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New Releases: November 2020

2 November 2020



Louise Allen: A Marquis In Want of a Wife

Historical romance (Regency)
Harlequin Mills & Boon
Ebook and paperback
26 Nov 2020

Liberated Ladies, Book 3. A Marquis scarred by life, a lady in distress and a baby without a mother. It should have been a passionless marriage of mutual convenience until Prue has to make the hardest choice of her life between the child she has come to treasure as her own or the life of the husband who does not want her love.








Tracy Baines: Christmas with the Variety Girls

WW2 Saga
paperback, ebook and audio
Ebury Press
15th October 2020

Frances O’Leary has always dreamed of being a dancer. But after war is declared and the theatres begin to close, Frances and the variety girls must search for work elsewhere. However, Frances is hiding a secret. As far as her best friend Jessie knows, Frances is a young aunt who adores her niece, Imogen – but what she doesn’t know is that their relationship runs much deeper. Now, with the sweetheart who cruelly abandoned her returning to England, will her secret finally be revealed?…





Jill Barry: The Christmas Visitor
Historical Romance
Linford Romance – Ulverscroft
1st November 2020

Reluctant debutante Eleanor is horrified when her father invites disgraced nobleman Rupert to join the family Christmas house party. The pair meet by accident and though she finds him attractive, she’s dismayed to learn his identity. Rupert’s valet’s gentle scheming enhances Eleanor and Rupert’s dawning relationship and, upstairs and downstairs, romance blossoms – but can both his lordship and his valet make amends for past mistakes?





Rhoda S Baxter: Getting Published is Just the Beginning

Non-fiction (writers’ guides)
ebook and paperback
Self published
03 Nov 2020

Are you a un-agented author managing your own career. This easy-to-read guide to IP rights and common contract terms will empower you to take charge of your author career.






Cryssa Bazos: Betrayal

Historical Fiction Anthology
Historical Fictioneers
eBook, ePub
November 17, 2020

Betrayal. The calculated violation of trust, honour or love. Sometimes it’s from power, hunger or plain greed. Is there ever redemption? Twelve accomplished writers explore these historical yet timeless challenges from post-Roman Britain to the present day.






Josie Bonham: The Viscount’s Convenient Bride

Regency Romance
Pitcheroak Press
Kindle e-book and paperback
End of October.

Luke Bamford is struggling to step into his late father’s shoes as Viscount Enstone. Who exactly is the young ,female tenant of Shepley Hall and why is she there?









Sharon Booth: Christmas with Cary

Contemporary Romance
Green Ginger Publishing
2nd November 2020

You never forget your first love, but have Molly and Cary lost their final chance to be together? A cosy, festive story about hope, forgiveness, and never giving up on love – however long it takes.








AnneMarie Brear: The Tobacconist’s Wife


Lume Books
ebook and paperback
12th November 2020

Can Thea escape her misery and break from the conventions of society? Or will the clutches of her abusive husband confine her forever?







Angela Britnell: Christmas at Moonshine Hollow

Contemporary romance
Choc Lit
10 November 2020

Mistletoe and moonshine: a Christmas match made in heaven? Tennessee moonshine might be an acquired taste and the same could be said of workaholic distillery owner Cole Landon. When Jenna Pendean visits from Cornwall, will Cole’s cynicism about Christmas miracles be put to the test?







Sylvia Broady: Daughter Of The Sea
Historical Fiction
Magna Story Sound
October 2020

Jessica Kingdom’s father is dead, and her mother reveals a secret, leaving Jessica homeless.
She becomes a champion for women’s rights to keep their children from the dreaded orphanage.
Will she survive betrayal, heartbreak, and the secret she most solve to know who she truly is?







Liz Fielding: A Christmas Fairytale

Contemporary Romance
Harlequin Mills and Boon
Paperback, Digital
12 November 2020

Anthology of 3 Christmas Romances by
Liz Fielding, Scarlet Wilson and Amy Ruttan







Fiona Ford: A Christmas Wedding
12 November 2020

Widow Dot Hanson has staved off heartache to finally carve out the perfect life for herself, working amongst friends at Liberty’s department store and finding love with childhood sweetheart and Liberty’s manager, Edwin Button. But in spite of the life Dot has built for herself a terrible secret threatens to destroy all she holds dear. Can she save herself and those she loves as the bombs of wartime London continue to fall?






Jean Fullerton: A Ration Book Christmas Kiss.
5th Nov

When the local girls’ school gets bombed out in December of 1942, Michael Brogan and his friends are forced to share classes with the young ladies of Stepney Green. And when Michael meets Jane in one of those lessons, he knows it’s the best thing that has ever happened to him. He may only be 12, but he’ll love Jane forever. As the bombs rain down on London’s East End, Michael starts to wonder if he will ever get the chance to prove his love. Will this be the year he gets a Christmas kiss?





