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New Releases: July 2020

29 June 2020


Louise Allen, Lesley Cookman, Liz Fielding, Joanna Maitland, Sarah Mallory, Sophie Weston: BEACH HUT SURPRISE
Romance Collections & Anthologies / Humorous Fiction
Libertà Books
Amazon ebook
30 June 2020



Six feel-good beach reads to make you smile, or even laugh out loud.
Little Piddling is a resort with ambitions. But odd things keep happening, especially among its delectable beach huts. They are a magnet for lovers and other, stranger, visitors. Six favourite authors let their hair down on the Piddling sands…







Merryn Allingham: A Tale of Two Sisters

Historical Mystery Saga
Large Print
1 July

When Alice Verinder’s beloved sister Lydia goes missing, Alice boards the Orient Express bound for Topkapi Palace in Constantinople, determined to find her. As her search uncovers unforeseen dangers and brings an unexpected love, is Alice ready for the truths she’ll uncover?







Angela Britnell: A Summer to Remember in Herring Bay

Contemporary romance
Choc Lit
digital (audio shortly after)
28 July 2010



Essy Havers is good at finding things. Her company specialises in helping clients track down anything, but now she’s visiting Cornwall where her mother grew up to find something more important: herself. Will this turn out to be a huge mistake, or will it lead to a summer she’ll never forget?







Elizabeth Bailey: Hidden Flame

Sapere Books
reprint ebook and paperback
June 3rd, 2020



A cold and stormy March night forces two strangers to take shelter in the same inn. Benedict Beckenham is immediately captivated by Theda – a beguiling young woman who appears to be in distressed circumstances.








Laura Bambrey: The Beginner’s Guide to Loneliness

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Simon and Schuster
28th July 2020



When Tori is offered a reviewer’s spot on a wellbeing retreat, she’s worried that she’ll have to share too much of herself. But as The Farm weaves its magic, she soon realises that opening up isn’t the worst thing in the world. And sharing a yurt with Bay definitely isn’t.







Sandy Barker: A Sunset in Sydney

Romantic comedy
One More Chapter (HarperCollins)
ebook and print
July 3 (ebook)



The Holiday Romance, Book 3. Sarah Parsons has a choice ahead of her. After the trip of a lifetime she’s somehow returned home with TWO handsome men wanting to whisk her away into the sunset. Join Sarah as she makes the hardest decision of her life.








Vicki Beeby: The Ops Room Girls
Ebook and paperback

16th July 2020


Evie Bishop contributes to the war effort and joins the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, befriending two other WAAFs. Shy, awkward May and flirty, glamorous Jess. The three girls band together to overcome challenges, navigate new romances, and keep their pilots safe in the skies. But they are soon caught up in a world more dangerous than they ever imagined…







Charlotte Betts: The Light Within Us

Historical Romance Saga
Mass Market Paperback
2nd July 2020



1892. Deserted by her husband, artist Edith Fairchild and her friends create a thriving artists’ community at Spindrift House in Cornwall. But despite their dreams, all is not perfect within their tight-knit community. The weight of their secrets threaten to tear apart their paradise forever . . .







Jane Cable: Endless Skies
contemporary romance
Sapere Books
ebook and paperback



After yet another disastrous love affair archaeologist Rachel is sent to Lincolnshire to excavate a World War Two airfield, but could a love story from the past have the power to change her life forever?








Philippa Carey: The Wrong Miss Thompson

Regency Romance
Idyllic Books UK
Paperback & ebook
18th June



It’s a disaster. She’s in the wrong village, the wrong house, with the wrong people and they say she is the wrong Miss Thompson.








K E Coburn: Death Remembered

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Publisher: Self-published
Format: Ebook
Date of Publication: 16 July 2020



A Sleuthing Club Mystery (Book One): Summer 1952. Charity Nicholls is bored of her quiet life in a tiny English village where nothing ever happens, but everything changes the day her father receives a poison pen letter. When letter writing turns to murder, can Charity, with the help of her friends in Sleuthing Club, find the culprit before it’s too late?







Julie Cohen: SPIRITED

Historical fiction
Hardback, ebook and audio
9 July 2020


1858, England. When unhappily-married Viola Worth discovers that she can take photographs of ghosts, she’s brought into the orbit of mysterious, devious spirit medium Henriette Blackthorne. A powerful attraction sparks between the two women, but Victorian society is no place for reckless women. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, invisible threads join Viola and Henriette to another woman who lives in secrecy, hiding her dangerous act of rebellion in plain sight.





L.L. Diamond: Confined with Mr. Darcy

Self published
ebook and paperback
1 June 2020



If no one can say when lockdown will end, Elizabeth Bennet could be living at Pemberley indefinitely. How do you live with a man you’re attracted to, but who tries your every last nerve? How is she supposed to stay confined with Mr. Darcy?








Paullett Golden: A Dash of Romance

Historical Romance
eBook, paperbook, audiobook
July 20, 2020



Book 1 of the series Romantic Encounters: An unexpected proposal and a subsequent Banbury tale tumble strangers Abigail Walsley and Percival Randall into a betrothal. Following their dreams proves a challenge with a marriage of inconvenience on the horizon.








