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New Releases: March 2022

28 February 2022


Vicki Beeby: A New Start for the Wrens 


WW2 Saga
Paperback, ebook and audio
17th March 2022

(The Wrens Book 1) Escaping a humiliating experience by joining the Wrens, Iris Tredwick is sent to a remote signal station in Orkney. She soon finds herself torn between mechanic Rob and local doctor, Stewart – a man far more likely to earn her mother’s approval. Then tragedy strikes, and Iris fears the enemy is at work on the island. Can she and her friends prevent another disaster?






Jennifer Bibby: The Cornish Hideaway



Romantic Fiction
Simon and Schuster
22nd March 2022

When Freya’s life in London collapses, she is invited to the sleepy Cornish village of Polcarrow by her friend Lola. Freya needs time to focus on herself. But then dark and mysterious biker Angelo blows into town on a stormy afternoon and Freya’s plans of a romance-free summer fly straight out of the window…







Jennifer Bohnet: Villa of Second Chances


Women’s Contemporary
Boldwood Books
ebook, paperback, audio and hardback
1st March
‘Everybody deserves a second chance don’t they? As the guests gather for the remarriage of Freya and Marcus down on the French Riviera, Freya’s two childhood friends bring their own problems to the villa, and the best man discovers he too has questions that need answering. Will everyone get the second chance they want? Or is it all too late?’







AnneMarie Brear: Prue 




historical saga

(Book 2 Marsh Saga Series) Some adventures come with a cost…








Terri Brisbin:The Highlander’s Inconveneient Bride


Historical romance
Mills & Boon
Paperback and Ebook
January 22, 2022

She’s the best wife…he never wanted!
Ross MacMillan lifts his bride’s veil…and discovers it’s not the woman he’d agreed to marry but her beautiful younger sister, Ilysa MacDonnell! The new MacMillan chieftain must accept Ilysa as his wife, for retaining his clan’s lands depends on her father’s support. But why is she there? Are her aims to help him or her father? Drawing out Ilysa’s secrets will kindle an alliance more powerful—and passionate!—than Ross ever imagined…







Susan Buchanan: The Dating Game


Romantic comedy
1 Feb; ebook already available

No one said dating would be easy.
Work. That’s all Glaswegian recruitment consultant Gill does. Her friends fix her up with numerous unsuitable blind dates until one day Gill decides enough is enough. Seeing an ad on a bus billboard for Happy Ever After dating agency, she signs up. Before long she’s experiencing laughs, lust and … could it be love? But just when things are looking up for Gill, an unexpected reunion forces her to make an impossible choice.







Misa Buckley: Archangel


Self published: Zaniah Press
9 March

After Gabriel Kemp is involved in a hit-and-run, he wakes to an angel at his hospital bedside with a deal – a second chance at life as long as he protects murder witness Abigail Harris. While Gabe doesn’t believe in Abby’s psychic visions, he’s sure there’s a killer determined to turn the City of Angels into Hell on Earth, and he’ll stop him no matter what.







Adrienne Chinn: Love in a Time of War 


Historical Romance, Family Saga

One More Chapter
Digital, Audio, Paperback
February 25th for digital and audio; March 3rd for paperback

Book 1 of The Three Fry Sisters series. In 1913, the three Fry sisters Celie, Jessie and Etta, are coming of age, dreaming of all the possibilities the future offers. But when war erupts, their innocence is shattered and a new era of uncertainty begins. As the sisters embark on journeys from Capri to Cairo, their mother Christina worries about what their exposure to the wider world means for the secrets she’s been keeping…







Lucy Coleman: Finding Love in Positano

Women’s Contemporary
ebook, paperback, audio
15 March 2022

One summer in Italy might just change everything…
Marci James is in love with her job. She’s not had a holiday in five years, but now she’s escaping to the Italian coast after agreeing to pack up her godfather, Richard’s antiques shop.
When Marci arrives it’s apparent that the task is far more daunting than she imagined, and it isn’t long before Nico, her gorgeous local guide, offers to step up and lend a hand. As the two enjoy the Positano summer, and all that the Italian Riviera has to offer, Marci finally lets herself relax and the sparks between the pair soon begin to fly. But Richard hasn’t just left his possessions behind, he left a secret, one that Marci unwittingly stumbles across. Will it break her heart after the happiest summer of her entire life?







