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New Releases: August 2023

31 July 2023

Julia Boggio: Chasing the Light

Romantic Comedy
Home By Midnight Publishing
Kindle and paperback
August 31, 2023

Krish admires his boss, Connor Knight, and wants everything he has: the successful business, a funny, talented wife like Stella, and the gorgeous child. And Krish thinks he’s on the verge of getting it, too. His new business cards are hot off the press and the engagement ring is burning a hole in his pocket. But when his feisty ex-girlfriend, Francesca March, turns up at a wedding, Krish has to decide between the life he thought he wanted and her.





Jennifer Bohnet: High Tides and Summer Skies

Women’s contemporary
Boldwood Books
E-books, paperback, hardback and audio
11th August

As time ebbs and flows over the summer, both Katie Teague and her godmother Mattie Cranford discover their lives are at a crossroads. Mattie has to face shadows in her past she has always avoided, while Katie discovers a relationship was not all she thought it was.





Caitlyn Callery: A Betrothal Agreement.

Regency Romance
The Wild Rose Press
ebook and paperback
Date of publication: 19th July 2023

Sophie needs a temporary fiance to prevent her uncle forcing her to marry a man she loathes. Her brother’s friend, Kit, agrees to be that fiance to thwart his father’s plans for him, but only if it is truly temporary. But they soon realise temporary might not be enough.





Francesca Capaldi: All Change at the Beach Hotel

Saga / Historical Romance
Hera Books
Paperback and Ebook (Audio to come later)
20th July 2023

Lili Probert has been promoted at the Beach Hotel, though hides heartbreak behind her sunny personality. Her sweetheart is missing in action, but when she meets an injured soldier, she tries to ignore her growing attraction to him. Receiving an urgent call from home, she has to choose between love and duty.




Sophie Claire: This Christmas In Paris

Contempory Romance
Hodder & Stoughton
Ebook & Audio
17 August 2023

When Carys is offered the chance to run a French café in Paris, she leaps at the chance. Then she meets journalist, Mat, and it feels like the start of something special. But they’re both keeping secrets, one of which could be devastating . . . Can they open their hearts to one another – and maybe even find love in time for Christmas?




Tanith Davenport: When I Look In The Mirror

Erotic romance
Evernight Publishing
12th July 2023

A séance held at a friend’s party leads Tatum to meet the mysterious and attractive Zack, but her world is soon turned upside down when she is targeted by a demon – and her connection with Zack is the only thing that can save her.






Helena Dixon: Murder at the Village Fair

Historical cosy crime
ebook, paperback, audio

Summer 1935.
Enjoying a belated honeymoon, visiting her new husband Matt’s family in the rolling Yorkshire hills, Kitty strolls through a village fair. But on a visit to the fortune teller’s tent, the lovebirds are shocked to find the body of Madame Zaza slumped over her crystal ball, pearl necklace askew and a half-drunk cup of tea at her elbow.





Kiley Dunbar: The Gingerbread Christmas Village

Contemporary Romantic Fiction
Canelo (Imprint: Hera Books)
eBook and Paperback
31 August 2023

For years the gingerbread exhibition drew visitors from across the region, but recently, interest has been dwindling. The gingerbread grotto needs to be rehomed or close forever.
Margi, the event’s founder, has had enough of village life, has lost her spark and her Christmas spirit, despairing when she finds her only support is her old friend, Izzy, her niece Lucy, and Fern. Oh, and Patrick, the gorgeous, reliable school caretaker. Can they save the Gingerbread Grotto and can Margi get her old spark and her Christmas spirit back?





Elaine Everest: Celebrations for the Woolworths Girls

Historical fiction/saga
Pan Macmillan
31st August 2023

As Coronation Day for young Queen Elizabeth II approaches, the girls from Woolworths celebrate friendship, family and overcoming anything that life can throw at them . . .
At The Erith Store there is a new temporary Manager and Sarah is getting more than a little concerned by problems he seems to be creating. The whole mess is enough to make her resign. Meanwhile, Ruby is extremely worried about her friend Vera.
Then there is Freda…





Kate Frost: One Winter’s Night 

Women’s fiction; contemporary romance                                                  Boldwood                                                    eBook, paperback, audiobook, hardback                                                      23rd August 2023

After a heart-breaking loss, an escape to Iceland is a chance for Molly to find solace and focus on her neglected relationship with her boyfriend. But when he ‘misses’ his flight, she’s forced to rethink her whole outlook on life. Will grief and disappointment destroy her chance at happiness, or can new love sparkle as the land of fire and ice begins to work its magic?





