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New Releases@ November 2019

1 November 2019




Leah Mercer: The Puzzle of You

Women’s Fiction
ebook, paperback, audiobook
Lake Union
1 November


She’s woken up in a life she doesn’t recognise – with a daughter she doesn’t remember.





Carol Townend: The Princess’s Secret Longing

Medieval Romance
Paperback and eBook
Mills & Boon
1st November

Book 2 of Princesses of the Alhambra
‘I would like a child… Will you agree to father it?’
Princess Alba longs for a life away from her tyrannical Sultan father. She craves a happy family life of her own, away from the palace walls she’s been imprisoned in all her life. So when honourable Lord Inigo comes to her rescue she’s spellbound! The Spanish knight is betrothed to another, but could he be her only hope of realising her dream?



Louise Allen. Christine Merrill. Laura Martin: Snowbound Surrender

3 Christmas novellas
Historical romance
Paperback & ebook
Mills & Boon
1 November 2019

A lady in disgrace, the rake who she blames for it – and snowdrifts that trap them together for a Christmas that promises to be very awkward indeed. Can a cat with attitude, the arrival of a baby next door and well-meaning, interfering, neighbours turn a disaster into something else entirely?





Kate Johnson: Max Seventeen-Empire Of Dirt

Action Romance/SFF                                                                                            ebook & paperback
5th Nov

Charlie is running. From the stinking Theta Empire, from its cruel Emperor, and from a terrifying red-haired enforcer.
Max is tired of running. Not only does she have family to contend with, but she seems to be in charge of a brothel and deep into a serious relationship. Her days of carefree thieving, whoring and pirating seem to be flying away from her. Riley has stopped running. He’s left behind his old life, and he likes being a space pirate, and he loves Max. He can’t imagine anything coming between them—until Charlie turns up.
The starship Eurydice has given them a home, and freedom, and even family, but there’s a viper in the nest and new enemies rising in high places. With the deadly Firebrand still wreaking havoc across the galaxy, and old alliances being tested, can Max and Riley trust the crew any more? And worse, can they even trust each other?




Liz Eeles: A Christmas Wish And A Cranberry Kiss At The Cosy Kettle

Romantic comedy
Ebook and paperback
7th November 2019

Running from heartbreak, twenty-five-year-old Becca has moved to the cosy village of Honeyford. Living with her best friend Zac and serving mince pies and gingerbread lattes at the Cosy Kettle is the perfect escape from her past. But starting over isn’t always plain sailing, and Becca’s shyness is holding her back from making her mark on the café. To make matters worse, her crush on local heartthrob Logan gets stronger by the day – but he can barely remember her name. So as the snow starts to fall in Honeyford, Becca has one big Christmas wish: to completely reinvent herself. As she gets a makeover, cosies up to Logan over mulled wine and plans the most festive celebration the café has ever seen, Becca wonders why she waited so long to step out of her comfort zone. But she’s about to learn a heartbreaking lesson: be careful what you wish for.




Lesley Field: Dangerous Desire.

Historical Romance
MuseItUp Publishing
12th November 2019

A chance encounter when she was lost on the moors brought Hannah into the world of Nicholas, Duke of Trenton. Although she is still a child he is struck by her beauty, but before he is able to discover more she flees his home, leaving him with a sense of loss and a feeling that his life has been touched by something he has yet to understand. Some two years later, he comes upon his late-night visitor at a society ball. She is no longer a child but a beautiful young maiden in her first season. He is not intending to lose her a second time. But first, he needed to be rid of his current mistress, Lady Catherine Stanton. The liaison had long run its course, but he had continued the relationship more from habit than anything else. But Catherine is not one to be easily swept aside. Will marriage bring the happiness he desires, or will the scheming of his mistress tear the couple apart. And can Hannah forgive Nicholas for bringing back into her life the governess who had mistreated her so badly in her youth?




Amanda James: Dark Deception

Ebook and paperback
Bloodhound Books
13th of November

Kerensa and Leo are a happily married young couple who live in Cornwall. Leo works part time in London as an investment advisor to wealthy businessman, Paul Donaldson. The couple hope to start a family soon and life couldn’t be better. But Leo has been stealing from Paul and Paul isn’t the sort of man you steal from. When Leo realises that Paul knows what he’s done, he has no choice but to resort to drastic measures. Meanwhile, after discovering she is pregnant, Kerensa can’t wait for her husband to return home so she can share the news. But she soon discovers he’s gone missing. After receiving a threatening phone call from Paul, Kerensa realises how much trouble her family are in.
Just how far is Paul prepared to go to get revenge? And will Kerensa ever be happy or safe again?




