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New Releases: July 2022

30 June 2022

Jill Barry: The Cowboy’s Treasure

Western Romance
D C Thomson
Pocket Novel
7th July 2022

Schoolteacher Katie’s aunt invites her to travel to America to take over the school she runs. Heading for the same town, cowboy Ben attempts to save a man’s life and learns a secret. He’s not the only one who’s intrigued, but will his knowledge damage his relationship with Katie?



Charlotte Betts: Letting in the Light



Romantic historical saga
mass market paperback
7th July 2022

An explosive encounter forces long-kept secrets into the light, causing rifts in the happiness and security of the Spindrift community in Cornwall. Under the shadow of WWI, the artists’ community struggles to survive while the younger generation face dangers that seemed unimaginable in the golden summer of 1914.







Josie Bonham: The Duke’s Bluestocking


Regency Romance
Patchwork Press
E-book, paperback
1ST July
Headstrong Grace Bamford is determined to remain unwed and keep her independence. Her classical studies and philanthropy are a lot safer than a husband. Grace foils an attempt on the life of the new Duke of Evesham. She offers to help him investigate, which means spending time with the most attractive man she has ever met.








Angela Britnell: Summer at Seaspray Cottage



Contemporary Romance
Choc Lit
13 July 2022

What would you do if you inherited a Cornish cottage by the sea?
Thea Armitage intends to sell her aunt’s house and return to Tennessee but when it turns out that her neighbour is Harry Venton, her first love, and that her opinion of him was built on lies, it changes everything.









Susan Buchanan: Just One Day – Summer



Contemporary Romance

List-juggling, business-owner mum-of-three Louisa is reeling after a tragedy. With her husband Ronnie moving onshore, she hopes he can help, but the secrets she keeps are causing her headaches. Will she provide a stable home for them all and rebuild their life from what’s left? And will it match up to expectations?






Deborah Carr: The Beekeeper’s War


Historical Fiction
One More Chapter
E-book and audiobook
21st July

1916. Pru le Cuirot leaves Jersey to nurse at Ashbury Manor and meets American pilot, Jack Garland. When Jack vanishes on a mission, Pru must make an agonising decision.
1940. Pru’s daughter Emma is evacuated from Jersey and meets a mysterious beekeeper at Ashbury. As past and present collide, will her mother’s secrets finally be resolved?







Sophie Claire: An Escape to Provence



women’s fiction
Hodder & Stoughton
paperback, ebook & audio
21 July

When cynical divorce lawyer Daisy unexpectedly inherits a ramshackle farmhouse in Provence, she sets off for the French countryside to oversee renovations herself. But local builder Gabriel Laforêt is determined to preserve the character of the place, and sparks fly…







Sue Cooke: Natural Instincts
A Pocket Novel Romance
The People’s Friend (DC Thomson)
pocket novel
21st July

Single-handed vet Lucy is going under when Rupert, the ex-Michelin star chef, turned saviour of the earth, enters her life and turns it around. After her childhood friend, partner and fiancé left her with debts and an unsustainable workload, she vowed to never trust a man again, but when Rupert is accused of local animal thefts, she has to choose between believing him and battling on alone.







Rachel Dove: Falling for the Village Vet



Medical romance
Mills & Boon worldwide
Ebook, paperback, large print, hardback
1st July 2022

After a painful divorce, hospice nurse Susannah Harkin finds solace in a Yorkshire village with rescue pup Hendrix. When Dr Chris Jennings, new vet comes to town, he disturbed her peace and annoys the residents. Can Susannah’s sunny nature thaw out Chris’s guarded heart?







Sara Downing: I Let You Fall


Romantic Drama
Quilla Books
Kindle & Paperback
20th June 2022

When a woman falls into a coma after a terrible accident, she must watch as her own body lies inert and useless. But with the help of a handsome comatose spirit, she learns that being “out-of-body” means to live, to love, and that perhaps the half-life she is caught in is more romantic than her real life ever was.








Kiley Dunbar: Summer at the Highland Coral Beach and Matchmaking at Port Willow

Hera Canelo
11 July 2022 Both books.