Janet Gover: The Wild One

Rural/small town romance
Harper Collins (Au)
August 1st 2023.

Iraq war veteran Dan Mitchell once disobeyed an order, and it nearly destroyed him. Now a national park ranger, he’s given another order that he cannot obey.
Professional photographer Quinn finds beauty in unlikely places, but she knows darkness too.
These wounded souls are fighting for the life of a magnificent wild stallion. Could saving him save them too?





Lynn Johnson: A New Day at Paradise Pottery

Historical Saga
Ebook & Paperback
17 August 2023

Martha hasn’t had an easy start in life. Her prospects look bleak with her abusive, sometimes violent father, and then the Great War comes along. She has her family, and she has artistic talent – but will it be enough to get her the job she wants?






Annette Hannah: Lottie’s School of Dance

Romantic Comedy
Orion Dash
Ebook and paperback
17th August 2023

One minute Lottie Daniels is dancing down the aisle, the next she’s a runaway bride. Whilst visiting her brother in Bramblewood, she tries to rescue a donkey from a ditch but is rescued herself by a handsome stranger. Having vowed to never dance in public again, she reluctantly auditions for a dance show and meets the hunky masked dancer. But will he dance his way into her heart? And will Lottie realise her dream of opening her own dance school?





Julie Haworth: Always By Your Side

Contemporary Romance
Simon & Schuster
31st August

Rose loses her dream job and her self-confidence takes a knock. Her fiancé, Ollie, sees it as the perfect opportunity for her to join his firm, but Rose feels their relationship might be coming to an end. A phone call means Rose must drop everything – including Ollie – and return to the Sussex village she grew up in. Rose trades summer London for the idyllic countryside, reconnecting to the village life of her childhood, including falling head-over-heels for farmer, Jake. So when her London life comes calling, Rose faces an impossible choice…





Julia Ibbotson: Drumbeats Trilogy Book 1

20th century historical romance
Archbury Books (indie)
ebook and paperback

1965. 18-year-old Jess escapes her stifling English home for a gap year in Ghana. But it’s a time of political turbulence. Fighting to keep her young love who waits back in England, she’s thrown into the physical and emotional dangers of civil war, tragedy and the conflict of a disturbing new relationship. And why do the drumbeats haunt her dreams? This is a rite of passage story which takes the reader, hand in hand, with Jess on her journey.
For fans of Dinah Jefferies, Kate Morton, Rachel Hore, Jenny Ashcroft.





Julia Ibbotson: Walking in the Rain 

The Drumbeats trilogy Book 2
20th century historical romance
Archbury Books (indie)
ebook and paperback

1970s -80s: Jess happily marries the love of her life. She wants to feel safe, secure and loved. But gradually it becomes clear that her beloved husband is not the man she thought him to be. She survived war and injury in Africa, but can she now survive the biggest challenge of her life?





Julia Ibbotson: Finding Jess     

The Drumbeats Trilogy Book 3
20th century historical romance
Archbury Books (indie)
ebook and paperback

1980s-90s: The finale of Jess’s story. Still haunted by her past and the Ghanaian drumbeats, Jess can no longer trust anyone but herself. Then she’s mysteriously sent a temporary job in Ghana. Could this be her lifeline? Can she turn back time and find herself again? And what, exactly, will she find? Finding Jess is a passionate study of love and betrayal – and one woman’s bid to reclaim her self-belief and trust. It’s a feel-good story of a woman’s strength and spirit rising above adversity.





Lizzie Lane: A Fond Farewell to the Tobacco Girls

Boldwood Books
All formats
28th July

Book six of The Tobacco Girls series.
After battling against the odds, the three friends are uncertain of their future. Maisie Miles, waiting on tenterhooks for Japan to surrender and for Sid to come home, will they still be sweethearts on his return?
Bridget O’Neill’s husband has been patiently waiting for her arrival in America. Will she stay or will she go? Could Phyllis Fairbrother’s dream of a life in Australia be in tatters, when her husband has a life-changing diagnosis? With a new dawn, the Tobacco Girls overcome life’s troubles. But will they find the happiness they so deserve?






Judy Leigh: Foul Play at Seal Bay

Cosy (cozy) crime series, book 1.
Boldwood Books
Kindle, paperback, audio, hardback, large print.
7 Aug. 2023

It was meant to be the start of quiet season in the sleepy Cornish village of Seal Bay, but not for sexagenarian librarian and wild swimming enthusiast Morwenna Mutton. Because when a local businessman is found on the beach with a bread knife is his back, bungling police officer DI Rick Tremayne is soon out of his depth. Morwenna knows it’s going to be down to her to crack the case.





