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New Releases: July 2023

30 June 2023

July 2023

Louise Allen: The Discovery of Death:

Time travel/romantic mystery
1 July 2023

The Clock House Mysteries: Book 4
The discovery of a skeleton in the grounds of Natasha Rowland’s latest renovation project is disturbing, more so because her lover, Matthew Sheldon, knows who it is – an acquaintance from 1810.
How did Ludovic Washburn die? Who killed him? Can they give Ludovic justice without changing history?

AnneMarie Brear: The Waterfront Lass

Historical Saga
Boldwood Books
Kindle, paperback, audio
6th June 2023

Meg might be poor, but she is proud and spirited!

Annie Burrows: Wooing His Convenient Wife

Regency romance
Mills & Boon
paperback and e book
Pub date, 22nd June

A convenient marriage
That could help them both!
Jasper Patterdale might be an earl’s estranged younger son, but his efforts to help his brother have backfired—landing him in trouble! He’s out of options, when feisty stranger Penelope Brinsley offers him a lifeline: she’ll pay off his debts if he’ll marry her so she can gain control of her family business. It’s a practical match on paper… until an inconvenient desire to share the marriage bed changes their deal completely!

Charlotte Betts: The Lost Daughter of Venice

Historical Romantic Fiction
Publication date: 13th July 2023

Phoebe receives a desperate plea from her estranged aunt to come to Venice. On her arrival, she’s shocked to discover her aunt is dead, and she’s inherited her palazzo. A dark secret is exposed and Phoebe vows to unravel the truth from the lies. But who can she really trust…

Lottie Cardew: Midsummer Magic at Midwynter Hall

Romantic comedy/women’s fiction
Cloverdilli House Press
eBook and paperback
3rd July 2023

A modern rom-com inspired by Jane Austen’s EMMA, about a matchmaking young woman whose heart may be in the right place – some of the time. Emmeline Midwynter thinks she has little to vex her, aside from her isolation at Midwynter Hall. Until she tries to set up two of her closest friends. Because believing you’ve never been in love doesn’t mean you’ve never (unknowingly) given your heart away.

Linda Corbett: What Would Jane Austen Do?

One More Chapter
E-book on 16th June, paperback on 22nd June

When former agony aunt, and Jane Austen fangirl, Maddy Shaw discovers she’s inherited an idyllic country house, it appears she’s also chair of the village literary festival. It doesn’t help that her neighbour is snarky crime writer Cameron Massey, who thinks romance is just frivolous escapism. It was a truth universally acknowledged that sparks were going to fly…

Katherine Dyson: Eva Mallory’s Husband Hunt

One More Chapter
eBook and paperback
14th July for eBook, 20th July for paperback

Eva Mallory is the unluckiest woman on Earth, bound by a curse which can only be broken when she marries out of her family name. That’s what she thinks, anyway. After all, what could be more unlucky than falling for the one person who can’t break the curse?

Jeanine Englert: A Laird Without a Past

Georgian Highlander Romance
Mills and Boon
20 July 2023

Book 1 of the Secrets of Clan Cameron Series
His past is forgotten…
Can his mysterious healer unlock his future? When Royce wakes with no memories and is suddenly blind, his situation seems dire. The only thing he remembers is being attacked by shadowy figures…but not the beautiful woman who came to his rescue. Now Iona MacKenzie’s every touch drives Royce wild. But when news of a manhunt for him reaches them, Royce must uncover his past if he has any chance of saving himself—and the woman he’s falling for…

Clare Flynn: The Colour of Glass

Historical fiction
Cranbrook Press
Ebook and print
June 2023

She’s dutiful. He’s defiant. Each knows what they want. Neither knows what they need.
1908 Second chances and new beginnings. Set against the Arts and Crafts movement and the fight for women’s suffrage. Will family pressures, class, and first impressions jeopardise the possibility of happiness for an idealistic young woman and a headstrong artist?

Alice Fowler: The Truth Has Arms And Legs

Short stories
Fly On The Wall Press
paperback and ebook
Pub date – 14.7.23

This poignant short story collection explores pivotal moments that transform our lives. In these captivating stories of love, loss and reinvention, readers will be moved by the raw vulnerability of human connection, and the resilience that allows us to be truly free.