Morton S. Gray: Christmas at the Little Beach Cafe
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Choc Lit
17 November 2020

Five years ago at Christmas, solicitor Justin Sadler made the decision to leave his comfortable existence behind and move to the coast. Since then, he’s ignored the festive season and, as he sits in the little beach café and reflects on that fateful night when his life turned upside down, he expects his fifth Christmas alone to be no different to any of the others. But when he encounters a mystery woman on the beach, he realises he may have found a fellow runaway and kindred spirit – could Justin finally be ready to move on and let Christmas into his life again?






Linn B. Halton: Coming Home to Penvennan Cove

Women’s Contemporary
Aria Fiction
8 Oct 2020

When Kerra left the quiet Cornish town of Penvennan Cove for the bright lights of London she realised her dream, but now it’s time to head back. Family comes first but tackling home renovations, gossip and a flame from her past, it’s not quite the smooth transition she’d imagined!






Elizabeth Hawksley: The Belvedere Tower

October 5th, 2020

Cassandra Hampton, fleeing a violent husband, finds sanctuary in the derelict Belvedere Tower. Daniel Darke, a wealthy mill-owner, wants to move up in the world. Both have secrets – and Daniel wants Cassandra out of the tower. Nearby, the lovely Agnes Parslow eyes up Daniel and his money.






Emma Jackson: One Kiss Before Christmas

Romantic Comedy
Orion Dash
2nd November 2020

Ashleigh could use a little Christmas magic. She’s still living in Brighton with her Nan – who could give the Grinch lessons in how to be miserable – her acting career has been reduced to playing one of Santa’s elves, and not even the prospect of a friend’s winter wedding can cheer her up… That is until Olivier reappears in her life. Or more accurately, next door.






Sheila Turner Johnston: Healer of My Heart

Women’s contemporary fiction
25th November, 2020

A flawed and charismatic young man attacks the frozen layers of the woman who entrances him. Intense and riveting, this is the powerful story of two lives that collide on a relentless path from an unforgiving past to a future to be grasped… or lost.






Jan Jones: A Scholarly Application

Regency Romance
Large Print
Linford Romance
November 2020

When disgraced society bluestocking Lilith Fitzgilbert joins irascible antiquarian Edward Makepeace’s excavation of the Devil’s Ditch near Newmarket, neither of them expect to find a dead butler. Nor do they expect to fall in love. The third in the four-book Furze House Irregulars series.






Karen King: The Stranger in My Bed
Psychological Thriller
Ebook, print and audio
23rd November
Freya is about to leave her husband Phil when he is involved in a car crash. Phil wakes up from a coma having forgotten the past two years. But Freya remembers everything. Should she stay or should she go?








Lizzie Lamb: Harper’s Highland Fling
Romantic Comedy
Goldcrest Books
e-book and paperback
November 5th

Take a formidable headteacher used to having her own way, an equally stubborn hot single dad who thinks she needs a reality check, two runaway teenagers, a cast of eccentric secondary characters and a collection of vintage vehicles. Result? The road trip from hell – from Penzance to the Scottish Highlands. Buckle up for the ride of your life, it’s going to be a wild one.






Christina Lourens: The Calm I Seek


Inspirational Romance
Pheasant Hill Press
Paperback, eBook
26 November 2020

With love, betrayal and grief disrupting her peaceful life, Rebecca must decide whether to return to a life of solitude or fight for the happiness she deserves.







Jo Lovett: The First Time We Met

Rom com (contemporary)
kindle, paperback, audio
10th Nov 2020

What if you met The One on his wedding day? Izzy doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but when Sam walks into the cafe where she works, she knows without a doubt that he’s The One. Unfortunately, Sam’s getting married. Today. Eventually, their paths cross again when they’re both single, but now they have the Atlantic and decades of baggage between them. Are some obstacles too big for even true love to overcome?







Joanna Maitland: HIS CAVALRY LADY
Regency romance
ebook (Kindle only)
Joanna Maitland Independent
Published: 27 August 2020

The Aikenhead Honours Book 1. Dominic, Duke of Calder—rich, handsome, a power in the land. And a spy. During the 1814 celebrations for the defeat of Napoleon, Dominic is troubled by the memory of a mysterious lady who disappeared like smoke. And by his enigmatic friend Alexei, an officer on the Tsar’s staff. Following the Tsar and Alexei to Russia, will Dominic discover the answers to his puzzles?






