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New Releases: October 2020

2 October 2020



Merryn Allingham: Caribbean Evil

Romantic Suspense
The Verrall Press
Paperback and E book
8 October, 2020

Nancy Tremayne has landed the job of her dreams in London, but this is 1955 and her husband, Leo, has a project in the Caribbean and expects her to travel with him. Reluctantly, she packs her suitcase and, arriving on the island, witnesses a brutal attack on a defenceless young man. There is worse to come. When a murder occurs, Nancy, along with her husband’s assistant, Archie, discover the very darkest side of the island. Together, they are forced to confront a terrifying situation —and, at the same time, find their lives have become dangerously entangled.






Elizabeth Bailey: A Trace of Memory

Self published
ebook and paperback
16 October 2020


Waking in an alien place with no memory of how she got there or who she is, “Elaine” turns thankfully to Charles for rescue. Will his cynical suspicion prove it is all an act keep their growing attraction at bay? Or will the truth itself prove the more potent barrier?






Sandy Barker: The Christmas Swap

Romantic comedy
One More Chapter (HarperCollins)
October 16

Christmas is coming and best friends Chloe, Jules, and Lucy are needing change… so swapping homes for the holidays could be the perfect present for all of them! Australian Chloe spends her Christmas in a sleepy village in Oxfordshire, England. Lucy, who has jetted off to snowy Colorado for her dream-come-true white Christmas, is taken into the fold of Jules’s loud and brash family, and Jules leaves the cold climes of Colorado to spend her Christmas on a beach with Chloe’s friends in Melbourne.






Vicki Beeby: Christmas with the Ops Room Girls

Canelo Saga
Ebook and paperback
24th September 2020

Braving the Blitz, defending evacuee siblings, playing the lead in a pantomime… May is desperate to help but is held back by her own insecurities. With her low self-esteem also affecting her relationship with Squadron Leader Peter Travis, May is fed up with being her own worst enemy and decides to take charge of her destiny. But the past she ran from, plus a crisis with one of the evacuees, throw May into the midst of a drama that will test all of her newfound confidence. May, Jess and Evie must work together once again to help each other through the challenges of war and of their own hearts.




Terri Brisbin: Tempted By Her Viking Enemy

Historical romance
print and ebook
print 27/10/2020, ebook 29/10/2020


The only person who can help Katla flee a violent marriage is the Viking in her father’s dungeon, the strong and honorable Brandt Sigurdsson. Except Brandt is hungry to see justice done for his family’s destruction, the final vengeance on behalf of all the sons of Sigurd. Is there any persuasion she can offer that will free them both to live–and love–together?



Philippa Carey: The Best Gift For Christmas

Regency Romance
Idyllic Books UK
1st October

It is almost Christmas 1813.Two small girls are bored, lonely, and travelling to their grandmother’s house for Christmas.
Their father is a widower, barely able to walk after fighting Napoleon. Their nursemaid is not very bright. Their governess has no enthusiasm or imagination.
What they really want for Christmas is …







Philippa Carey: The Captain and his Nurse

WW1 Romance
Idyllic Books UK
Hardback isbn 9781913477202
19th September



It is 1918 and the Great War is ending. Ben is badly wounded, and sent to an auxiliary hospital in England.
Laura is at a loose end. Looking for some new purpose, she volunteers at the local wartime hospital, where she is put in charge of a severely wounded officer.






Sophie Claire: A Winter’s Dream

Contemporary romance
Hodder & Stoughton
paperback, ebook & audibook
1st October

Liberty feels her life is stuck in a rut – so she challenges herself to say yes to everything for the month of December. Her first ‘yes’ is to take in a lodger: fearless French motorbike racer, Alex. When they’re snowed in together sparks fly. But perhaps they help each other find what it takes to be brave this Christmas…







Lesley Cookman: Murder on the Edge

Mystery Series
ebook audio paperback

Super-sleuth Libby Sergeant is back with her most puzzling case yet. Coling Hardcastle has arranged for two men to meet and discuss the sale of a house. But when Nick Nash, the owner of the property, doesn’t show. Colin cannot begin to imagine the events he has set in motion.