Summer at the Highland Coral Beach, the first in the Port Willow Bay Series, takes you on an impromptu crafting holiday in the Scottish Highlands and reminds us that after the storm comes the rainbow. Crafts, ceilidhs, coral bays, and gentle recovery.

Matchmaking at Port Willow: Beatrice is back in this sequel to Summer at the Highland Coral Beach and she’s loved up and wants other inn guests to experience the same magic she did last summer. Low-tech dating profiles, empty-nesters on a second honeymoon, and a lonely New Yorker in exile. With added puppies and Heiland Coos.






Liz Fielding: His Little Girl




Contemporary Romance
Classic Romance Publishing
Digital (+ku)
June 2022

When a man on the run clashes with a woman on a mission, there’s only one thing keeping them apart.








Liz Fielding: Bachelor Bosses (The Bride’s Baby)

Contemporary Romance
Mills and Boon
Paperback and Digital
7 July

Sylvie been roped into pretending to be a bride at a wedding event… a bride who’s five months pregnant! Longbourne Court was her ancestral home, and she’s just discovered that new owner is Tom is her baby’s secret father…






Suzanne Fortin: Beyond A Broken Sky


Historical fiction dual timeline
Aria, Head of Zeus
Paperback, Digital, audio
21 July 2022

2022: Stained-glass expert Rhoda Sullivan is called to Telton Hall to examine a window designed by an Italian POW during WW2 and discovers a body underneath the chapel flagstones.
1945: Pregnant and alone, Alice Renshaw, is sent to Telton Hall in shame. Finding solace in new friendships, she also finds danger as the war is closer to home than she imagined.







Kate Frost: An Italian Dream


contemporary romance; women’s fiction
ebook, paperback, audio, hardback
7th July 2022

With their 40th birthdays approaching, best friends Fern and Stella head off on a luxury holiday to the island of Capri. While it’s a chance for them to reconnect and celebrate, untold truths turn what should be a holiday of a lifetime into an opportunity to make life-changing decisions. Will their Italian dream turn into a nightmare or lead to newfound happiness?







Janet Gover: Flight to Coorah Creek



Contemporary Women’s Fiction / Romance
Harlequin Escape
July 1st 2022.

Air Ambulance pilot Jess Pearson is running away from a broken heart and a terrible burden of guilt. Dr Adam Gilmore is brilliant but deeply scarred – physically and emotionally. He wants only two things-to work and to be left alone. Can these battered souls learn to take strength from each other?








Liz Harris: Eine Erbschaft in Darjeeling





Historical Romance (Historische Romanze)
Heywood Press
paperback & ebook. (Taschenbuch & eBook)
1st July, 2022

Liebe und Verrat in Darjeeling.








Emily Kerr: Take a Chance on Greece


Romantic Comedy
One More Chapter
1st July

When Lydia wakes up after a wild night out in Kefalonia with a tattoo saying ‘Awesome Andreas’ she embarks on a mission to find the mysterious man who inspired her inking. But the path to true love is never simple. Perhaps she’s looking in the wrong places, and the right man for her is just next door, if only she’d take a chance on him…









Bella Osborne: A Wedding At Sandy Cove



Romantic comedy
Avon, HarperCollins
Ebook, paperback and audiobook
21st July 2022

Ella makes brides’ dreams come true – there’s no dress she can’t make perfect, with her sewing skills and some sparkle. But Ella’s own love life is no fairy tale. Recently dumped, surrounded by fussy brides, and wearing a hideous brown bridesmaid’s dress to her friend’s wedding, Ella feeling more alone than ever agrees to go on a blind date.







Lizzie Page: An Orphan’s Song



Saga/Historical Fiction.
E-book and Paperback
13th July

England, 1951. An uplifting story about children orphaned by war, the grieving young woman who cares for them, and their journey together to healing. Part 3 in the Shilling Grange Orphanage Series When Clara Newton’s American fiancé died during the war, she thought she would never heal. But now she has a new life looking after orphans and with the Festival of Britain approaching, Clara is delighted the children are preparing to perform together.







