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New Releases: March 2023

1 March 2023

New Releases: MARCH 2023


Louise Allen: A Rogue for the Dutiful Duchess

Historical romance
Harlequin Mills & Boon
Paperback & ebook
March 2023

The Duchess has a problem and Nicholas Pascoe’s a man who makes problems disappear… But what if her feelings for him become the problem? Who will help her then? She has so much to lose, he has so much to hide. Is there any hope for them?







Vicki Beeby: Hopeful Hearts for the Wrens


Canelo Saga
Ebook, paperback and audio
30 March 2023

Has Sally found love with Adam, the brother of a friend from home, or will she fall for Aldo, an Italian POW? And how will she and her friends respond when there is an attack on one of their fellow Wrens?







Jennifer Bibby: The Cornish Hideaway

Romantic Fiction
Simon and Schuster
30th March 2023

When Freya’s life in London collapses, she is invited to the sleepy Cornish village of Polcarrow. Freya needs time to focus on herself. But then dark and mysterious biker Angelo blows into town on a stormy afternoon, Freya’s plans of a romance-free summer fly straight out of the window…






Julia Boggio: Shooters

Romantic Comedy
Home By Midnight Publishing
Paperback: March 6 Digital: March 14

Stella wants to become a top wedding photographer, even if it means learning from the egotistical Connor. After an affair ended her last career, she knows better than to get close to him. Clashes lead to passion, but she struggles to frame a future with a man who distrusts ‘happily ever afters’. Can she teach him about real love before he disappears from the picture?






Jennifer Bohnet: Summer on the French Riviera


Women’s contemporary fiction
Boldwood Books Ltd.
E-book, paperback, hardback and audio
29th March 2023

A family reunited after a twenty-year estrangement, will discover secrets that change all their lives forever…







Philippa Carey: Our Lips are Sealed

Regency Romance
Large print paperback
February 2023

Francis, Viscount Hilton, is taking his two half-sisters to London, hoping to find them husbands. On their way, the girls defeat a pair of highwaymen, meet a couple of handsome young dragoon officers.
Francis is shot by a madman and their hostess, a young widow, whose husband was accidentally poisoned by his mistress.






Lucy Coleman: Summer at Green Valley Vineyard

Contemporary women’s fiction/romance
Embla Books
paperback and audio
20 March 2023

A beautiful vineyard. A new beginning. A summer that will change their lives forever…
Linzi arrived at Green Valley Vineyard nine years ago, in need of a fresh start. In the lush emerald countryside and ripening grapes, she finally has a place to call home. But the owner announces he is retiring, and his grandson is taking over. Elliot Montgomery arrives and he and Linzi find themselves in an uneasy alliance. Could more secrets bloom here among the twisting vines than they ever thought possible?






Kiley Dunbar: Something New at the Borrow a Bookshop

Contemporary Romantic Fiction
Canelo (Imprint: Hera Books)
eBook and Paperback
23 March 2023

Book 3
The Borrow-a-Bookshop is recovering from the winter flood, when temporary bookseller and ‘digital nomad’, Joy Foley, arrives in Clove Lore with her little girl Radia, who befriends Monty Bickleigh, ex-fisherman and new cook at the local pub. Tech expert, Joy, will be dragging the Bookshop into the twenty-first century. What no one knows is that she is running from Radia’s father. Joy can’t settle here. Moving on is how she stays safe. But despite herself, Joy grows closer to Monty, and the quirky community of Clove Lore.






Elaine Everest: The Woolworths Girl’s Promise

Historical WW1 Saga
Pan Macmillan
Paperback, Audio, eBook
16th March 2023

After losing her beloved fiancé at Ypres in 1917, seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Billington faces a lonely future. Estranged from her upper-class parents because of her association with Charlie Sayers and his working-class family, she spots an advertisement for a nearby job at Woolworths. Betty starts on a new and thrilling journey, starting at the bottom of the ladder in the well-known store.






R J Gould: Darren, Andrew and Mrs Hall

Romantic  Comedy                            Self-published                                  eBook and paperback                        29th March

A tale of two husbands, two wives, and the woman in between. Emma and Andrew move into the house of their dreams. Two doors away, Darren and Kelly are downsizing into their new home. The women hit it off. Meanwhile Andrew and Darren are at loggerheads. Emma and Kelly go to a spa retreat in the Scottish Highlands – their men feel abandoned and loyalty to their wives is tested when Mrs Hall moves in. But who exactly is this woman? The wives return to discover that a lot has changed. Will their marriages survive?