Catherine Curzon and Eleanor Harkstead: How to Make the Perfect Man

m/m paranormal romcom
27th October


Love isn’t science, it’s alchemy. Needing a date for the hottest Hallowe’en party in town, scientist Aubrey Waldegrave sets to work creating his perfect man. Alchemist Trismegistus Nimlet can turn anything into gold, but is Tris really about to lose the chap he secretly loves to a manmade surfer dude who’s more flash than Frankenstein?



Tanith Davenport: Spiritwalker

Paranormal erotic romance
Totally Bound
20th October

Tamar Steele, a successful medium and paranormal investigator, is suffering from a psychic blockage which is causing stress in her relationship with boyfriend Jason. But when she picks up on the victim of a murder during an investigation, she must rebuild their passion as they work together – can she find the killer in time?





Helena Dixon: Murder on the Dance Floor

cosy mystery
28th October 2020


When a dinner guest drops dead from cyanide poisoning Kitty and Matt are thrust into a world of murder and corruption. A fast, fun and utterly unputdownable Golden Age cozy mystery, perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, T E Kinsey and Lee Strauss.







Liz Fielding: Christmas Reunion in Paris

Contemporary Romance
Mills and Boon
Paperback, eBook
1 October 2020



Take a couple of teenagers, an unexpected pregnancy and a horrified and controlling father who tear them apart. Ten years on they meet by chance and everything has changed.







Clare Flynn: A Painter in Penang

Cranbrook Press
ebook (print and audio following in November)
6th October 2020

Jasmine Barrington returns to stay on the island of Penang in British colonial Malaya, where she was born. But this is 1948 and communist insurgents are embarking on a reign of terror in what becomes the Malayan Emergency. Jasmine unearths a shocking secret as her own life is put in danger. A dramatic coming of age story, set against the backdrop of civil war.







Katie Ginger: Winter Wishes at Swallowtail Bay

HQ Digital
7 October 2020

Christmas and romance are in the air and Nell is obsessed! She can’t stop watching her favourite Christmas romcoms and dreaming of the day when she meets her own romantic hero, especially as she is hosting the first ever wedding at her small hotel, Holly Lodge. Can the magic of Christmas help two old friends save Holly Lodge and open Nell’s eyes to a love that was always there the whole time?






Linn B. Halton: Coming Home to Penvennan Cove

Women’s Contemporary
Aria Fiction
8 Oct 2020


When Kerra left the quiet Cornish town of Penvennan Cove for the bright lights of London she realised her dream but now it’s time to head back. Family comes first but tackling home renovations, gossip and a flame from her past, it’s not quite the smooth transition she’d imagined!






Liz Harris: The Flame Within

Historical romance
Heywood Press
Ebook and paperback
1st October, 2020

The story of Thomas and Alice Linford. Thomas Linford—the man Alice still loves, but through her own stupidity, has lost. The man for whom she’s left the small Lancashire town in which she was born to come down to London again. The man she’s determined to fight for.
The Flame Within is Book 2 of The Linford Series, but it’s a stand-alone and is complete in itself.






Caroline James: Boomerville at Ballymegille

Romantic Fiction
The Publish Hub Ltd
Ebook & Paperback
6th October 2020


Boomerville is back! Join Hattie and Jo as they head to Southern Ireland to open Boomerville Manor, a holiday retreat for guests of ‘a certain age’. Set in the beautiful Irish countryside, ‘Boomerville at Ballymegille’ is a heart-warming story of friendship, fears and new beginnings.