Molly Green: A Sister’s Song

Historical romance
Avon HarperCollins
p/b, ebook, audio
25th June 2020



Suzanne Linfoot’s dream to attend the Royal Academy of Music crumbles as the war relentlessly grinds on. Determined to do her bit she joins an ENSA swing band and is sent to the war-torn island of Malta to sing to the troops. They love her but her heart already belongs to a naval officer serving at sea. Will they ever meet again?








Annette Hannah: Wedding Bells at the Signal Box Cafe

Romantic Comedy
Orion Dash
6th July 2020


When Lucy Woods moves to Bramblewood with her young son Jackson, she bumps into her best friend’s handsome brother Dominic Cavendish. Dominic, a divorce lawyer, doesn’t believe in Happy Ever Afters and is not impressed to discover Lucy is a wedding planner. But when Lucy’s grandad falls in love with Dom’s gran, hilarity ensues and sparks begin to fly.









Vivien Hampshire: Hearts and Flowers

Contemporary romance
Ulverscroft – Linford Romance Library
Large print, soft cover
1 July 2020

Her former partner is uninterested in his unborn child, but Jess can’t wait to meet her new baby. However, she hadn’t planned on early labour at the garden centre. After baby Poppy arrives, the manager Ed visits the pair in hospital, and they strike up a friendship. Ed is falling for Jess – but can’t tell her. Will the seeds of their chance encounter blossom into love?







Janice Horton: The Backpacking Bride

Contemporary Romantic Fiction
One More Chapter/HarperCollins
10th July 2020


Saying ‘I Do’ was meant to be the start of her greatest adventure, but when Maya’s fiancé drops dead just before he’s set to kiss the bride, her life is spent spinning out of control. Setting off on the mystery honeymoon that her fiancé had planned for them she finds life after loss, that fate has its own way of helping you heal, and that those with the courage to grasp love will never go lonely.








Katie Hutton: The Gypsy Bride

Historical romance
Zaffre Books
Paperback 25 June
Ebook, Audible 14 May

Ellen grew up in the Oxfordshire countryside. The granddaughter of a Methodist preacher, intends to marry Charlie, a boy from the local village.  When Charlie is killed on Flanders battlefields, Ellen is left heartbroken and lost. But five years later she meets Sam Loveridge, a Gypsy. However the conservative world that Ellen is from can’t possibly understand or approve of their relationship, and Ellen and Sam are torn apart. Is their love strong enough to overcome their cultural distances, or will the hostility and prejudice of those around them destroy their future happiness?







Catherine Jones: Homes and Hearths in Little Woodford

Women’s Fiction
23 July 2020



Gordon and Maxine’s dreams of a blissful life of gardening, pub lunches and quiet retirement in the charming market town of Little Woodford are ruined when three very demanding members of their family come home. Never mind bliss, there is no peace to be had! Can Gordon and Maxine find a way to restore harmony in their home?







Jan Jones: A Respectable House

Regency Romance
Linford Romance Library
Large Print
June 2020


Two scarred people. A lot of trust. Is it even possible?
‘A Respectable House’ is the second in the Furze House Irregulars series featuring women of spirit, women of courage, women who don’t see why, in this male-dominated Regency era, they should not also play their part in bringing wrong-doers to justice.








Jill Mansell: It Started With a Secret

Commercial fiction/romantic comedy
Headline Books
Paperback and ebook
Out on June 11th



Set in sunny Cornwall in a big house by the sea, Lainey’s new job entails bringing order to a charming but chaotic family. And she soon discovers she isn’t the only one with a secret…









Kathleen McGurl: The Secret of the Chateau

Dual timeline/timeslip
Paperback & Audio
23rd July 2020



When Lu and her newly retired friends decide to pool resources and buy a château deep in the Alpes-Maritimes, they knew their lives would be changing forever, but didn’t expect to be drawn so deeply into the world of the Comte de Verais and his wife, who’d owned the château during the turbulent years of the French revolution.







Madalyn Morgan: She Casts A Long Shadow

Historical Mystery
Indie Published
Paperback and eBook.
July 1st



Preparing to expose a colleague of her husband Henry, as the mole at MI5, Henry is abducted by Special Branch and Ena is thrown into a murder case. Help comes from an untrustworthy character. A deal is agreed: A ticket to Austria in return for proof that Henry is innocent. The catch? Ena accompanies the character to Austria as insurance.







Margaret Mounsdon: The Jade Turtle

Linford Romance
Large Print Paperback



Alice Fairfax didn’t think it was worth risking her life for a jade turtle but when she was attacked and her life threatened she had no choice but to join forces with Mike Preston, the brother of Jack Preston, the man who deserted her to marry an heiress and the root cause of all her trouble.






