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New Releases: June 2021

1 June 2021



Donna Ashcroft: Summer in the Scottish Highlands



Commercial Women’s Fiction
Digital, Paperback (POD)
Date of release: 4 June 2021

When single mum Paige, returns home to the Highlands and is roped in to reopening the village library she rediscovers her love for books and life. With an enigmatic hero, an adorable pub and a caring community, this charming read is about new beginnings and finding out where you belong.








Zoe Allison: Revealed



Paranormal Romance
Totally Bound
ebook and print

Valentino has to keep his identity—along with the existence of vampire-kind—secret. Victoria needs to hide the fact that she’s in love with Valentino. However, that’s not the only matter she must keep from him at all costs.








Elizabeth Bailey: His Auction Prize


Regency Romance                                                                                                   Sapere Books
ebook and paperback
22 June 2021 (on pre-order now)

At a mock auction, cynical Raoul, Lord Lynchmere, wins orphan Felicity Temple’s company. To her horror, by the end of the night she finds her guardian has abandoned her.









Elizabeth Bailey: Disaster and the Duke


Regency Romance
Sapere Books
ebook and paperback
22 June 2021 (on pre-order now)

While out gathering wildflowers, accident-prone Henrietta Latimer stumbles across Theo Devenal, the new Duke of Charlton. With the duke’s sardonic humour and Hetty’s sensibility, sparks fly and an impossible attraction blossoms.









Elizabeth Bailey: Taming the Vulture


Regency Romance
ebook and paperback
22 June 2021 (on pre-order now)

On the brink of literary success, Silvetre Latimer meets poet Gausselin Degarre, talented but embittered. His honesty and dark humour attracts. Her wit and outspokenness win his respect, but he is determined to shun romance.









Mary Jayne Baker, Sophie Claire, Jacqueline Cooper, Helena Fairfax, Kate Field, Melinda Hammond, Marie Laval, Helen Pollard, Angela Wren:

Midsummer Magic at Miss Moonshine’s Emporium


Anthology/Heartwarming romance
Indie published
Ebook and paperback
21st June 2021

It’s summer in Haven Bridge and Miss Moonshine is getting ready for a busy season. From the window of her Wonderful Emporium, at the heart of the pretty Yorkshire town, she watches and waits, weaving plans to bring happiness to all who step through her door. For Miss Moonshine is no ordinary shopkeeper; she may not have what you want, but she will always have what you need…








Emma Bennet: Her Sister’s Baby


Contemporary romance
Spellbound Books Ltd
eBook and paperback
1 June 2021

After the horrific news that her estranged sister has been killed in a car crash, Sophie finds herself guardian to a niece she never knew existed. The baby gives Sophie a way out of her grief and a focus to her life, but the unexpected appearance of Samson, Alana’s father, wanting his daughter to now live with him, threatens to destroy Sophie’s newly formed family.









AnneMarie Brear: A Distant Horizon



Historical saga
AnneMarie Brear
ebook & paperback
1st June

Ellen survived the Famine. Can she survive the future in a strange land? Or has she made the greatest mistake of her life?











AnneMarie Brear: The Slum Angel



WF Howes
audio book
May 2021

Can Victoria find the security she has lost? Will a certain doctor be the man she can give her heart to?










Philippa Carey: The Girl From Calcutta


Regency Romance
Idyllic Books UK
e-book and paperback
27th May

Amanda’s parents die in Calcutta and she follows her father’s instructions to conceal her wealth and go to her uncle in London. Her uncle is shocked by her Indian looks and thinks she has little money. When a fortune hunter also thinks she has no money, he abandons her at a country inn, and her uncle takes the opportunity to cast her off. She is rescued by the Earl of Twyford, who doesn’t care about her money and simply falls in love with her.








Deborah Carr: An Island at War


Historical Romance
One More Chapter, HarperCollins
10th June 2021

While her little sister Rose is evacuated to the UK to keep her safe from the invading German army, Estelle is left behind in Jersey to help her grandmother run the family farm. When the Germans occupy the island, everything changes. Estelle and the islanders must face the reality of life under Nazi rule.








Lucy Coleman: Summer in Andalucía


Women’s Contemporary
Boldwood Books
ebook, paperback, audio
1 April 2021

Lainey Summers feels blessed to have her dream job writing for a renowned foodie magazine. And the day she goes to interview chef Rick Oliver at his new restaurant—Aleatory—in London’s popular Piccadilly, is the start of an unexpected journey, and her life is about to change forever.









