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New Releases: July 2021

2 July 2021



Zoe Allison: Sun, Sea and Summer Vibes


contemporary romance/holiday romance
Totally Bound
One feisty scientist. One seemingly arrogant super-star DJ. A party island where anything could happen.









Vicki Beeby: Victory for the Ops Room Girls


Ebook and paperback, and audio
22 July 2021. Audio 1 Aug

Jess is about to fight her biggest battle just as the war nears its end. As her past and present collide, will she find the strength to fight for her future? The final instalment in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force series.







Charlotte Betts: The Fading of the Light



Historical Family Saga
Mass market paperback
8th July 2021

1902. Cornwall. When Edith’s feckless husband returns to the Spindrift artist’s community after an eight year absence, he shatters the peaceful atmosphere and sets in motion a series of events that threaten the community’s future security and happiness.









Helen Buckley: Celebrity SOS: Love Survives


Contemporary romance
Choc Lit
Ebook and paperback
27 July

When Katerina Murphy agrees to take part in Celebrity SOS, a reality TV show where celebrities have to fend for themselves in the Alaskan wilderness, she’s up for the challenge. But then she locks eyes with a fellow contestant and boy-band star, her ex-boyfriend, Finn Drayson. Katrina realises the show is going to push her further from her comfort zone than she ever imagined.







AnneMarie Brear: The Market Stall Girl



Historical saga
1st July 2021

Will Beth and Noah find the happiness they wish for or will overwhelming events break them apart?








Philippa Carey: A Suitable Companion

Regency Romance
Ulverscroft / Linford Romance Library
Large Print, softcover
1st July 2021

It’s a disaster. She is in the wrong village and the wrong house with the wrong people. Now they say she is the wrong Miss Thompson.







Nicola Cornick: The Last Daughter


Timeslip Romance
Paperback and e-book
8th July 2021

Serena Warren goes back to Mister Lovell in Oxfordshire to discover what really happened when her sister vanished ten years before. She discovers that Caitlin’s disappearance is linked to that of another woman centuries ago, and as she pieces together the truth about Caitlin so she uncovers a mystery that echoes from the Wars of the Roses to the present day.








Kate Field: Finding Home



Contemporary women’s fiction
One More Chapter
8 July 2021

Meet Mim Brown: she’s jobless, homeless and living in her car. But when, in a random act of kindness, she drives two stranded strangers to their seaside home in Devon, her life changes beyond her wildest dreams.







Eva Glyn: The Missing Pieces of Us


Women’s fiction
One More Chapter
ebook (paperback to follow 14th October)
21st July

When Izzie and Robin meet again twenty years after their brief affair, they find their memories of it are completely different. But who is right? And if they can’t agree about the past, how will they be able to build a future?








Susan Griffin: Scarlett’s Story.


Historical Romance
Tanzanite Press
8th June 2021

Scarlett’s Story: The Sequel to The Amethyst Necklace. Scarlett’s Story is an emotional, gripping historical novel, about one woman’s fight to overcome adversity, and the courage, hope and bravery of the resistance fighters in occupied France during WW2.









Claire Huston: Elle’s A to Z of Love


Contemporary romance
Ebook and paperback
6th July 2021

While the beautiful village of Haileybrook is most people’s idea of heaven, Elle Bea can’t wait to leave. But every time she packs her bags, old loves and loyalties pull her back. Will Elle have to forget her dreams of travel and an epic romance, or can she grab one last chance to have it all?








Emma Jackson: Sleepless in Sicily


Contemporary Romance
Orion Dash
29th July 2021
A shy makeup artist and an outspoken movie star; Lila and Rowan couldn’t be more different, and both want to avoid scandal. But between the blue skies and sizzling Italian heat, it becomes impossible to ignore the attraction simmering between them… Can they find a way to bring their worlds together?








Fay Keenan: Just For The Summer


Commercial Women’s/Romantic Fiction
Boldwood Books
ebook, paperback, audio, streaming via Spotify/Youtube
15 July 2021

Kate Harris comes to Willowbury in Somerset to redecorate her brother’s house while he’s on his honeymoon, and to prove to herself that there is life after her divorce. Harry Sinclair is a bookshop owner whose life, as well as his shop, could do with sprucing up. Will Willowbury work its magic on the pair, or will family secrets mean it’s all destined to be just for the summer?







Clare Marchant: The Queen’s Spy


Historical Tudor Dual Timeline
ebook, paperback, audio
8th July 2021

1584: Elizabeth 1 rules England, but a dangerous plot is brewing at court and the Queen’s trusted apothecary makes the perfect spy. In 2021, after traveling the globe in her camper van, Mathilde inherits a medieval hall in Norfolk where she makes a haunting discovery.








