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New Releases: June 2023

29 May 2023

Donna Ashcroft: Summer at the Cornish Beach Cafe

Romantic fiction
ebook and POD
12 May

After splitting with her fiancé, Jessie travels to Indigo Cove in Cornwall with her grandfather, George to help replace his lost wedding photo album. When she arrives she bumps into the boy she kissed fourteen years ago, before he ran off breaking her heart.

Jill Barry: Love At War

Historical Romance
Romaunce Books
Paperback and ebook
14th June 2023

A WW2 romance set in South Wales. Anna loses her Norwegian father and begins work in a military establishment. Her life is transformed when she meets two officers. Independently spirited, she realises her vulnerability when she discovers she is expecting a baby. Support comes from unexpected sources, and Anna realises what true love really means.

Linda Corbett: What Would Jane Austen Do?

One More Chapter
E-book on 16th June, paperback on 22nd June

When former agony aunt, and Jane Austen fangirl, Maddy Shaw discovers she’s inherited an idyllic country house, it appears she’s also chair of the village literary festival. It doesn’t help that her neighbour is snarky crime writer Cameron Massey, who thinks romance is just frivolous escapism. It was a truth universally acknowledged that sparks were going to fly…

Tanith Davenport: Making It Hard

Erotic romance
Publisher: Totally Bound
Format: Ebook
Date of release: 20th June 2023
Jpeg cover pic. attached

When vlogger and car lover Angel agrees to promote rock star Judah’s new solo career, their budding relationship gains press attention – but will Judah still be interested when his promotion is over?

Annabel French: Summer at the Chateau

Ebook, Paperback and Audio
8 June 2023

A newly single girl. A tall, dark and handsome stranger. A chateau that keeps bringing them together. What could go wrong? Will mending the chateau also mend her broken heart?

 Nina Kaye: Just Like That

Romcom/Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Paperback, ebook and audio
1st June

When Jess’s brother unexpectedly has a stroke, she selflessly steps in as his carer. Finding herself demoted from her job as a high end events manager, Jess is sent to rescue a failing wildlife park, where she struggles to deal with the emotional toll of so much change in her life. Perhaps it’s the worst time for Nick, the grumpy Head Keeper, to walk into her life – or is it?

Helen C Kelly: New Beginnings

Contemporary Romance
Helen Kelly Books
Ebook & Paperback

New Beginnings is the Second book in the Greengrove Series and follows David’s story as he finds love unexpectedly after his divorce and is ready to risk his heart again. Follow the rollercoaster as two people who have been hurt by love trust again.

Dawn Knox: The Wooden Tokens

Historical Saga
Paperback and Kindle
1st June 2023

Annie and Ben, two babies, left in the Foundling Hospital, London, on the same day in 1768. Their lives are determined by the hospital authorities, and they are sent their separate ways. Annie is wrongly convicted and transported to Sydney, but nothing and no one can keep them apart.

Judy Leigh: The Silver Ladies Do Lunch

Women’s Commercial Fiction/ Hens’ lit
Boldwood Books
Kindle, paperback, audio, hardback, large print.
2nd June, 2023

When Lin, Josie and Minnie left Miss Hamilton’s class sixty years ago, they could only dream about what the future had in store for them. The one thing they knew for certain was that their friendship would thrive. So, when ninety-year-old Miss Hamilton glides back into their lives on her purple mobility scooter, the ladies are in need of inspiration and fun. Over regular lunches, they start to dream of leaving the past in the past and embracing the future, because there’s nothing you can’t achieve with good friends at your side.

Jane Lovering: The Recipe for Happiness

Women’s Fiction
Ebook, Paperback, Audio
09 June 2023

Seren’s job, cooking at an elderly day centre, doesn’t make her ‘interesting’ enough to date. Her attempts to ‘get a life’ include finding a hobby – and solving her reluctance to go to new places. Will new friend Ned and a dog called Kez lead to a new life?

