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New Releases: March 2021

1 March 2021

                               NEW RELEASES: MARCH 2021

Jill Barry: Date With Danger


1950s Romance
Large Print Paperback
1st March 2021

Bonnie works in her mother’s seaside guesthouse, but things change after she meets Patrik, a young Hungarian funfair worker. Both she and her friend Kay find love in the heady whirl of the fair – and are also fast learning how people they thought they knew can sometimes conceal secrets. As Patrik moonlights for one of her mother’s friends, Bonnie fears he may be heading into danger…







Rachel Brimble: Trouble For The Leading Lady


Historical Romance
Aria Fiction
4th March

1852 – Bath, England – Anything can happen when a feisty, good-time prostitute meets a seriously ambitious theatre director…it’s time for Nancy Bloom to take the stage!








Daughter of the Sea


Historical Saga
Magna Story Sound
October 2020

Jessica Kingdom’s father is dead, and her mother reveals a secret, leaving Jessica homeless. She becomes a champion for women’s rights to keep their children from the dreaded orphanage. Will she survive betrayal, heartbreak, and the secret she must solve to know.








Helen Cannam: A Hidden Fire

Independently published
Kindle ebook and paperback
6 December 2020

In north east England in the reign of James I, Catholic widow Kate Machyn faces a conflict of family loyalty, love, and faith, set against the background of the Gunpowder Plot.







Philippa Carey: A Body in the Chapel



post-WW1 romance
Linford Romance
1st March Large Print edition

An injured man is found at the entrance to the Methodist Chapel. The minister and his daughter take him in to tend his wounds. When he wakes up, he has amnesia. He and the daughter develop feelings for each other, but when his memory returns, he remembers he already has a fiancee.







Philippa Carey: His Last Chance



Regency Romance
Idyllic Books UK
1st March Hardback (ebook and paperback released 15th February)

Lord Peter is in disgrace and his father sends him to sort out the ailing estate in Devon, or else be cast off. In Devon, he discovers a thief, a run-down house, resentful staff and tenants, a violent band of smugglers, a clever dog, and a beautiful blind girl.








Wendy Clarke: His Hidden Wife

Psychological Thriller
eBook, paperback, audio.

Maya has lived with her father in their clifftop house since the tragic death of her mother when she was six. Rumours circulate in the town that it was suicide, but Maya knows it was an accident. How could it not have been when they’d been such a happy family? When a new woman enters their lives, bearing an uncanny resemblance to her mother, new memories surface, forcing Maya to question everything she knows. Are her childhood memories real or has her father just told her things she wants to hear? What really happened the night of her mother’s death?








Tania Crosse: The Gunpowder Girl


Saga (Victorian)
WF Howes
1st March 2021
She would do anything to save her father, but is marrying the wrong man a huge mistake? An explosive tale of prison, arson, and doomed love set on the wilds of Dartmoor.








Emma Davies: After the Crash


Contemporary romantic fiction
ebook and PB
16th March

It’s a book about grief. It’s a book about family. It’s a book about forgiveness. It’s a book about love. But ultimately it’s a book that proves that hope is just one of the things your heart can hold…







Clare Dyer: Yield


Two Rivers Press
21st February

The actual things of the world are everywhere in Claire Dyer’s, ‘Yield’–thick socks, Glenfiddich, bathrobes, Swarfega, Swedish Meatball Wraps—and in the spaces between move families, friends, lovers, their interrelations astutely picked out as the unsaid is made solid.







Liz Eeles: Secrets At The Last House Before The Sea


Women’s fiction
ebook and paperback
February 18th 2021

Back in the tiny seaside village of Heaven’s Cove after the death of her mother, all Rosie Merchant wants is to hide her tears, rent out her childhood home, and get back to her ‘real’ life, away from the gossiping villagers and wild Devon weather she escaped from years ago. But words written on the back of a faded photograph, she finds in the attic of Driftwood House will change everything…






Elaine Everest: A Mother Forever


Historical saga
Pan Macmillan
March 4th (Paperback/Audio/eBook)

1905: Ruby Caselton may only be twenty-five years old but she already has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Heavily pregnant with her second child, penniless and exhausted, she is moving her family into a new home. The Caseltons left their last place when they couldn’t pay the rent, but Ruby’s husband Eddie has promised this will be a fresh start for them all. And Ruby desperately hopes that this time he will keep his word.