Alice J Miller: Hotel of Secrets

Contemporary Romance
20th July, 2021

Laura Champion has a past she’d much rather forget, while Christopher Devereaux, her boss, has a problem he’d prefer the world not to know. When he needs a place to lie low for a few weeks he turns to Laura, who reluctantly agrees to let him stay at her parents’ hotel when she goes back home to help during a family crisis. They fall in love, but when everything looks like sunshine all the way, Chris discovers a secret that changes his life forever, while Laura has to face her past, and it almost proves deadly.





Margaret Mounsdon: Postcards from the Past

Romantic Suspense
People’s Friend Pocket Novel
8 July 2021
When Kirsty Page receives glamour postcards of model Utopia Winsome, she realises her grandmother hid a guilty secret, and her colourful past leaves Kirsty in danger of her life.






Fiona Mountain: The Keeper of Songs


SnowGlobe Books
Ebook, paperback
2 July 2021

A modern-day Downton Abbey set at Chatsworth House. 1967: Young folk singer Molly Marrison disappears on the cusp of fame. 2002: Silva is working as a housemaid at Chatsworth House when her father dies, telling her to find Molly. The only clue – an ancient song. Silva needs help from Robbie, her teenage sweetheart, but they’ve not spoken for decades.








Bella Osborne: The Promise of Summer



Romantic Comedy
Avon, HarperCollins
ebook / paperback / audio
22nd July 2021

After years of dating losers, Ruby has given up on romance. But then a stranger on a train explains his plan to propose. When he accidentally drops the engagement ring, Ruby is determined to save the day, but she didn’t count on fellow passenger, Curtis, helping too.








Ros Rendle: Sisters at War


Saga series
Sapere Books
ebook and paperback
July 13th 2021

The Strong Family Historical Saga: Book 1. Sisters Rose and Delphi have known Michael since they were children. Then, with Delphi joining the WAACs and Rose staying at home, it seems Michael and Delphi may grow closer. But Delphi has a secret of her own. . . A powerful historical survival story set in WW1.








Arabella Sheen: HIS WOMAN


Evernight Publishing
2nd July 2021

Lesley York finds herself falling hard for the charm and charisma of Rafael Cappello. And love? Well, love has nothing to do with it. This time around, she wants no commitment for a future with Rafe. What she needs is physical fulfillment … sexual satisfaction without the romance. Rafe wants more than a fleeting relationship. He thinks she’s sophisticated, hot, and has an unexpected passion for one mature sexy woman in particular … Lesley.







Kate G Smith: The Love Note


Orion Dash
Date: 12.07.21

A wedding dress. A love letter. A secret that will change everything. When Maggie Burnett finds a love note attached to her late Mum’s wedding dress and starts on a journey to discover the father she’s never known. With the help of an old school crush, can Maggie figure out the truth once and for all? And what if this journey is the key to a new beginning?








Lynda Stacey: No Place Like Home


Psychological Thriller
Boldwood Publishing
Ebook, Paperback, Audio, Large Print
5th July 2021

Sisters Molly and Beth Winters thought the remote clifftop house would be the perfect place to hide away after their mother’s brutal murder. They were wrong…. Someone from the girls’ past has already found their safe house and he is watching and waiting in the shadows, ready to make them pay. And he won’t stop until he kills them both.








Joanna Toye: The Victory Girls


WW2 Saga
Harper Collins
Paperback, e-book, audio
8th July 2021

It’s 1944… the war is nearing its end, but the shop-girl friends of Marlow’s department store have their own struggles ahead. Beryl has an impossible dream, Lily is torn, between love and duty, and Gladys is pregnant and alone…







Rosie Travers: A Crisis At Clifftops



Cosy Mystery                                                                                                                Ebook
22 July 2021

Professional golfer Eliza Kane’s game has plummeted, her morale has slumped and her entire career is in jeopardy. Eliza seizes the chance to escape her tournament commitments when her grandmother is arrested on suspicion of murder, and she rushes to the old lady’s defence. But just how innocent is Lilian Hathaway?









Jenny Worstall: A Mystery At St Hilda’s


romantic comedy/adventure
D C Thomson
paperback (large print)
24th June 2021

Miserably homesick, Trixie sneaks outside in her dressing gown on her first night at St Hilda’s School…for convent school survivors everywhere and for those who wonder what life was like in the bonkers world of a boarding school in the seventies.









Julia Wild: The Secret Notebook


WW2 Romance & Contemporary: Dual Timeline.
One More Chapter @ Harper Collins
8th July 2021

When saying goodbye to her beloved Nan, Izzie makes two discoveries… The first is that the heartache from her first love still exists; the second is the discovery of her Nan’s secret WW2 diary… A diary that inspires second chances…








Sheila Riley brings New Releases to you every month. Author of best-selling historical sagas set on Merseyside, her latest novel, The Mersey Mistress, is out now, published by Boldwood Books. Sheila is represented by Felicity Trew of the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency and has been a member of the RNA since 2003, is a member of the Society of Authors and the Liverpool History Society. Her new novel, The Mersey Angels, is out on 10th August 2021.