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New Releases: October 2021

1 October 2021



Donna Ashcroft: Christmas in the Scottish Highlands

Women’s Fiction
eBook and POD
11 October

When seventy-six-year-old Edina Lachlan compiles a Christmas list, school teacher Belle Albany decides to make all her dreams come true. But she hasn’t counted on the interference of Edina’s cynical grandson, Jack Hamilton-Kirk, who disapproves of everything on the list, from pink hair and tattoos to his estranged mother being invited to stay in the family pile, Evergreen Castle. Between them, they have to contend with a Christmas nativity, a mistrustful cat, and a wandering donkey–not to mention, an unwanted attraction to each other.







Ruby Basu: The Twelve Wishes of Christmas


Romantic Fiction
HQ Digital/Harper Collins
13 October 2021

Sharmila inherits the chance to experience a small-town American Christmas but she needs to complete items on a festive wish list to get her full inheritance. Zach must stop her if he wants to keep his family’s legacy. As they spend time together amongst the twinkling town lights and fallen snow, they learn to open up their hearts to the close-knit community and each other.








Sarah Bennett:Christmas Surprises at Mermaids Point (Book 3)



Contemporary Romance
Boldwood Books
Ebook, Audio, Paperback
22 October 2021

Unwrap and enjoy this bite-sized Christmas treat from bestselling author Sarah Bennett. The perfect stocking-filler! Christmas is a time for love, laughter, families and friends, and in Mermaids Point, everyone is getting ready for the festive season. Join old friends and find out more about new characters in this feel-good novella.







Christie Barlow: Love Heart Lane



RomCom                                                                                                                ebook, box set                                                                                                      HarperCollins UK – One More Chapter                                                          31st October.

The box set of the first three novels in Christie Barlow’s bestselling Love Heart Lane series, including a bonus Christmas short story! Love Heart Lane–where friends are there for you no matter what










AnneMarie Brear: Beyond the Distant Hills


Historical saga
AnneMarie Brear
kindle and paperback
1st October

Will Ellen rise and build an empire for her children? Or will she lose all that she has struggled to achieve?









Lottie Cardew: A Christmas Wish on a Carousel


Romantic comedy/women’s fiction
Cloverdilli House Press
4th October 2021

After Cara makes a wish on a carousel at a Christmas market, is the magic of the festive season really behind her small, safe life spinning alarmingly out of control? Juggling the attentions of two men, a mischievous Pomeranian, match-making friends, and a capricious ex-employer, Cara finds the wisdom of an elderly lady with a bright pink beret strangely pertinent…







Katrina Coll: A Match Made for TV

Contemporary Romance
Evernight Publishing
eBook and POD
16th September 2021

A celeb with a secret. A doctor with a dilemma. Faking they’re in love makes for good tv. But whose heart will break when the show’s over?








Elaine Everest: The Patchwork Girls


Historical Saga
Pan Macmillan
14th October

1939. After the sudden and tragic loss of her husband, Helen is returning home to her mother’s house in Biggin Hill, Kent – the one place she vowed never to go back to again. Alone and not knowing where to turn, Helen finds herself joining the local woman’s sewing group despite being hopeless with a needle and thread.These resourceful women can not only make do and mend, but their friendship mends something deeper in Helen







Suzanne Fortin: All That We Have Lost


Historical fiction dual timeline
Aria Fiction
21 October 2021

A beautiful and devastating dual timeline novel that spans from occupied France in WW2 to the war-ravaged chateau in 2019. It follows the stories of flutist, Simone Varon who, despite what the villagers believed, secretly helped the local resistance group, and that of Imogen Wren who restores the chateau and is determined to uncover the truth, setting the ghosts of the past to rest.







Katie Ginger: The Perfect Christmas Gift

Romantic Comedy
HQ Digital
22 October 2021

Bella is counting down the days to Christmas until she arrives home to find her boyfriend leaving her for another woman. Determined to fix Christmas, and her broken heart, Bella launches a Christmas giving tree for the whole village, where the community can secretly give the presents they truly need with help from next door neighbour and single dad, Nick. But is their budding romance over before it’s begun, or will love be Nick and Bella’s perfect gift this Christmas?







Eva Glyn: The Missing Pieces of Us



Contemporary romance
One More Chapter
16th October

When Izzie and Robin meet again twenty years after their brief affair they discover their memories of it are completely different. But who is right? And how can they build a future when their past is built on quicksand?