Glenda Young: Pearl of Pit Lane

Saga set in 1919
November 14 2019

When her mother dies in childbirth, Pearl Edwards is left in the care of her aunt, Annie Grafton. Annie loves Pearl like her own daughter but it isn’t easy to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. Annie knows the best way to supplement their meagre income is to walk the pit lane at night, looking for men willing to pay for her company. As Pearl grows older she is unable to remain ignorant of Annie’s profession, despite her aunt’s attempts to shield her. But when Pearl finds herself unexpectedly without work and their landlord raises the rent, it becomes clear they have few choices left and Annie is forced to ask Pearl the unthinkable. Rather than submit to life on the pit lane, Pearl runs away. She has nothing and nowhere to go, but Pearl is determined to survive on her own terms… Look out for Glenda’s other compelling sagas, Belle of the Back Streets, The Tuppenny Child and The Girl with the Scarlet Ribbon.



Philippa Carey:The Missing Major

Historical Romance (WW1)
Amazon KDP
20th October 2019

It is just after the end of World War One and Major The Honourable James Westwood attends a reunion in Ipswich with other survivors. On his way back to his hotel, late at night, he is mugged and left in a pool of blood at the entrance to a Methodist chapel. He is discovered by the Methodist minister’s daughter Margaret, taken into their house and the doctor is called. James remains unconscious for two days and when he wakes up, they discover he has lost his memory, and as he was robbed of almost everything, they have no idea who he might be. Over the next few days, James and Margaret fall in love. James then regains his memory and realises he has a fiancée Anne at home, although he hasn’t been in love with her for ages.





romantic comedy
November 19th
Choc Lit UK
ebook and audio

A flick of a feather duster and a sprinkle of Christmas magic …
Cassie Bell is used to mess. Her cleaning business, Bluebell Cleaning, is well known in the Cumbrian village of Red Moss. However, now it’s almost Christmas and Cassie has a slightly messier situation to deal with than she’s used to. She’s been hired to help Stefan Lambert, an injured army helicopter pilot who’s staying at the local Belthorn Manor whilst he recovers. Stefan resents Cassie’s interference and is definitely not looking for Christmas cheer. But Cassie prides herself on sparkling surfaces – so, can she bring some festive sparkle to Stefan’s life too?

A gorgeous new Christmas story from the author of best- selling novel Little Pink Taxi




Lindsay Townsend: A Summer Bewitchment

Historical Romance
Prairie Rose Publications
Nov 21 2019



The Knight and the Witch Book Two
Can a knight and his witch save seven kidnapped maidens? Sir Magnus and Elfrida strive to find the girls, but at what cost to their marriage?




Susan Willis: Fun-Size Tales of Love & Family.

Ten Short Reads Collection
Not much time to read? Forgot your magazine?
15-minute reads on your lunch break or the journey home
From Angela arranging to meet her hubby at The Eiffel Tower, to Paul trying to win his ex-wife back with a Romantic Picnic, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these short reads. Find Annette in A Charity Shop discovering a locket and June struggling to understand Her New daughter-in-law. Carol has a spooky cat, called, Cordelia and a witch’s hat but will it stop Him Getting Married Today? Two Christmas stories find Ellen making A Christmas Album for her sister, and Marian rescuing The Christmas Angel.
There’s a love or family story for everyone





Angela Britnell: Christmas in Little Penhaven

Contemporary romance
Ebook and audio
Choc Lit
26 November 2019

Have yourself a little Cornish Christmas …
Wannabe author Jane Solomon is expecting an uneventful Christmas in her Cornish village of Little Penhaven. But then super fit American gym owner Hal Muir comes to town, and suddenly the holiday season looks set to be far more interesting. Hal is keen on embracing every British tradition on offer, from mince pies to Christmas pub quizzes – and perhaps some festive romance too …



Molly Green: A Sister’s Courage
Print, ebook and audio
Avon HarperCollins
28th November 2019

Lorraine ‘Raine’ Linfoot has always dreamed of becoming a pilot. As a spirited seventeen-year-old, she persuades her hero, Doug Williams, to teach her to fly. When war breaks out in 1939, Raine is determined to put her skills to good use. She enlists in the Air Transport Auxiliary, becoming one of the few brave female pilots ferrying fighter planes to the men on the front line.
Raine embraces the challenges of the job, despite its perils. But when Doug is reported missing after his Spitfire is shot down, she realises the war could tear apart not only her country but also her heart



Emma Jackson: A Mistletoe Miracle

Romantic Comedy
Orion Dash
24 November 2019

At the Everdene Hotel, snowflakes, romance and mayhem are in the air…
A cosy hotel in a sleepy, snow-covered village should be the perfect setting for a Christmas to remember… But for Beth, returning to her childhood home after a disastrous break-up looks more like a festive fiasco.
With her mum stranded in a blizzard and most of the hotel staff off sick, Beth is forced to take the reins, impress a mystery hotel reviewer, and somehow find a way to work with Nick, the very grumpy – and very gorgeous – pilot who is staying for the holidays. Between mince pie emergencies, deadly decorations, and two dozen disgruntled guests, Beth might just find a miracle under the mistletoe this Christmas…
Heartwarming and hilarious, this is the perfect festive romance to curl up with this winter. Perfect for fans of Heidi Swain and Sue Moorcroft.