Melissa Oliver: The Rebel Heiress and the Knight

Historical Medieval Romance
Paperback and e-book
1st July


By order of the king!
Widow Eleanor of Tallany Castle knows her people are broken by the taxes demanded by King John. So when she’s ordered to marry Hugh de Villiers, a knight loyal to the king, she’s furious—even if he is handsome! As gallant Hugh begins to heal the scars of Eleanor’s abusive first marriage, she’s even more determined to keep her secret: she is the outlaw the king wants to send to the gallows!








Janice Preston: The Earl with the Secret Past

Historical romance
Mills & Boon
Print and ebook
1 July 2020


Hardworking architect Adam Monroe’s world is shaken when he inherits an Earldom! Thrust into the ton, he bumps into widow, Kitty Fenton – his lost love. Years before, he’d refused to elope with Kitty to save her from ruin, and was heartbroken she’d married so soon after he left. Perhaps fate has given him a chance to discover the truth – after all beneath the hurt the sparks of attraction are as strong as ever…







Jessica Redland: Finding Love at Hedgehog Hollow

Contemporary romance
Boldwood Books
eBook (all platforms), Audio, Paperback, Large Print
2nd July 2020

Can love really be found when you stop looking for it? When a chance encounter leads Samantha Wishaw to find friendship in Thomas – a lonely, grumpy elderly widower living at derelict Hedgehog Hollow – her life is about to change forever. Glad to have a distraction from family feuds and match-making, Sam vows to fulfil Thomas and his wife, Gwendoline’s, dreams of restoring Hedgehog Hollow to its former glory and to open a hedgehog rescue centre.








Ros Rendle: Bird in the Hand

Romantic fiction
e-book and paperback (ISBN 9-798652820039)
June 16th 2020



Charmy craves freedom and excitement in 1970s Cornwall. That’s not quite what she gets. Consequences can be tough. From having two birds in the hand she now has a third on the way. With whom will she end?








Anne Stenhouse: A Debt for Rosalie

Contemporary Pocket Novel
23rd July 2020
“Rosalie Garden arrives at Maldington House, an upmarket guest house, to work as a chef and earn enough to repay her father who has bailed her out after her Ex brought down her catering business. David Logie is the house’s owner and son of the guest house proprietrix, Agnes. Still mourning the early death of his wife, David wants to sell his inheritance. Together with Agnes, Rosalie works hard to frustrate David’s plans and bring him to realise he can love again.”









Julie Stock: Starting Over at the Vineyard in Alsace

Contemporary romance
Independently published
Ebook and paperback
14 July, 2020



Book 2: The Domaine des Montagnes series
It’s springtime at The Vineyard in Alsace, a new season and a new beginning. Lottie Schell is about to become a single mum, and Thierry Bernard is still grieving for his wife who died two years ago. Can they take a chance on each other, move on from their pasts and start over?







Carol Townend: The Warrior’s Princess Prize

Historical Romance
Harlequin Mills & Boon
Paperback and eBook
23 July 2020

Book 3: The Princesses of the Alhambra Trilogy
He’s competing for her hand. And her freedom…
Held captive by her tyrannical Sultan father, Princess Zorahaida lives an isolated life. A tournament is held and Jasim ibn Ismail, a handsome knight in arms, claims his prize: Zorahaida’s hand in marriage! Political reasons must be driving his offer – he’s certainly not offering love. Should Zorahaida grasp the tantalising taste of freedom marrying the impulsive knight would gift her…?








Kathleen Whyman: Wife Support System

Contemporary, humorous women’s fiction
Hera Books


Frustrated by the lack of support, they get in their family homes, three friends move in together to help each other as they juggle careers, childcare and housework. Will their marriages and friendships survive, as one woman has her head turned by a handsome colleague, one fights to keep a dark secret and another tires of being responsible for toilet rolls?









Susan Willis: The Bartlett Family Secrets

Women’s Fiction
Susan Willis – amazon
Ebook & Paperback

The Bartlett family are close. Thirty-two-year-old, Jessie’s father died when she was five and her mum Kathleen remarried. Jessie’s stepdad has been her anchor and, now confined to a wheelchair, he still rules the roost. Celebrating her second wedding anniversary she was deliriously happy. But cracks appear in her marriage, she turns to her lifelong friend, Sally for support. These cracks turn into huge craters when secrets in the family are revealed and Jessie wonders if this will tear her family apart.








Kate Zarrelli: The Casanova Papers

Contemporary erotic romance
eXtasy Books
ebook and paperback 7 June

Ellie Murphy takes a contract teaching English at a school in Venice, Italy. There she meets the sexy enigmatic Professor Piero Contarini, from an ancient Venetian family, and agrees to help him in his work curating a new edition of the memoirs of the famous seducer, Giacomo Casanova. Taking their task seriously, they start to enact his adventures with each other, ecstatically revealing their own kinks as they do so. But who is watching them from the shadowy alleyways of Venice?














New Releases are brought to you every month by Sheila Riley, author of the Reckoner’s Row series of novels set in dockside Liverpool just after WW2. The Mersey Daughter, published by Boldwood Books in September 2019, still ranks as a bestseller in the Amazon charts, and the next novel, The Mersey Girls, is out on 18 August 2020 and available to pre-order.