Linn B. Halton: Making Waves at Penvennan Cove



Women’s fiction
Aria, Head of Zeus
14 October 2021

For once, things are going well for thirty-year-old Kerra Shaw. She is helping small businesses in the local community, is within a few minutes walk of all the people she loves best, and she has finally got together with her childhood sweetheart, Ross. But Kerra knows secrets don’t stay hidden for long in a community like Penvennan Cove. Set in picturesque Cornwall. Book 2










Historical romantic fiction
Heywood Press
ebook and paperback
1st. October, 2021


An intriguing tale of love, malice and lies, set in the shadow of the Himalayas in 1930, during the time of the British Raj.








Elizabeth Hawksley: The Hartfield Inheritance


4th October, 2021


Old Julian Hartfield reluctantly leaves his estate to his cousin, Rowland, whose Radical views he detests, on condition that Rowland marries his granddaughter Merab Hartfield. But Rowland’s affections are elsewhere, and Merab can’t stand his disdainful treatment of herself…







Jenni Keer: The Secrets of Hawthorn Place



Women’s commercial fiction dual timeline
Ebook, paperback and audiobook
Headline Accent
14th October 2021

Two houses, hundreds of miles apart, yet connected always. The story of Victorian architect, Percy Gladwell, who designs a beautiful Arts and Crafts house for a woman he loves but can never have, and present day Molly, who uncovers his astonishing secret over a hundred years later.







Karen King: The Best Christmas Ever

ebook, and paperback.
7 October

Lexi Forde is looking forward to the first Christmas with her boyfriend, Ben. Her brother is visiting from Canada with his family. They’ll all be spending Christmas at her parents’ house in Devon. Lexi surprises Ben at work and discovers he’s having an affair. Devastated, she travels to Devon alone. But when she arrives, Lexi discovers the council won’t allow the Christmas tree to be decorated this year; it’s too dangerous. Desperate to save their family tradition. Can she save the tree and mend her broken heart for Christmas?







Natalie Kleinman: When Only Pride Remains


Regency Romance
Sapere Books
12th October 2021

When tragedy strikes, Prudence Fairham loses not just her home but the life she’s always known. Determined to make her own way, she finally finds her mission in life – but that means frequent interaction with Captain Jack Staveley, once her dearest friend but now distanced from her. Will the fulfilment of one compensate for the pain of the other?






Lizzie Lane: Fire and Fury for the Tobacco Girls.

Digital, paperback, audio, hardback.
28th of September

The third book in the series. The clouds of war grow bleaker both at home and abroad. Maisie and Bridget become voluntary ambulance drivers. Bridget’s heart is torn between family and Lyndon O’Neill. Phyllis has joined the WAAF serving on the island of Malta suffering food shortages, continuous air raids and the fear that tomorrow may never come.







Jo Lovett: The Mistletoe Pact


Rom com/ contemporary romance
ebook and paperback
1st October 2021

Evie and Dan wake up in Vegas on Evie’s thirtieth birthday and realise that last night they followed through on their Christmas marriage pact from eight years before, and got married. They’re both horrified. Things will be okay after a quickie divorce, though, surely. Except moving on is easier said than done when you’ve secretly loved each other forever…






Sue Martin: Where there’s a Will

People’s Friend
28th October 2021

When Sir Henry Watson dies, he intends Morgan Cross, his trusty steward, to buy Marshall’s estate. But Morgan can only take on the estate with the allowance of eldest daughter Miss Elizabeth Watson. As the two have secretly loved each other for years, their ‘marriage of convenience’ is the perfect outcome. But when a devastating fire robs brother Edward of his own estate and his career in the navy, he returns home to contest the will. Can Morgan and Elizabeth overcome their shyness and admit their true feelings or must they part forever?







Jacquelyn Middleton: The Certainty of Chance


Christmas romance, contemporary romance
Kirkwall Books
paperback and ebook
October 14, 2021

Madeleine Joy is feeling more than merry. When an Icelandic volcano erupts before Christmas canceling all flights, she’s left stranded in London with Julian Halliwell, a holiday-loving black cab driver who won’t shut up about carollers and tinsel. Despite being an unlikely match, fate seems determined to throw them together in this heartwarming Christmas story of love, loss, serendipity, and the belief that what’s meant for you won’t pass you by.