Janice Preston: Christmas with his Wallflower Wife

Historical romance
Paperback and kindle
Mills and Boon
28 November 2019

A convenient bride
Can he be the groom she deserves?
Lord Alexander Beauchamp has protected Lady Jane Colebrooke since childhood. So seeing she’s about to be forced to wed, he steps in with a proposal of his own! But Alex underestimated the closeness that taking Jane as his bride demands— something he expected never to give. As Christmas approaches, he knows he must confront the dark secrets that shadow their marriage…




Christina Pishiris: Love Songs for Sceptics

romantic comedy
Simon & Schuster
28 November 2019

When she was a teenager, Zoë Frixos fell in love with Simon Baxter, her best friend and the boy next door. But his family moved to America before she could tell him how she felt and, like a scratched record, she’s never quite moved on. Now, almost twenty years later, Simon is heading back to London, newly single and as charming as ever . . . With Simon back, Zoë is determined to pluck up the courage to tell him how she feels, but as obstacles continue to get in her way – Jess, Simon’s perfect ex-girlfriend, Nick, an obnoxious publicist determined to ruin Zoë’s career, and family pressure around her brother’s big(ish) fat(ish) Greek wedding – Zoë begins to wonder whether, after all these years, she and Simon just aren’t meant to be. What if, instead, they’re forever destined to shuffle around their feelings for each other, never quite getting the steps right?




Rosemary Goodacre: Until We Meet Again

Historical WWI Saga
Hera Books
31 October 2019

The Great War drove them apart – but love kept them together
Summer 1914: Shy young woman, Amy Fletcher, lives a quiet life in Sussex. An office worker, she lives at home, along with her parents and spirited younger brother, Bertie. But her life is transformed when she meets handsome young man, Edmond Derwent, son of one of the wealthiest families in the small town of Larchbury, and student at Cambridge University. The couple are falling deeply in love when war breaks out and, eager to do his duty for England, Edmond signs up as an officer. The couple plan to be wed, eager to start a new life together – but their happiness is short-lived when Edmond is sent to Flanders to lead his men into battle. Amy trains as a VAD nurse and is soon sent to France, where she sees the true horror of war inflicted on the brave young men sent to fight. Separated by war, Edmond and Amy share their feelings through emotional letters sent from the front line. But when Edmond is critically wounded at Ypres, their love faces the biggest test of all – can their love stay strong while the world around them is crumbling?
A romantic, emotional saga set in WW1 – readers of Rosie Goodwin, Katie Flynn and Val Wood will be captivated by this story of love.



Jean Fullerton: The Rector’s Daughter

Corvus Books

Charlotte, daughter of Reverend Percival Hatton, has been content to follow the path laid out for her. Charlotte has an understanding with Captain Nicolas Paget – every inch the gentleman – who she expects someday to marry. But then she meets Josiah Martyn and everything changes… A driven and ambitious Cornish mining engineer, and the complete opposite to Captain Nicholas, Josiah has come to London to help build the first tunnel under the river Thames. When unpredictable events occur at the inauguration of the project, Josiah and Charlotte are suddenly thrown into an unexpected intimacy.
But not everyone is happy with Charlotte and Josiah growing closer. As friends turn to foes, will they be able to rewrite the stars and find their happy ever after, although all odds seem to be stacked against them…? Buying link.




Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead: The Captain’s Flirty Fireworks

short m/m romance

When a hunky fireman and a gorgeous gold medalist meet on Guy Fawkes Night, sparks are sure to fly!
For fireman Rob Monteagle, this Guy Fawkes Night seems like it’s going to be anything but fun. After all, who wants to spend the noisiest night of the year rattling a fundraising bucket at the village’s annual bonfire? The night isn’t looking any better for Ollie Tresham, Olympic showjumping gold medallist, yet he’s still expected to meet the public at his dad’s charity fireworks extravaganza. As the flames of the bonfire smolder, Rob and Ollie’s night is just getting started. And it’s sure to go with a bang!




Jeevani Charika: A Convenient Marriage
Women’s Fiction
Hera Books

It was the perfect marriage… until they fell in love.
Chaya is a young woman torn between her duty to family and her life in the UK. While her traditional Sri Lankan parents want her to settle down into marriage, Chaya has turned away the one true love of her life, Noah, terrified of their disapproval. Gimhana is hiding his sexuality from his family. It’s easy enough to pretend he’s straight when he lives half a world away in the UK. But it’s getting harder and harder to turn down the potential brides his parents keep finding for him. When Chaya and Gimhana meet, a marriage of convenience seems like the perfect solution to their problems. Together they have everything – friendship, stability and their parents’ approval. But when both Chaya and Gimhana find themselves falling in love outside of their marriage, they risk losing everything they’ve built together.




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