Monica Fairview: Dangerous Magic


Romantic Fantasy, Jane Austen Fantasy
White Soup Press [self-published]
Kindle, Paperback
March 15th 2021

An enchanting tale of Regency England, a forced marriage, and two mages who must work together to save the Kingdom. They may dislike each other on sight, but Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet have to find common ground if they are to defeat Napoleon’s Mages. Fortunately, it is not long before the sparks fly between them.








Lesley Field: Saunders-Sisters and Lovers (Book 3 in the Saunders series)



Contemporary romance
MuseItUp Publishing
2nd March 2021

When Sam’s old life collided with her new life, things got complicated. One wayward sister, one determined manager, result in one fiery relationship. But interfering forces, and trickery, bring about mistrust. Can this romance survive, or is this one act of trickery that can’t be undone?







Suzanne Fortin: The Forgotten Life of Arthur Pettinger


Dual timeline WW2
Aria Fiction
Digital, paperback
Digital 4 March 2021

A life lived but not remembered and a love lost but not forgotten. Arthur Pettinger’s memory isn’t what it used to be, but he does remember Maryse, a woman he hasn’t seen for decades. With the help of his granddaughter and great-granddaughter, they set out to find the love of his life.








Lynne Francis: The Secret Child


Saga/Historical Book 2 of The Margate Maid trilogy
Little,Brown – Piatkus
Hardback, ebook and audio (paperback in August)
March 25th 2021

Molly Dawson and her husband, Charlie, have bought up three daughters on the Woodchurch Manor estate, but she has lived with a secret for over twenty years. When George Smith, a young stranger fresh out of the Navy, comes into their lives, could he pose a threat to Molly’s hard-won happiness?







Cass Grafton & Ada Bright: Mr Darcy’s Persuasion



Historical Romance
Tabby Cow Press
ebook, paperback
9th March 2021

Romance, friendship and secrets abound in this intriguing tale of pride, prejudice and persuasion, where two of Jane Austen’s most popular classics collide.







Liz Harris: The Lengthening Shadow


Historical romantic fiction
Heywood Press
Ebook and paperback
1st March, 2021

Set in the 1920s and 1930s, Dorothy Linford and her husband, Franz, despair in their small village in Germany when faced with events beyond their control. In England, headstrong Louisa Linford takes out her anger on her family. But the invisible ties of love are far-reaching and all-powerful. The Lengthening Shadow is the third and final book in The Linford Series, but it’s a stand-alone and is complete in itself.







Elizabeth Hawksley: The Girl Who Liked Giraffes


Mundeville Books
1st February, 2021

When Miss Decima Wells sneaks out to see the astonishing sight of four giraffes walking from London Docks to the new Zoological Gardens, she doesn’t expect to attract any unwanted attention. Nor does Alexander Peverell, newly arrived from India, expect to find a bruised, unconscious girl in the gutter.







Annette Hannah: The Cosy Little Cupcake Van


Romantic Comedy
Orion Dash
22nd March 2021

Camilla’s delicious cakes are the talk of her little village. If you need a perfectly iced mouthful of joy, Camilla ‘Cupcake’ is your woman. But after losing her mother, she finds her home and her business in jeopardy. She needs a little helping hand…








Liz Hurley: High Heels in the Highlands

Hera Books.

After discovering they had inherited an enormous fortune, as well as the titles of ‘Lady’, the lives of the Hiverton sisters have never been the same. While oldest sister Ariana settles in Norfolk, fashion designer Clementine heads to the Scottish Highlands to investigate their newly inherited castle to find out Ruacoddy Castle is falling to pieces, and stumbles upon a secret that could destroy the Hiverton family. Can she save the castle and her family’s reputation?







Lynn Johnson: Wartime with the Tram Girls



Family Saga
Hera Books
3 March 2021

July 1914: WW1 changes the world. Hiding her privileged background and suffragette past, Constance Copeland becomes a clippie on the trams. But she is haunted by another secret, and it could destroy her new life.








