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New Releases: November 2022

28 October 2022


Celia Anderson: Coming Home to Mistletoe Cottage

Romantic Fiction
Harper Collins
ebook, paperback, and audio
October 27th 2022

Amid the salt marshes and rolling fields of Periwinkle Bay, Magda Conway is enjoying her retirement in ivy-clad Mistletoe Cottage. Yet with three weeks to go until Christmas, as the fairy lights twinkle and the trees go up around the village, her peace is disrupted when she’s left in sole charge of her two mischievous grandchildren. Before long, she’s at her wit’s end – but high on a kitchen shelf lies her mother’s handwritten recipe book. And as she turns to it for advice, she finds more than just recipes between its tattered covers: there’s a pinch of magic too, and maybe even a sprinkling of love . . .






Sandy Barker:The Christmas Trip

Travel Romcom.
One More Chapter (HarperCollins UK)
epub (print Dec 8)
November 10

Another year has passed and it’s Christmas again. Best friends Chloe, Jules and Lucy are all loved up but living worlds apart. When Archer’s plan to whisk Chloe to Paris goes awry, he surprises her by bringing her friends together for a Christmas to remember… in Hawaii!





Sylvia Broady: Orphans Of War

Joffe Books
14th November 2022

A gripping, emotional, wartime saga. Charlotte, losing her home, volunteers to care for a group of traumatised French orphans and meets Emile, a French officer with a tragedy in his past. As she also has family secrets to uncover, will Charlotte and Emile have a chance of happiness together?






Susan Buchanan: Just One Day – Autumn

Contemporary Romance
Susan Buchanan

Pregnant Louisa is just getting back on track when life throws her another curveball. Now, it’s not a case of how she’ll get through her to-do lists, but how she’ll manage being a mum again. No one seems to understand. How will she run her company, be a partner in a new venture, look after her three kids and handle a newborn? And why does everyone think this will be easy? Except her.






P.A. DePaul: Deadly Mountain Treasure

Inspirational Suspense
Digital and paperback
November 29, 2022

Nicole Witten didn’t expect to inherit trouble along with her late uncle’s property. But after digging up an ancient sword in her garden, she becomes part of a decades-old heist—and the target of a dangerous thief. Now trapped in the Poconos with her dog, Waffles, Nicole must partner with Detective Troy Hollenbeck to survive the perils of the mountain…if the killer doesn’t catch them first.





Liz Harris: In A Far Place



Historical Romance
Heywood Press
Paperback and ebook
15th November

How much would you give up to follow your dreams?






Suzie Hull: Far Across The Ocean

Historical Romance
Orion Dash
November 17th 2022

The answers to her past and present lie…far across the ocean.

December 1913. Clara Thornton won’t allow being jilted at the altar to squash her spirit, and travels to Madagascar to learn more about the tragic shipwreck that took the lives of her missionary family, and marked her forever. Escorted abroad by Xavier Mourain, they clash, but Clara is drawn to the mysterious Frenchman who helps her unravel the mystery that has haunted her. As their love blossoms, war begins. And the world will never be the same.





Dawn Knox: The Pearl of Aphrodite – Book 5: Lady Amelia Saga

Historical saga
Paperback and eBook
1st November 2022

In 1890, three-year-old Charlotte Jackson is transported with her convict mother from London to Sydney. Twenty-one years later, Charlotte is offered the chance of a new life in London. On the perilous voyage, she falls for handsome Alexander Melford. Fate throws them together. But the deceit of those they trust threatens to tear them apart.






Kathleen McGurl: The Girl with the Emerald Flag

Dual timeline/historical
Ebook and audio (paperback to follow)
11th November

In 1916 Gráinne joins the Irish republicans to fight for independence for her country, a battle that will test her loyalties to the limit as Dublin burns. In 1998, student Nicky uncovers startling facts about her great-grandmother’s part in the rebellion which help her determine her own path through life.






Sheila Riley: Finding Friends on Beamer Street

Historical/Family Saga
Boldwood Books
All Formats

1921. Mary Jane Starling is carrying Paddy Redfern’s baby, but their secret wedding in a rural Irish church ends in tragedy when Paddy is brutally murdered. His twin, Red, takes Mary Jane to Liverpool, fearing reprisals. However, Mary Jane discovers Red is not the good samaritan he purports to be.






Georgina Troy: A Secret Escape to Sunshine Island

Contemporary Romance
Boldwood Books
Audio, Hardcover, Paperback
17 November 2022

Popstar Matteo Stanford escapes to the sunshine island to secretly film his latest music video. Within moments of landing, the location is leaked to the press and his video plans might be over before they start. Casey Norman suggests a setting and is soon embroiled in the chaos of life and love with a superstar.







Fenella J Miller: The Land Girls at Goodwill House

Historical Fiction/Romance
2nd November

As Autumn approaches, Lady Joanna Harcourt is preparing for new guests at Goodwill House – land girls, Sally, Daphne and Charlie. Sally, a feisty blonde from the East End, has never seen a cow before, but she’s desperate to escape London and her horrible ex, Dennis. And although the hours are long and the work hard, Sal quickly becomes good friends with the other girls’ Daphne and Charlie and enjoys life at Goodwill House.






Evelyn Orange: The Woman In The Castle

Romantic Suspense                                                                                                           My Weekly Pocket Novels
D.C.Thompson                                                                                                              Paperback                                                                                                                          10th NOVEMBER 2022
Malory’s doing her dream job, restoring a collection of paintings in a Swiss castle owned by a young, handsome businessman. Then a young Canadian appears, looking for his missing sister, drawing her into danger, love, and stirring up her past along with the secret of the woman in the castle.






Victoria Walker: Hideaway in Iceland

Contemporary Romance
Ever After Books
Paperback and eBook
1st November 2022

When PR executive, Anna Mortimer finds her career in tatters, she accepts a well-timed invitation to visit her friend in Iceland. Pop star Ned Nokes leaves the most popular band in the world to go it alone, seeking solitude in Reykjavik while he decides what to do next.






Lesley Field: Dangerous Encounter. 4: Duchess in Danger series

Historical Romance
Lesley Field through WildMoosePublications.
Independently published, e-book and paperback
28th November 2022

Lord Philip Greyson, Duke of Cranwich, is trapped in a situation whilst trying to help his best friend, Lord Edward Standish. Marriage to his friend’s sister was not what he wanted. A hasty marriage desired by neither of them led to rash decisions. A trip to Italy, a liaison which was his salvation, or maybe his downfall. Returning to England and to the fury of his wife, proved a challenge. A catalogue of misunderstandings, frustration, and jealousy lead to near tragedy. Would either of them confess their love for the other?






Helen Yendall: The Highland Girls at War

Historical fiction/Saga/Romance
HQ (Harper Collins)
e-book – paperback out 22nd Dec 2022.
4th November 2022

Scotland, 1942.
The Lumberjills, the newest recruits in the Women’s Timber Corps, arrive in the Scottish Highlands to a hostile reception from doubtful locals. The young women are determined to prove them wrong and serve their country, but they’re also all looking for something more. Can the Lumberjills get through their struggles together, even when tragedy strikes?



Sheila Riley brings NEW RELEASES from the Romantic Novelists Association every month. The huge selection of romance, in all forms and genres, is just waiting to be devoured, and this month she is delighted to add her own novel to the list. Finding Friends on Beamer Street is the first book in a brand new series, out on 16th November.

Happy reading!