacco Girls Series. Hope and excitement are in the air when news breaks of the allied forces landing in Normandy. Peace is on the horizon, but will Carole, Phyllis, and Bridget find their happy-ever-after?







Judy Leigh: The Highland Hens

Contemporary Fiction / Romantic comedy
Boldwood Books
Kindle, paperback, audio, hardback, large print.
4th August, 2022

In the imposing Glen Carrick House overlooking Scotland’s famous Loch Ness, lives eighty-eight-year-old Mimi McKinlay, cared for by her three adult sons. But the brothers share a concern their mother is living in her memories of her days on stage, while letting her present days pass her by. Meanwhile, Jess Oliver is at a turning point, on a trip to the Highlands, enjoying her first taste of independence. It isn’t long before Scotland captures her heart.





Shari Low: One Last Day Of Summer

Commercial fiction
Boldwood Books
All formats
July 19th

As a flight to St Lucia leaves the runway, four passengers meet for the first time.
Escaping her controlling husband, Bernadette Manson is taking the first holiday of her new life. Tadgh Donovan jets off to his destination wedding when he sees a shocking text. Hayley Ford is the wife of a top fertility specialist, yet her battle to get pregnant has almost broken her marriage.
Dev Robbins is crossing oceans to track down the woman he fell in love with at first sight. Will this be a one-way trip to happy- ever- after?




Sandra Mackness: Dreams Can Come True


Romantic suspense
D C Thomson
My Weekly Pocket Novel

Shona’s head-turning appearance isn’t always a positive. Escaping a possessive fiancé, she takes a job in a boutique hotel perched on a tropical island. But does someone who seems friendly have an ulterior motive? Shona and the hotel CEO are attracted to one another but danger lurks in the sunshine.






Alison Morton: JULIA PRIMA

Historical romance
Pulcheria Press
Ebook and paperback

“You should have trusted me. You should have given me a choice.” AD 370, Roman frontier province of Noricum. Julia Bacausa is trapped in the power struggle between the Christian church and her pagan ruler father. Tribune Lucius Apulius is determined to stay faithful to the Roman gods in a Christian empire. Stripped of his command in Britannia, he’s demoted to the backwater of Noricum – and encounters Julia, initially, taking her for a whore. Confronted by who she is he is overcome with remorse and fear. Despite this, an irresistible attraction drew Julia and Lucius to one another. But their bond is broken when Lucius is banished to Rome. Julia gambles everything to join him. But following her heart brings danger…



Enid Reece: On the Case




Large Print

Detectives Megan and Josh race against time to find a donor to save a child’s life.







Emily Royal Seducing Sophia


Historical Romance
Twinkle Press
e-book and paperback

Scholars of Seduction, Lessons in Love, Let the Battle of the Sexes Begin! Sparks fly when ex-soldier Adrian FitzRoy is tasked with seducing the widowed Sophia Black for a bet. Adrian finds himself falling for his quarry, but Sophia is hiding a secret which could destroy them both







Emily Royal: A Libertine’s Christmas Miracle


Historical Romance
Dragonblade Publishing
e-book and paperback

Alice and Ross’s quiet family Christmas in Cornwall is disrupted by the presence of their neighbour, the terrifying Mr. Scrimgeour – a man haunted by his wife’s death. But when tragedy threatens to strike on Christmas Eve, help comes from the most unlikely of places, proving that Christmas is a time for miracles.






Emily Royal: All I Want for Christmas is My Hart


Historical Romance
Dragonblade Publishing
e-book and paperback

Major Devon Hart believes himself unworthy of his family, especially when the taunts and gossip about his disfiguring scar begin to affect his young son. Not even a Yuletide holiday in the Highlands can lift his spirits, until he makes an unlikely friend, who shows him the magic of Christmas.







Jill Steeples: Maybe This Christmas?

Contemporary romance
Boldwood Books
Ebook, paperback, audio
23rd August 2022

When Beth Brown loses her job and her boyfriend in the space of twenty-four hours, she thinks life can’t get any worse. That’s until she finds herself in the depths of the English countryside working for chef, Rocco di Castri. Not only does she have to deal with his legendary moods, but she’s also expected to get his chaotic schedule and workload in check, all while she’s nursing a broken heart. Will Beth get her happily-ever-after? Maybe, this Christmas…





Victoria Springfield: The Italian Fiancé


Contemporary Romance
Orion Dash
ebook and paperback (print on demand)

When sisters Cassie and Lisa receive a wedding invitation, the last person they expect to be getting married is Jane, their seventy-year-old aunt! Convinced that she’s making a big mistake, the two put their differences aside to travel to the vibrant Tuscan city of Lucca. But there’s something magical about Italy… and this trip may just change their relationship – and their lives – forever.







Jessica Thorne: Title The Water Witch





Fantasy Romance
ebook, print & audio
5th August 2022

A lost city. A terrible curse. And only one woman who can break it…







Suzie Tullett: Tessa Cavendish is Getting Married




Romantic Comedy
Bloodhound Books
Ebook and paperback
August 2022

A rollicking tale of a bride, a groom, and two out-of-control Mumzillas from an author with “a brilliant writing style” (Donna’s Book Blog).





Alan C. Williams: Love in the Golden Sun

Adventure / Mystery
Linford Romance – Ulverscroft
Large Print
August 2022

“It’s 1877 in outback New South Wales – bushranger country. After the new schoolteacher, feisty Grace Stevens, has her stagecoach robbed by enigmatic bushranger Major Midnight, she’s determined to unmask him. Grace is torn between her attraction to Midnight and repulsion at what he does. However, the Major may not be all he seems. The two of them must learn to trust one another before romance can blossom, while solving a conspiracy that threatens the future of Australia…”




Sheila Riley brings you New Releases every month. Author of the Reckoner’s Row series, The Dock Road series and her brand new Beamer Street series. The first, Finding Friends on Beamer Street, is out on 16th November, and available for pre-order now. : finding friends on beamer street