Gwen Kirkwood: Return To Bonnybrae


Family saga
Large Print
February 2021

Book 3. 1919. Rina Capel is set on being a nurse, but when called to see her dying grandfather he reveals family secrets which change her world. In love with a man she can’t have, and now facing marriage to a man she has never met to satisfy her parents, can she find peace and happiness?








Jane Lovering: Home on Folly Farm



Women’s Fiction/Romantic Comedy
16 March

When Dora’s sister Cass comes for an unwanted visit to the family farm, complete with her son and his tutor, family secrets are revealed and Dora is forced to face up to a past she had thought she’d left behind.








Madalyn Morgan: Old Cases, New Colours



Historical Thriller
Sick of working in a world of spies and bureaucracy, Ena Dudley leaves the Home Office and starts her own investigating agency. Woking for herself she can choose which investigations to take and, more importantly, which to turn down. While working on two investigations, Ena is called as a prosecution witness in the Old Bailey trial of a cold-blooded killer








Margaret Mounsdon: The Lombardi Emeralds



Large Print
March 2021

Who is Auguste Lombardi, and why has May Maxwell’s mother been invited to his 80th birthday party? She attends the party and discovers to her horror her mother may have been a jewel thief.







Sheila Norton: Escape to Riverside Cottage


Contemporary feel-good fiction
Ebury Press
Paperback and ebook
4 March 2021

After the sudden death of her estranged husband, Clare is shocked to discover she has inherited a dog and a small fortune. Convinced by her adult children to finally do something for herself, Clare embarks on a coast-to-coast adventure – until she stumbles upon an unmarked location on the fringes of South Devon.








Jessica Redland: All You Need Is Love


Contemporary romance
Boldwood Books
ebook, paperback, hardback, large print, audio
11th March 2021

When you’ve loved and lost, how do you find the strength to let love in again? Jemma and Sam. Two lost souls, desperately trying to find closure and happiness. When a chance meeting brings them together, a friendship is formed, but the guards are up.








Victoria Springfield: The Italian Holiday


Women’s Commercial Fiction / contemporary romance
Orion Dash

Italy was Bluebell’s dream destination, but taking her gran’s place on a tour of the Amalfi Coast wasn’t quite what she’d had in mind. Michela returns home after a year in London vowing to leave first love, Stefano, in the past. But maybe happy-ever-after is just a plane ride away…









Jessica Thorne: The Lost Girls of Foxfield Hall


Historical Fantasy
26th March 2021

When Megan follows strange lights into the maze at Foxfield Hall she steps out of her own time and into something magical and dangerous. A spellbinding tale about the mysterious and ancient legends at the heart of the English countryside, and how to find those who are lost.









Linda Tyler: The Laird’s Secret



Historical romance
Bloodhound Books
Ebook and paperback
18th January 2021

1953. Rural Scotland, English photographer Christina, holidays on the wild and beautiful north-east coastline of Aberdeenshire. There she meets the enigmatic local laird, Alex, who has a secret he wishes to keep.









Linda Tyler: Summer Intrigue



Historical romance (Regency)
DC Thomson (My Weekly Pocket Novel)
18th March 2021

At a country house party in 1812 Perthshire, Lucinda Bainbridge meets dashing Captain Nathaniel Lambert and they set out to unmask the fellow guest who is spying for the French. During this dangerous course, they also discover their feelings for one another.









Alan C. Williams: Love in the Golden Sun


DC Thomson
Print and digital on Readly
March 2021

It’s New South Wales 1877. Newly appointed teacher, Grace Stevens, meets the enigmatic bushranger, Major Midnight, on her way to Jerilderie by stagecoach. As well as cash, he steals a kiss from her awaking forbidden passions in the young woman. The adventure that follows reveals shocking secrets about the dashing thief, leading her and the Major in a quest to stop other bushrangers and save her new friends and the fledgling colonies of Australia from certain catastrophe.







Ian Wilfred: New Beginnings In Greece



Contemporary Romance
Amazon – Kindle Unlimited
Ebook and paperback
16th March 2021

Set amongst the backdrop of the picturesque Holkamos harbour, NEW BEGINNINGS IN GREECE is an endearing tale of how long-lasting friendships, romance, and business partnerships are created from chance encounters







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