Liz Harris: Simla Mist



Historical Romance
Heywood Press
Paperback and ebook
1st March 2023

Simla 1932.
Time doesn’t always heal…







Lynn Johnson: The Potteries Girls on the Homefront

Historical Saga
Magna Large Print
1 March 2023

Betty’s life changes when she moves from working in-service to become a clippie on the trams. There are secrets she must keep from her new pals. As her young man fights in the Great War, Betty must fight battles of her own – on the Home Front.






Lizzie Lamb: Dark Highland Skies

Contemporary romance
Goldcrest Books
kindle and paperback
February 14th

Astrophysicist Halley Dunbar travels to Scotland to arrange her uncle’s funeral. There she meets the Laird’s son, Tor Strachan, who forces her to question her life choices. Will she be able to return to stargazing and leave behind a place and a man she’s come to love? Will Tor be able to confront his own demons and become the man Halley deserves?






Jo Lyons: Your Place or Mine?

Romantic Comedy
Gekko Press
Ebook and paperback
March 2023

Sparks fly when unlucky-in-love TV programme manager, Kitty, is hired to make sure filming runs smoothly for a new show starring her dangerously charismatic and charming ex-fiancé.
Will the heat of the Spanish sun, the sexy Latino music and the fruity cocktails persuade Kitty to give love a second chance? She really hopes not…







Phoebe MacLeod: An (Un)Romantic Comedy

Boldwood Books
14 March 2023

Poppy is a sex therapist. Her difficult family is ashamed of her job, but there’s no getting out of the compulsory week-long holiday in Cornwall for her sister’s wedding. Nothing could be less romantic, right? But can a nightmare holiday lead to the love of a lifetime?






Fenella J Miller: A Wartime Reunion at Goodwill House

Historical Fiction
1st March

With harvest approaching, land girl Daphne is busier than ever as she ploughs the fields and tends to the animals with her friends Sal and Charlie. All three girls enjoy the relative peace of Goodwill House… but war is never far away.






Margaret Mounsdon: The Dolphin Summer

People’s Friend Pocket Novel
March 2023

When Sarita Turin finds a faded photo amongst her mother’s effects, she sets out on a quest to trace her English grandmother.







Kim Nash: Hopeful Hearts at the Cornish Cove


Women’s Fiction
Boldwood Books
Ebook, Paperback, Audio
30th March 2023

A delightful story about community, friendship and having the courage to start over, perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Milly Johnson and Lucy Dillon






Lizzie Page: An Orphans Hope

Historical Fiction/Saga Series
E-book and Paperback
3rd March

Clara Newton has dedicated her life to taking care of orphans who have nobody else. But even though she has opened her heart to so many little ones, when brown-eyed war hero Ivor asks her to marry him, Clara is afraid to take a chance on love. Would married life prevent her from dedicating herself completely to her orphans?






Anni Rose: Recipe for Mr Ideal

Romantic Comedy
Choc Lit Publishing Ltd.
ebook and paperback

Registrar Maddie Winter has overseen enough weddings to know that marriage is not just for Christmas (or Valentine’s Day) – it’s for life, and regardless of whether the ceremony involves specially trained owls, dinosaurs or the police, it should be only the beginning of a story that will end in happily-ever-after.






Georgina Troy: Love Begins on the Boardwalk by the Sea

Contemporary Romance
Boldwood Books
Format: E-book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook
2nd March 2023

Bella sells antiques from her home, taking in two lodgers to help pay the rent. She has a secret crush on her best-friend’s brother, Jack, and if life wasn’t complicated enough, her estranged mother returns to the boardwalk the same evening that Jack’s ex-fiancée arrives determined to win him back.





Suzie Tullett: Love on the Run

Romantic comedy
Bloodhound Books
ebook and paperback
9th March 2023

Hannah’s ex-husband has the kids. Her calendar is gloriously blank. Until her BFFs push her to join them in a charity race. And her mum nags her to have Aunt Dorothy over for a visit. However, running is a challenge. Maybe Gabe, the nice-looking personal trainer, can help? Hannah struggles, but is determined. However, she is tripped up when she finds out Gabe has a shocking secret. Does this mean he is out of the running for a place in her heart?






Evonne Wareham: Masquerade on the Riviera

Romantic Suspense
28 March

Egyptian treasures on the English Riviera and mystery in glamorous Monaco. The theft of the ‘Cleopatra Necklace’, rumoured to be cursed, throws Egyptologist Dr Elliott Elwood, and enigmatic Maisie Norris together. Will attempting to retrieve the Necklace bring romance along with danger?






Bestselling saga writer Sheila Riley brings you an abundance of New Releases every month. Published by Boldwood Books, the first in her latest series, Finding Friends on Beamer Street is out now.