Lorna Cook: The Dressmaker’s Secret

Women’s Fic/Historical Fic
PB, ebook, audio
Feb 3rd 2022

1941, Nazi-occupied Paris: In the glamorous Ritz hotel there is a woman with a dangerous secret… As Coco Chanel’s assistant, Adèle lives side by side with German officers in the splendour of The Ritz hotel. But Adèle has a secret. She is working for the resistance, right under the Germans’ noses.

Present-day: Chloé’s grandmother has never spoken about the war and avoids questions about the legendary designer she once worked for.
Now Chloé has come to Paris to uncover the truth about Adèle’s life. But is she prepared for what she will find? And for the power of her grandmother’s secrets to change her family forever…







Kate Frost: One Greek Summer


contemporary romance and women’s fiction
ebook, paperback, hardback, audio
9th March 2022

Working on a big-budget movie should be an exciting opportunity for Harlow Sands, but the high expectations of her domineering Hollywood producer mum threaten to ruin her summer on Skopelos. With a fractured family, a long-hidden secret, and a need to belong, can Harlow’s happy-ever-after be found during one Greek summer?







Jen Gilroy: The Sweetheart Locket



Women’s Fiction/Historical WW2 Dual Timeline
Orion Dash
17 March 2022

In Second World War England, Maggie, a young Canadian woman, is drawn into a life of intrigue working for the Special Operations Executive. In 2019, her American granddaughter, Willow, takes a DNA test with unexpected results. Searching for the truth, does the key to Willow’s present lie in Maggie’s past?







Katie Ginger: The Little Library on Cherry Lane


Romantic comedy
HQ Digital
11th March

Elsie Martin may lead a quiet life, but when her beloved library is threatened, she knows it has to be saved. Jacob Yardley thinks he’s doing the right thing by building a new affordable housing development. After all, people don’t really use libraries anymore, do they? Can Elsie battle to save the library and her feelings for Jacob too?








Rosie Hendry: The Mother’s Day Victory

Little, Brown – Sphere
ebook, paperback and audio
3rd March

Norfolk, 1940. As war rages on, sisters Prue and Thea, of Great Plumstead, are doing all they can to help the war effort. When, Anna, a young German girl who fled her country, seeks refuge in the village, Thea opens up her home, Rookery House, and invites Anna into their growing family. But while many in the village welcome Anna with open arms, others suspect the new arrival. As the war intensifies and panic sweeps the country, the government fears she’s a spy and takes Anna. The women of Great Plumstead are already fighting their own battles on the Home Front, but will they come together in Anna’s time of need to keep the newest member of their community safe from war?






Georgia Hill: The Great Summer Street Party: GIs and Ginger Beer



One More Chapter
11th March 2022

With summer having arrived in Berecombe and the D-Day anniversary celebrations on the horizon, there’s much to keep Ashley busy. So why can’t she stop thinking about Eddie? Ashley and Eddie came close to having it all but, with flirty Cornish portrait painter Jake around, which man will claim her heart?







Amanda James: The Garden by the Sea

Magical realism/women’s fiction
One More Chapter (Harper Collins)
ebook Jan
paperback March.

A heartwarming novel of new beginnings, community and finding your tribe when you need them the most… A precious heirloom passed down from mother to daughter… Lowena Rowe’s beloved mum always claimed her family seed box was special. Said to contain soil from Tintagel, the mysterious seat of the legendary King Arthur. Whomever made a wish upon the box would have ‘a beautiful garden, bountiful crops and love of their fellow man’. Lowena isn’t inclined to believe the myth but can’t part with the box, knowing how much it meant to her mum.
Starting over with a new home and a new job in the Cornish village of St Merryn, Lowena feels lost and alone… but she isn’t the only one. When a community of misfits find solace and friendship in the shade of her growing garden, she realises there might have been truth to the mythical box after all, and she may just be growing the life and love she’s always wanted…







Lola Jaye: The Attic Child



Genre Historical Fiction                                                                                            Publisher Macmillan                                                                                                  Format Hardback                                                                                                        April 28th 2022

Two children trapped in the same attic, almost a century apart, bound by a secret. A hauntingly powerful, emotionally charged and unique dual-narrative novel about family secrets, love and loss, identity and belonging, seen through the lens of Black British History.