Name: Ros Rendle: Reaching For Tomorrow


Contemporary relationships drama
Sapere Books
e-book and paperback
15th July 2022

What is the right path for Jen? Jen has a life-changing decision to make. Can she save her marriage? Or is it time for a new beginning?
REACHING FOR TOMORROW is a bittersweet story of one woman’s journey towards happiness and healing. A moving story of love, heartbreak and starting over.







Anni Rose: Recipe for Mr Super


Romantic Comedy
Choc Lit Publishing
Ebook and audio
6th July 2022

Where’s a hero when you need him?
In Autumn Rigden’s case, enjoying semi-celebrity status on the other side of the world. A talented rider and Super Sportstar of the year Nick Flynn might be, but he has a habit of leaving Autumn in the lurch when she needs him most. But when Mr Super returns, will Autumn find that forgetting about horses and the Flynns is harder than she could have ever imagined







Tanya Jean Russell: Summer at Rose Hall



Contemporary Romance
Sapere Publishing
e-book and paperback
8th July 2022

Can Abby find the place where she belongs…? A heart-warming holiday read. Having recently left the army, Abby Smith is struggling with civilian life. Unsure where her future lies, she accepts a temporary job as the summer events manager at Rose Hall, a countryside estate.









Diane Saxon: My Little Brother



Psychological Thriller
Boldwood Books
All Formats
11. 7.2022

It was an ordinary school day, the day I lost my little brother. They all blamed me. I was in charge. Even though I was only ten years old. They sent me away. It’s been twenty years in exile and somebody wants me back. Someone with a dark secret. They know the truth. I need to return to the Welsh village of my childhood, because I have a secret, too…I did something bad.







Alex Stone: The Other Girlfriend



Psychological suspense
Boldwood Books
hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook
28th July

Lizzie loved Tom with a passion bordering on obsession. Until something terrible happened and Tom left her. Now, ten years later, Tom turns up on Lizzie’s doorstep. He still has the power to break her heart and destroy her life again. But Lizzie can’t say no to him…. Can she?







Kathy Strobos: A Scavenger Hunt for Hearts

Romantic Comedy
Indie/Strawbundle Publishing
July 12, 2022

Kiara is dumped by text and ghosted by her boyfriend. She resolves to concentrate on her successful artist career and leave dating to those who can handle the heartbreak. But the chance to dress up as a teacup work of art in a scavenger hunt at the New York City modern art museum, to win her favorite artist’s painting, has her pairing up with a stranger dressed as a Rembrandt. He may not know much about modern art, but he certainly knows how to make her heart beat faster. Can she take a chance on love again?







Kathy Strobos: Caper Crush




Romantic Comedy
Indie/Strawbundle Publishing
July 14, 2022

Somebody stole my painting – the one I need for the career-defining Vertex Exhibit. I have mere weeks to find it, but it’s going to mean working with William. He’s definitely my opposite, so I can’t trust these fluttery feelings, or can I?








Liz Taylorson: Summer Showers at Elder Fell Farm



Romantic comedy
E-book, with paperback later in the summer.
7th July

All Amy wants is the chance to spend time with her son. Where better to escape her troubles than a remote Lake District campsite? She finds herself falling for the single dad in the campervan next door – but will their sons bring them together or drive them apart?







Rosie Travers: The Puzzle of Pine Bay


Cosy Mystery/Romance
Self Published
5 July 2022

With a house to renovate and a romance to rekindle, Eliza Kane has plenty to keep her occupied when she returns home to the Isle of Wight. However, when she discovers a set of stage props abandoned in the cellar of her new home, she is drawn into a search for a missing magician whose own vanishing act has remained a puzzle for the last twenty years.








Kitty Wilson: The Love Experiment




Romantic comedy
One More Chapter

Dr Lily Galbraith’s approach to romance centres on one goal: staying single. Jay has just made a vow that he’ll stop searching for ‘Mrs Right’ for at least six months.He can’t date, she doesn’t date…but what happens when they fall in love?








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