Shirley Mann: Bridget’s War

Romantic Saga
Zaffre (Bonnier Books)
Paperback, digital, audio
8th June

Inspired by true events. Young policewoman, Bridget Harrison is angry with being sent home to the Isle of Man to ‘babysit’ the women who have been interned there. But then she discovers a tinder box of German Jews and German Nazis forced to live together behind the wire and a situation that brings the war to the Island’s peaceful shores. Oh, and then there are those two brothers to deal with- one a war hero and the other a farmer and lifeboatman- both as frustrated as she is to be forced to live out the war in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Jill Mansell: Promise Me.

Contemporary women’s fiction.
Headline Review
June 22nd 2023

Drama and shenanigans in the Cotswolds with lovely Lou, grumpy octogenarian Edgar and an even grumpier Chihuahua called Captain Oates…

Fenella J Miller: Wedding Bells at Goodwill House

Historical Romance, Saga
All formats
2nd June 2023

Charlie likes Dr Willoughby, but she fears that there can never be more between them than just friendship. Because despite her upper-class background, Charlie carries with her a terrible secret that she can never share with James

Cressida McLaughlin: From Cornwall With Love

Contemporary Romance
Paperback, ebook, audio book
8th June 2023

Book 8: Cornish Cream Tea series.
Maisie Winters has everything she could ever want. She lives in the idyllic Cornish town of Port Karadow, works in her dad’s shop, adores her rescue mutt, and has time to take the photos she loves.
While her best friend and sister left the town to chase big dreams, Maisie stayed – she wouldn’t leave her favourite place for anything… When Colm Caffrey, returns from a decade abroad, old feelings resurface and Maisie asks if there might be one thing missing after all?

Margaret Mounsdon: Be Careful What you Wish For

Large Print Paperback
1 June 2023

Kiah Prestcott and her son Arlo spend the summer on Palm Island with her Aunt Vera. Hadley, Vera’s stepson, reveals a family scandal, forcing Kiah’s life to change, but it proves difficult to break her bond with Vera when events take an alarming turn as do Kiah’s feelings for Hadley.

Diane Saxon: The Stepson

Domestic Psychological Thriller
Kindle, Paperback, Hardback, Audio, Download
Boldwood Books

When your whole life becomes one big lie…
The night my mum disappeared, after a panicked 3am phone call, I knew something was wrong.
The police tried to reassure me. There had to be a logical explanation, they said – perhaps she’s taking a break after the tragic death of my father. But I know my mum. Or do I? She would never leave without telling me.
Or would she? The harder I look, the more I discover deep, dark family secrets I was not privy to. Worrying secrets I was never meant to know. Which means my parents have lied to me my whole life. But why? Who can I turn to? Trust? Were they scared of something in their past? Or were they trying to protect me? Has mum gone of her own free will? Or has someone taken her?
Diane Saxon’s compelling new thriller will have you questioning who you can trust, to keep your family safe.

Jo Thomas: Summer at the Ice Cream Café

Contemporary romance
8th June 2023

Beca Valentino is ready to escape the city. When she sees the perfect house for sale in her hometown, it seems like fate. Is this her chance to build the foster family she dreams of, on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast?

Victoria Walker: Summer at Croftwood Cinema

Contemporary Romance
Ever After Books
Paperback and eBook
2nd May 2023

When Oliver Jones buys the derelict cinema in the small town of Croftwood, he asks his best friend Patsy to help bring it back to life along with local architect Matt, and amateur projectionist, Ed. Cue a summer of friendships, challenges, and blossoming romance at the cinema in the park.

Ian Wilfred: Second Chances In Tenerife

Indie published
Ebook and Paperback
Publication day 20Th June
Women’s contemporary fiction

Jill has lost her business and her home. Hopefully, by heading off to her friends in Tenerife, she can start to rebuild her life. Karen has split from her cheating partner. She needs to escape and rethink her life. Could a holiday in Tenerife be the answer? A story of friendships and new beginnings, with a few secrets and a little romance along the way, not forgetting lots of sunshine.

Jenny Worstall: Melody Rose

DC Thomson
large print paperback
25th May 2023

Up and coming conductor, Melody was married to her music. Successful journalist Zack still felt married to his late wife. Would they walk away from each other, believing there was no future together? Or would they have the most glorious Last Night of the Proms?

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