Fenella J Miller: The Officer Girl in Blue


Aria Zeus
16th October

London, 1942: Charlotte Fenimore hadn’t planned to fall deeply in love with an irascible detective called Dan Chalmers, a severely wounded hero of Dunkirk who believed no woman would ever look at him again. In a time of war, with danger around every corner, how can their relationship survive?








Ruby Moone: The Schoolmaster’ Spy

Regency Romance (LGBTQ)                                                                                    E-Book                                                                                                                          Self Published                                                                                                              21.10.21

Mark Dexter was the one pupil that schoolmaster Felix Brook never forgot. Ten years later, he’s back and the wild, vibrant boy has become an intensely attractive man who, beneath the veneer of sophistication, hasn’t changed. Felix takes a chance only to find that things are not what they seem, and is plunged into a world filled with spies, passion, and betrayal.






Janice Preston: The Penniless Debutante


Historical romance
Paperback and ebook
Mills & Boon
28th October

Almost destitute when she inherits a fortune!
The will that sees Aurelia Croome become wealthy forbids her from marrying the new Lord Tregowan. That wouldn’t be a concern if the only man to catch Aurelia’s eye during her first Season wasn’t Maximillian Penrose— Lord Tregowan! Why is it that no one else has Max’s honour, wit or tantalizing good looks? The spectre of being poor haunts her—but the thought of sacrificing passion for comfort is just as terrifying!








Anne Stenhouse: A Maid and a Man

Historical Pocket Novel
DC Thomson
28th October 2021

Tabby Royce, trained as an apothecary by her late papa, is turned out after his death, by her brother and his wife. She must find work to survive. This leads her to Edinburgh, where she becomes embroiled in the activities of a medical household where the master and his steward, CAL MORRISON, are anatomists. Is there room in Cal’s heart for the passion of a more romantic kind than the drawing of autopsy subjects?”







Kathy Strobos: Partner Pursuit

romantic comedy/women’s fiction
Indie-published Strawbundle Publishing
ebook and paperback

Workaholic lawyer Audrey Willems is not going to take any chances with her bid to become a partner at her New York law firm—especially with only six months until the decision. Until she bumps into Jake— a fun-loving music marketing executive who might just be The One. When a workaholic lawyer meets a fun-loving music marketing executive for opposites-attract-friends-to-lovers adventures, which partnership will she choose?







Susan Willis: The Man Who Loved Women

Ebook & Paperback
Amazon- self-published

It’s a different Christmas for Tom Shepherd when he meets Ellie and starts an affair. Led into the world of fiction, he learns to write and hopes to form a new career. His long-suffering wife, Anne, cooks Christmas lunch, but he’s in a dilemma. Not wanting to disappoint Ellie and keep everyone happy, can Tom eat two Christmas lunches on the same day? When Anne discovers his infidelity, and he writes his autobiography, he faces dark demons from his past. This is a huge turning point in his life where past relationships make him question his own character. Tom wants to reform and become a better man, but can he succeed?







Jenny Worstall: Perfectly in Tune


Historical romance
Independently published
August 2021

Music is the food of love, so two musicians should be the perfect match – but Flora can’t forget her ex and Joe has dreams of fame and fortune. Add to the mix a jealous nun who isn’t all she seems, plus an intense wartime romance, and you’re in for a rough ride before sweet harmony triumphs.







Jenny Worstall: Allegra


true love romance
Independently published
September 2021

Dazzlingly talented violinist Allegra is traveling to Spain for a concert when she bumps into the last person on earth she wants to see, her ex-fiancé Zack.
There’s plenty of drama, including a stolen violin, secrets from the past, mysterious photos, and an unexploded World War Two bomb before Allegra finds her happy ever after.







Leigh Wyndford: Bachelor on Mars


Sci if romance
September 28


She’s a mechanical engineer undercover as a contestant. He’s a geologist trying to keep his research station afloat. Then comes the alien invasion…







Glenda Young: The Miner’s Lass

October 28, 2021


Set in 1919 in a northeast pit village. A life of poverty is all that seventeen-year-old Ruby Dinsdale has known. When charming miner Gordon arrives, it seems happiness is on the horizon, until Ruby uncovers a deeper betrayal than she could ever have imagined.







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