Regency romance
ebook (Kindle only)
Joanna Maitland Independent
Published: 28 August 2020

The Aikenhead Honours Book 2. Lord Leo Aikenhead—playboy, rake, irresistible to women. Except one. Leading the British spies at the Congress of Vienna, Leo encounters a woman who is more than a match for him. But when he is forced to operate alone, will he risk everything to rescue the woman he loves?






Regency romance
ebook (Kindle only)
Joanna Maitland Independent
Published: 29 August 2020

The Aikenhead Honours Book 3. Lord Jack Aikenhead—charming, irresponsible, a gambler. Past redemption? After Napoleon’s return, Jack must travel through enemy France. Travelling alone is dangerous, but his only possible companion is a woman who is forbidden. Will he resist temptation? Will she?







Regency romance
ebook (Kindle only)
Joanna Maitland Independent
Published: 29 August 2020

The Aikenhead Honours Book 4 Ben Dexter—wounded, abandoned, a baron in disguise. In the enemy’s bed. Ben’s nurse is a beautiful silk-weaver whose caressing hands drive him wild. But she’s the enemy. He has a choice: duty, or desire. Will he dare to trust her with his life, his mission, and his heart?






Regency romance
ebook (Kindle only)
Joanna Maitland Independent
Published: 5 October 2020

Passion and peril in Regency London (Unsuitable Matches)
Major Hugo Stratton, a veteran scarred in body and soul. No fit husband for any gentlewoman? When heiress Emma Fitzwilliam is faced with ruin, only marriage can save her. Will Hugo propose? And could a marriage between them ever be made to work?







Joanna Maitland: Rakes Reward
Regency romance
ebook (Kindle only)
Joanna Maitland Independent
6 October 2020

Intrigue and vengeance in Regency London (Unsuitable Matches)
Kit Stratton, handsome playboy, notorious rake, has a score to settle against old Lady Luce who caused his disgrace. But the lady’s companion, Marina Beaumont, will suffer unless Kit relents. What reward will a rake demand in return for forgiving Lady Luce’s debt?







Jacquelyn Middleton: Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye


Contemporary Romance
Kirkwall Books
Paperback and ebook
November 26, 2020

Will her fling become his forever?
SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE is a sexy story of love, second chances, gratitude, and finding beauty in the broken and the forgotten.







Catherine Miller: The Missing Piece

Women’s Fiction
28th October 2020
Ebook and paperback

Broken Heart Syndrome: A sudden and acute form of heart failure, brought on by emotional or physical distress. Keisha is completing her PhD into broken heart syndrome. When she forms an unlikely friendship with case study number five, will either of them find a way to mend their broken hearts?







Mary B. Moore: Great Sass

Romantic Suspense
Amazon & KU
Ebook and paperback
November 17th, 2020

Family Ties Series Book 1. Lost after leaving the USCG, I’d made some bad choices that were coming back to bite me—and her. Even worse, they were putting her life at risk with someone from her own past.







Kathleen McGurl: The Forgotten Gift

dual timeline/historical
11th November 2020

What would you do to protect the ones you love? Secrets abound in both George’s story in 1861 and Cassie’s in 2019. Families are not always what you think they are…







Annie O’Neil: Miracle on Christmas Street
Holiday Romance
November 17th 2020

Jess Green arrives at her new home on Christmas Street and quickly realises that this will be a December to remember! As each house opens its door for wreath-making, gingerbread icing or carol singing, Jess is swept up in the holiday cheer. Every house, that is, except for No. 24, home to the cantakerous Mr Winters. But when disaster strikes, can Jess pull off a festive miracle – and make her own Christmas wish come true?





Nicola Pryce: A Cornish Betrothal

Paperback ebook and audio ( Dec 1st)
Atlantic Books
November 5th

Four years after her fiancé, Midshipman Edmund Melville, was presumed dead Amelia Carew has mended her heart and fallen in love with a young physician, Luke Bohenna. She is about to start a new life with him until she receives a letter telling her Edmund Melville may still be alive.






Suzie Tullett: Holly’s Christmas Countdown
Romantic Comedy
Bloodhound Books
Kindle and paperback
23rd November 2020

With her love life and Christmas holiday plans in tatters, Holly has a chance encounter with a handsome stranger, Fin, who provides the perfect solution to her problems. But there is more to Fin than meets the eye. Holly’s Christmas Countdown is a feel good romantic comedy, perfect to curl up with on those cold winter nights.




Jules Wake: The Saturday Morning Park Run
Contemporary Romance
One More Chapter
November 26, 2020

Two women. One old, one young. One looking for new adventures. One looking for a purpose.
Both needing a friend. And this is how, they bring the whole community together every Saturday morning for love, laughter and a little bit of running… (well, power walking). Some people come into your life when you need them the most.






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