Christina Courtenay: Whispers of the Runes


Timeslip/time travel
Headline Review
Paperback, ebook, audio
24th June 2021

Sara can’t be sure that she’s travelled through time … but deep down she just knows, and her only way back has just disappeared. The first person she meets is Rurik Eskilsson, who agrees she can accompany him to Jorvik. Fate has brought these two kindred spirits together across the ages for a reason …









Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead: The Glass Demon

historical paranormal
Totally Entwined
ebook, paperback
29th June

book #2 of The de Chastelaine Chronicles series. Sequel to the 2020 RONA-shortlisted novel “The Ghost Garden”.
What you can’t see could kill you. As a child lingers between life and death, bewitched by the bite of a glass demon who has escaped from an ancient church window, Raf and Cecily must remind the villagers of what really matters and unite the community in a battle to send their infernal tormentor back to hell.








L.L. Diamond: Agony and Hope



Regency Romance
E-book and paperback
15 June 2021


Nothing is how it was supposed to be.









Helena Dixon: Murder at Elm House


Cozy historical crime
7th June 2021


Mysterious deaths at the local nursing home and an escaped villain intent on revenge. Can Kitty and Matt solve the crime and keep Kitty safe?








Rachel Dove: The Paramedic’s Secret Son


Mills & Boon Medical Romance
Ebook, paperback, large print, HB
24th June 2021


He thought he had to leave…
…Now he has two reasons to stay!









Liz Fenwick: The River Between Us



Paperback, ebook, audio
June 2021

A forgotten house and a secret hidden for a century…










Lesley Field: Saunders-Sisters and Lovers


Contemporary romance
Independent by Lesley Field
14th June 2021

Book 3 in the Saunders series.
When Sam’s old life collided with her new life, things got complicated. One wayward sister, one determined manager, result in one fiery relationship. But interfering forces, and trickery, bring about mistrust. Can this romance survive, or is this one act of trickery that can’t be undone?









Paula Greenlees: Journey to Paradise


Historical fiction
ebook digital
May 2021

Set in Singapore during a turbulent post-war period, Miranda Lewis and her husband arrive hoping for a new life. As Miranda tries to settle, she feels like an outsider, until Dr Nick Wythenshaw encourages her to work in the local community, giving her a new purpose. As riots and danger threaten, Miranda is forced to make an impossible choice and to risk everything she holds dear.








Liz Harris: The Best Friend


Women’s Fiction
Heywood Press
paperback & ebook
10th June 2021


A woman would never betray her best friend. Or would she?










Karen King: The Perfect Stepmother
Psychological thriller
ebook, paperback and audio books
18 June
Lily is shocked and concerned when her father suddenly remarries, less than a year after her mother’s death. It feels far too soon, and Lily finds herself furious with him and his new wife, Maria, who can apparently do no wrong. She seems madly in love with Lily’s dad and instantly bonds with Emma. It’s only Lily who can’t trust her. Who won’t trust her. And when Emma goes missing – could Lily be right? What if the greatest danger to them all is the woman now living in their family home?






Natalie Kleinman: The Girl With Flaming Hair


Regency Romance
Sapere Books
e-book and paperback
15th June 2021

Lying unconscious in the road after a fall from her horse, Sophie is rescued by Rufus Solgrave and a new and better life begins. But Sophie is plagued by the shadows of the past. A past of which she knows nothing.










Marie Laval: Happy Dreams At Mermaid Cove

contemporary romance
Choc Lit UK
e-book and paperback
22nd June.

From the big city to a little yellow mobile library on the Isle of Skye …
When Jenna Palmer agrees to the new position of mobile librarian on the tiny Arrandale peninsular of the Isle of Skye, she knows she’s signing up for difficult working conditions and mediocre wages. But Jenna needs to get away, and a little yellow mobile library called Buttercup could be her escape to happier dreams …








Cass Lester: After the One


E-Book Paperback
24th June

April 16th is always one of Charley’s worst days of the year. It’s her husband’s birthday, a painful reminder of his death four years ago. So naturally, her car breaks down. She nearly gets run over trying to catch the bus. And then she’s made redundant. Her friends see the redundancy as a chance for her to start again.








Catherine Miller: The Girl Who Couldn’t Leave


Women’s Fiction
Ebook and paperback
25th June 2021


She hasn’t left her house in five years. Can love unlock the door?