Ella Matthews: Under the Warrior’s Protection

Historical Romance
Mills & Boon
Ebook and paperback
27th October 2020

With their family name in tatters, Katherine Leofric heads for a new life at their brother’s estate, escorted by the hardened Jarin, Earl of Borwyn, who Katherine believes is only after her dowry! Until her sister is abducted on the treacherous journey, and Katherine must rely on Jarin’s protection. Now, seeing a different side to the man she swore to hate, it’s her heart that’s most at risk!







Evelyn Orange: Mediterranean Mystery

Romantic Suspense
Linford Romance (Ulverscroft)
Large Print Paperback
1st October 2020
Cover available on release (I will email it if I get it in the next few days)

Leda unexpectedly finds herself companion to her great aunt on a Mediterranean Cruise. Surprisingly, it’s not as boring as she had imagined. In addition to Aunt Ronnie’s lively company, there are ports of call to explore, not to mention a handsome ship’s officer paying her attention, and intriguing fellow passenger Nick who’s hiding something. Add into the mix a mystery on board ship, and it becomes a voyage with unforseen consequences.



Bella Osborne: One Family Christmas

Romantic Comedy
ebook, paperback and audiobook
Avon, HarperCollins
15th October 2020

A big family. A whole lot of secrets. A Christmas to remember… Lottie is hosting one last family Christmas at the home she grew up in – just like her Nana would have wanted. But when her relatives descend on the old manor house, Lottie gets more than she bargained for. Every family has its secrets, but in this family, everybody has one!
So, between cooking a Christmas dinner, keeping tensions at bay and a stray dog out of mischief, she has plenty on her plate (and not just misshapen sausage rolls and a frozen turkey). And then her first love shows up – nine years after he walked out of her life.
Can Lottie make their last family Christmas one to remember… for the right reasons?






Christina Pishiris: Love Songs for Sceptics

Romantic comedy
Simon & Schuster UK
1 October, 2020

When she was a teenager, Zoë Frixos fell in love with Simon Baxter, her best friend and the boy next door. But his family moved to America before she could tell him how she felt and, like a scratched record, she’s never quite moved on. Now, almost twenty years later, Simon is heading back to London, newly single and as charming as ever.






Arabella Sheen: A Gentleman in Love

Beachwalk Press Inc.
ebook Publication
September 2020

A Christmas wedding and a growing passion. Will a political scandal destroy their love? Desperate to exonerate her family name of any wrongdoing, Shelby Chesterfield gate-crashes the Foreign Office Christmas party to ask her father’s accuser for help. When Ambassador Samuel Hardwick refuses to cooperate, Shelby is determined to ruin his diplomatic career any way she can, and a chance to do so arrives sooner than she expected. Can Shelby and Sam work together to achieve their goals, or is their winter romance fated to fail before it’s begun?






Susie Tate: Anything but Easy

Contemporary Romantic comedy
Ebook and paperback                                                                                                  self published,                                                                                                  audiobook published by Findaway
13th September 2020



An opposites attract contemporary romance. Kira Murphy, a sexual health doctor with a foul mouth, pink streaks in her hair, and a bizarre world view, meets Barclay Lucas, straight-laced, conservative cabinet minister.







Samantha Tonge: The Winter We Met

Contemporary Romance
Aria Fiction
8th October 2020

The residents of Willow Court care home are distraught when they receive bad news that also threatens their cherished yearly Christmas party. Toy shop manager Jess is determined to see her grandmother through the crisis, with the help of flatmate Oliver and new friend Nik, an enigmatic man she met on an aeroplane. Could a chance encounter in the air really lead to a Christmas miracle?






Alan C. Williams: Firestorm

Drama Romance
Linford Romance

1973: Debra Winters has started a new life for herself as a teacher in a small Australian outback town. Given the responsibility of updating the school’s fire protocol, she is thrown together with volunteer firefighter Robbie Sanderson, and there’s a spark of attraction between them. Meanwhile, things are heating up: it’s bushfire season, and there’s an arsonist on the loose. Debra and Robbie find themselves in danger. Will their relationship flicker out – or will they set each other’s worlds alight?



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