Fay Keenan: New Beginnings at Roseford Hall

Romantic Fiction
ebook, paperback, audio
10th March 2022

Stella Simpson escapes to the country for a year. In the beautiful Somerset countryside, the restored Roseford Hall is ready for its grand opening. And as the writer in residence, Stella gets to see it all – from the hidden secrets of the Hall to befriending the Lord of the Manor himself.
At the other end of Roseford, single father, Chris Charlton is facing his own refurbishment woes. Rocked by a tragedy two years previously, his plans for crumbling Victorian wreck Halstead House are as stuck as he is. As Roseford Hall prepares to welcome a new era, and Halsted House’s future is under threat, Chris and Stella find themselves drawn to one another. Can they finally leave their pasts behind, and will Chris and Stella be able to embrace their new beginnings together – or apart…






Emily Kerr: Meet Me Under the Northern Lights


Romantic comedy
One More Chapter
3rd March

When a cleverly edited video of radio host Lucy Fairweather goes viral, she needs an escape. Where better than Wild Zone, a destination for people who want to experience the Arctic Circle? Owned by the gorgeous but brooding Tommi, Lucy agrees to help with the guests in return for her stay. Far from home and in a winter wonderland, will an encounter with the Northern Lights change her luck, in both life and love?






Natalie Kleinman: Love’s Legacy



Regency Romance
Sapere Books
9th March 2022

When her father dies suddenly, Patience is left with no home. In need of support, she is forced to seek out her estranged uncle, but the viscount too has died. In his place is his son, Gideon, and a decades old family rift!








Choc Lit UK
15th February 2022

Sometimes the most precious treasures exist in the most barren and inhospitable of places …
Harriet Montague is definitely too much of a gentlewoman to be frequenting the backstreet taverns of Algiers. But her father was kidnapped whilst on an expedition to the tomb of an ancient desert queen, and she’s on a mission to find the only person who could save him.
It’s unfortunate that Lucas Saintclair, the man Harriet hopes will rescue her father from scoundrels, is the biggest scoundrel of the lot. With a bribe in the form of a legendary pirate treasure map, securing his services is the easiest part – now Harriet must endure a treacherous journey through the desert accompanied by Saintclair’s band of ruffians. But on the long, hot Saharan nights, is it any wonder that her heart begins to thaw towards her guide – especially when she realises Lucas’s roguish façade conceals something she could never have expected?







Judy Leigh: A Year of Mr Maybes


Romantic comedy
Boldwood Books
Kindle, paperback, audio, hardback, large print.
29th March, 2022

Val didn’t expect to be starting again in her seventies. Settled into her new home, a fisherman’s cottage in the Cornish seaside town of Lowenstowe, she tries to find a plus-one to help her face her ex-husband and his new girlfriend at her son’s wedding. There are plenty of Mr Maybes, but no sign of Mr Right, and Val isn’t really sure if she needs one at all….







Jo Lovett: Just Friends




Contemporary romcom
ebook, paperback and audio (to be released later by WF Howes)
14 March 2022

Two exes. One wedding in Greece. No escape this time…







Carol MacLean: Jeannie’s War


Hera Books
e-book and paperback
24th March 2022

An emotional and romantic family saga set in WW2 Glasgow and the start of a captivating new series.









Catherine Miller: The Crash




Contemporary Literature
Paperback and Kindle

Two Hearts. Four People. One epic love story.







Arabella Sheen: Fleeting Encounters: Harriet



Erotic Regency Novella
February 2022

Can Miss Harriet Cornwall save her parents from financial ruin by forcing the Marquess of Wrexham into a loveless marriage? Or can she indulge her awakening need for passion in a fleeting encounter with Blake McCloud, a passing stranger? Dare she risk all and give in to her desire for sexual fulfilment?