Sue McDonagh: The Summer of Hopes and Dreams

Romantic comedy
Choc Lit
E Book
29th June 2021

Rosie Bunting has spent her life caring for others, often at the expense of her own hopes and dreams. But when she overhears somebody describing her as “boring”, she decides it’s time for a change.  The outdoor pursuits weekend brochure handed to her at the local Art Café, kick starts a summer that will see her abseiling down a Welsh cliff, rediscovering her artistic side and unexpectedly inheriting an old fire engine. It also involves meeting hunky outdoor instructor, Gareth Merwyn-Jones …









Melissa Oliver: The Return of Her Lost Knight

Historical Romance
Harlequin Mills and Boon
E-pub & paperback
24th June UK and Australia. 29th June US

Her second chance. With her lost love…. To avoid a forced marriage, Lady Gwenllian plans to escape to a convent. She couldn’t possibly honour another when her heart still belongs to Ralph de Kinnerton, the man she had to betray to save his life – only to hear of his death shortly after. So how is it possible he’s here at this Knight’s tournament? Now, the pull of their unfinished past forces Gwen to question the choice she’d made for her future…









Janice Preston: The Cinderella Heiress

Historical romance
Mills & Boon
paperback and ebook
27 May 2021

Claiming her inheritance in London will help Beatrice Fothergill escape her bullying, belittling half-brother. When her carriage overturns, dashing Waterloo soldier Jack Kingswood comes to her aid—setting her pulse racing! In return, believing her new fortune can help the injured veteran rebuild his life, Beatrice proposes a convenient marriage. But is this all she can offer— or dare Beatrice believe she’s worthy of more?








Elaine Roberts: Big Dreams for the West End Girls


Historical Fiction/Saga
Aria, Head of Zeus
3rd June 2021

1914. Working in a bustling café on London’s Shaftesbury Avenue, Joyce Taylor dreams of opening her own restaurant. But when the man she loves enlists in the war, and a surprise request comes through from her dying grandmother, Joyce’s life gets turned upside down. Despite all the madness, can Joyce find a way to make her dreams come true? And will her love story have a happy ending?









Anni Rose: Recipe for Mr Right


Romantic Comedy
Choc Lit Limited
ebook 8th June 2021
audiobook 6th July 2021


Ruby Brooks, having lost a boyfriend, a job and a large chunk of money to a kitchen fitter in quick succession, takes luck into her own hands and enters ten competitions a day. But when chef Adam and his dog appear in her life, will she realise true happiness isn’t something she can win?









Arabella Sheen: Reluctant Bride

Evernight Publishing
ebook and paperback
22nd June 2021

He’s older, wiser, and always gets what he wants. This wedding is happening … whether the bride likes it or not. Our twelve hand-picked stories feature young reluctant brides and the older men determined to claim them. These forced marriages may start out frigid, but our authors will prove that love can conquer all. Evernight’s Reluctant Bride anthology stories are sure to deliver passion that is off the charts, scorching hot sex, and sigh-worthy happy ever afters.









Suzanne Snow: A Summer of Second Chances


Contemporary romance
eBook and Paperback                                                                                                       10th June

Sparks and tempers fly when Ben comes to stay in Daisy’s holiday cottage. Daisy likes routine. She goes to work, makes dinner for her son, then loses herself for an hour or two in her sewing. She’s not looking for change until Ben crashes – literally – into her life.









Vicky Walklate: Sacrifice (The Gods of Trivium, Book 1)

Fantasy romance
Champagne Book Group
14 June 2021

Dragon gods rule the realm of Jothesia. Demons lurk in the shadows and a terrible power grows in secret. When a sacrificial ritual goes wrong, dragon shifter god Rhetahn and his rebellious human sacrifice, Libby reluctantly unite to seek answers. Their hostility slowly changes to compelling attraction, and their forbidden relationship may turn out to be Jothesia’s only hope against destruction.








Alan C. Williams: Green Skies at Night

Linford Romance
Large Print
1st June

When a wide-ranging Green Skies weather phenomenon threatens the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma with destruction, it’s up to meteorologist Amber Devane to warn them. The trouble is, the local media don’t believe her predictions. She must put aside her recovery from an operation to save her family and her county. Aided by school-friend Ryan, a native American astronomer, the two of them must fight the tumultuous weather and prejudices as well as struggle with their own whirlwind budding romance…







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