Linn B. Halton: Summer at the Cornish Farmhouse

Contemporary women’s fiction/romance  Aria Books                                                      e-format, paperback                                      11 May 2023

Escape to Cornwall series, bk 1
Jess Newman married the love of her life, Ben, sure they would stay together forever. So when Ben falls out of love with her she doesn’t know how to come to terms with their divorce. Granddad, Gabe, has the perfect place, when he hands the keys to his holiday home in Cornwall, a beautiful, albeit rundown farmhouse might just be what the doctor ordered, but soon it’s clear this fresh start includes a whole new set of complications…

Gillian Harvey: A Month in Provence

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Boldwood Books
all platforms and formats
11th July 2023

When Nicky’s best friend Jenny, asks her to take part in ‘The Great B&B Rescue’, a new reality show – her initial reaction is ‘no.’ After a catastrophic car crash, ten years ago, she’s not convinced she has what it takes. After a little persuasion, Nicky finds herself in a B&B in Provence, attempting a makeover on a budget and hoping to change the fortunes of its rather grumpy host, Robert. With the pressure on and the cameras rolling will Nicky rise to the challenge? Or fall at the final hurdle? An uplifting, humorous story of moving forwards, finding courage and embracing new beginnings.

Dawn Knox: A Folly in Plotlands

Historical Romantic Saga
Paperback and e-Book
1st July 2023

Half-Indian, half-English, Samira Stewart is educated in an English convent. As war breaks out, she meets RAF Pilot, Luke, and loses her heart to him. But when she returns to India to visit her father, she discovers her uncle has arranged a marriage for her to a rich, elderly suitor. Can Samira escape her uncle’s clutches and find happiness with Luke, the only man she’ll ever love.

Lizzie Lane: Trouble For The Boat Girl

Boldwood Books
All Platforms and Formats

A gritty story of two girls from opposite backgrounds and their search for freedom and happiness.
1925 The Midlands: Born on the canals, feisty Beth Dawson knows danger lurks in the shadows. Befriended by the company owner’s rebellious daughter, Abigail Gatehouse, they are soon caught up in events that spiral out of control.

Bella Osborne: An Invitation To Seashell Bay

Romantic Comedy
Avon, HarperCollins
eBook, audiobook and paperback
20th July 2023

One ambitious businesswoman. One irresponsible heir.
A deal that will turn both their lives upside down…
Nancy’s business needs help and money. So when a potential investor recommends an assistant, she jumps at the chance. Freddy is a playboy poised to inherit his family’s estate if he can hold down a job for six months.

Jessica Redland: The Start of Something Wonderful

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Boldwood Books
eBook for all platforms, pb, hb, LP, Audio
17th July 2023

Illustrator Autumn Laine has lost her creative sparkle. When her pen pal, Rosie, invites her to stay in the Lake District, Autumn jumps at the chance to get away, hopeful that she might rediscover her creativity in the place which inspired her heroine, Beatrix Potter. Then she meets Dane. Will Autumn’s walls come down to let someone in after so long? Or will the secrets of her past continue to hold her back? A new beginning is a daunting prospect, but could it be the start of something wonderful too..?

Enid Reece: Winner Takes All

Romance/Cosy Crime
Large Print Paperback
1st July 2023

The Commonwealth Games have come to Birmingham, and Gina is among the thousands of volunteers working to make the event a success. But after the shocking death of her housemate Monica, the intrigue and plotting she and security boss Sam uncover turns out to be just as exciting, and considerably more dangerous than anything happening in the arena.

Rosie Travers: Trouble on the Tide

Cosy Mystery
27 June 2023

Eliza Kane Investigates Book 3
More fun and frolics on the Isle of Wight. Sassy amateur sleuth, Eliza Kane, is caught up in a quest to uncover a gang of art forgers, following the death of a prominent local chef.

Lydia Travers: Mystery in the Highlands

Cozy crime
Ebook, paperback, audiobook
26th July

1911. When members of a choir start dropping dead in the Highlands, Maud McIntyre and assistant Daisy must find the reason for the lack of harmony. So when the detective duo receives an anonymous rhyme which holds the key to the next death, the pair don’t miss a beat. Will they solve the mysterious clue before another singer in the choir is silenced forever?

Georgina Troy: Sunny Days on the Boardwalk

Contemporary Romance
Boldwood Books
All formats
15 July 2023

When Jools’ boyfriend, Finn, goes travelling for several months, she doesn’t mind. She keeps busy, painting and helping her gran run their second-hand bookshop. Although, when she suspects Finn isn’t the person she thought, and artist Marius helps someone close to her, Jools wonders if she’s with the wrong man?

Jenny Worstall: Play It Again

9th June 2023

When journalist Zack Goodman interviews orchestral conductor Melody Rose, sparks fly, leading to a night of passion. Neither were looking for a relationship — for Melody feels married to her musical career and Zack can’t forget his late wife. But love can blossom when you least expect it…

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