Sue McDonagh: The Sea Sisters Swimming Club


Romantic Comedy
29 August 2023

A brand new romance about sisterhood and second chances in tranquil Wales.








Lilac Mills: The Christmas Fayre on Holly Field

Cosy festive romance
Canelo Escape
17th August 2023

Book 2 of Foxmore Village.
Foxmore’s inaugural Christmas Fayre will be the toast of the town – or the downfall of their relationship. A single mum, an environmental blogger, both in need of a Christmas miracle.







Fenella J. Miller: A Christmas Baby at Goodwill House

Historical romance/saga
All Formats
31st August

July 1941
As the war grinds on, Lady Joanna Harcourt knows that her time at Goodwill House is drawing to a close. A new chapter awaits, one that she never expected to happen to her – she is going to be a wife and mother again! Excited with their new arrival and with her beloved Flying Officer John Sergeant back in her life, Joanna hopes that even though war clouds gather, love will prevail, and the future will look brighter than ever for the Harcourt family.





Patricia M Osborne: The Oath

Historical Fiction Saga
White Wings Books
Kindle / Paperback
24th July 2023

‘Her days running barefoot through cowslip are numbered’
France 1895 – Seventeen-year-old Françoise abandons her carefree life and sails for England to marry distant cousin Charles Dubois. On arrival she finds her groom aloof and evasive.
Betrayal – Heartbreak – Friendship. The Oath takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster with its captivating story set in the late Victorian era.





Nicola Pryce: The Cornish Rebel

Historical Fiction
Atlantic Books
Ebook, Large Print, Audio
August 3rd

Cornwall, 1801.
In the wake of her mother’s death, Pandora Woodville has finally escaped her domineering father and returned to Falmouth. Bright with the dream of working at her Aunt Harriet’s school for young women, Pandora is shocked to learn the school is facing imminent closure after a series of sinister events has threatened its reputation. Acclaimed chemist Benedict Aubyn has also recently returned to Cornwall. Pandora’s arrival has been a strange one, so she is grateful when he shows her kindness. As news of the school’s ruin spreads around town, Pandora and Aunt Harriet must do everything in their power to save the school, or risk losing everything.





Emma Royal: The Palace Girls

Saga/Historical Fiction
Century, Penguin Random House
Ebook and Paperback
3rd August 2023

Buckingham Palace, 1951 The nation is on the road to recovery after World War Two, and so is Milly Hendry. As she celebrates her 21st birthday, an unexpected letter arrives, containing secrets from the past. Could the secrets revealed change Milly’s whole future?





Kate Ryder: Echoes on a Cornish River

Time Travel Romance
Embla Books
eBook, paperback and audiobook
8 August

Following a traumatic incident at work, Ellinor is still suffering and keeping her husband at arm’s length. She knows she needs a fresh start and takes a trip to Cornwall, which changes the trajectory of her future, helps to heal her in the present and makes her question the possibilities of her very existence.





Kathy Strobos: My Book Boyfriend

Romantic Comedy
Indie/Strawbundle Publishing
August 10, 2023

She loves her community garden. He wants to bulldoze it for housing. When feelings grow, will they blossom or turn to rubble?







Georgina Troy: Snow Angels on the Boardwalk

Contemporary Romance
Boldwood Books
All formats
25 August 2023

Portia Fortescue moves from London to Jersey to help her boyfriend Charlie renovate a magnificent manor house. Unfortunately, their blissful escape to the chateau turns out to be more of a DIY SOS and when winter arrives the stress of restoring the derelict building begins to take its toll.





Alan C Williams: Raindrop Girl

Linford Romance
Large Print
1st August 2023

“Kirsty’s affinity with the rain makes her strange in most people’s eyes… until the day she meets Ethan, owner and boss of the company housed in an atmospheric and haunted castle, complete with its own Grey Lady apparition. What mysteries will she be drawn into… and will she also be drawn into Ethan’s arms?”





This Child Of Mine

Women’s Commercial Fiction
Avon Harper Collins
Ebook, Paperback, Audio
Date of publication, 6th JULY

When Stephanie is told she’s pregnant and that she is sick on the same day, she faces an impossible choice…
After trying for a baby for so long, finding out I was pregnant was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. If I carry my baby to term, I will almost certainly die. If I proceed with treatment, my baby will not live.
What would you do?





Sheila Riley brings you New Releases every month. Published by Boldwood Books, Sheila is working on the second Liverpool saga in the Beamer Street series. The first: Finding Friends on Beamer Street is available now.