Arabella Sheen: Fleeting Encounters: Lady Francesca


Erotic Regency Novella
February 2022

Lady Francesca has been recently widowed. And at the reading of the will, when it’s revealed her husband has gambled away part of the family’s estate, she realizes she must save Chapel Grange before it is lost. Penniless and desperate to survive, is Alexander Milton the answer to Francesca’s problem?








Arabella Sheen: Fleeting Encounters: Lord Redfield


Erotic Regency Novella
February 2022

A risqué regency romp enjoyed by both servants and masters as love and passion is discovered, above and below stairs, in his lordship’s household. As the weekend unfolds and the fun begins, a bevy of illicit encounters are enjoyed between maids, footmen, grooms, and guests, while his lordship inwardly struggles with the problem of finding a wife.







Arabella Sheen: Fleeting Encounters: Emma

Erotic Regency Novella
February 2022

A merchant’s daughter and a destitute nobleman. Can a marriage of convenience solve their problems? Mr. Aaron Trent, a gentleman of noble birth, returns to England fresh from the Napoleonic war only to find his estate, Windhurst Hall, has been pledged by his cousin at the gaming tables. In need of funds to buy back his home, is marriage to Miss Emma Brentry his solution?







Catherine Tinley: A Laird for the Governess


Regency romance
Mills & Boon
paperback and ebook
1st March 2022

A penniless governess…and the dour Laird of Ardmore.
Lydia Farnham must travel to a remote Scottish island to work for widower Alasdair MacDonald, who doesn’t trust her or her unconventional teaching methods! Yet as his daughter flourishes, so, too, does the intense connection between Lydia and Alasdair. Only she should know better than to fall for the handsome laird when it could leave her without a job, or a home…







Kate Thompson: The Little Wartime Library

Hodder & Stoughton
hardback February 2022
Clara Button is no ordinary librarian. While the world remains at war, in East London, Clara has created the country’s only underground library, built over the tracks in the disused Bethnal Green tube station. Down here a secret community thrives: with thousands of bunk beds, a nursery, a café and a theatre offering shelter, solace and escape from the bombs that fall above. Along with her glamorous best friend and library assistant Ruby Munroe, Clara ensures the library is the beating heart of life underground. But as the war drags on, the women’s determination to remain strong in the face of adversity is tested to the limits when it seems it may come at the price of keeping those closest to them alive. Based on true events, The Little Wartime Library is a gripping and heart-wrenching page-turner that remembers one of the greatest resistance stories of the war.







Joanna Toye: Wedding Bells for the Victory Girls



WW2 Saga
Harper Collins
Paperback, e-book, audio download
31st March 2022

WW2 is over but Lily, Gladys and Beryl still have struggles ahead… Lily’s wedded bliss looks short-lived, Gladys counts the cost of war and Beryl’s bridal business is in crisis in the sixth in the Shop Girls/Victory Girls series.







Linda Tyler: Summer Intrigue



Historical romance (Regency)
Ulverscroft (large print)
1st March 2022
At thirty-one, the country house party may be Lucy’s last chance of catching a husband. Not that she has any wish to do so, to the despair of her chaperone – until she meets the quietly powerful Captain Lambert, on leave from the Napoleonic Wars. Her keen eyes and sharp mind draw her into his dangerous mission to locate stolen top secret plans…as well as stormy emotional waters…






Linda Tyler: Sophie and the Marquess



Historical romance (Regency)
DC Thomson (My Weekly Pocket Novel)
3rd February 2022
Sophie is betrothed to Hugh, the Marquess of Southwood, but her heart belongs to her childhood sweetheart, Edmund. However, Edmund’s plans are not as romantic as she believes. Will Hugh save her reputation – and what about her heart…?







Sheila Riley compiles and presents New Releases every month. All are included in the RNA newsletter, sent to libraries across the country. Sheila writes heartwarming family sagas set in her hometown of Liverpool. Represented by Caroline Sheldon. Published by Boldwood Books.



The Mersey Mothers: Out on 19th April 2022.