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New Releases: October 2023

29 September 2023

Sophie Claire: This Christmas In Paris

Contemporary Romance
Hodder & Stoughton
12 October 2023

When Carys is offered the chance to run a French café in Paris, she leaps at the chance.Then she meets journalist, Mat, and it feels like the start of something special. But they’re both keeping secrets, one of which could be devastating . . . Can they open their hearts to one another – and maybe even find love, in time for Christmas?






Elena Collins: The Daughter of the Fens

Dual timeline/ historical/ spooky
Boldwood Books
Kindle, paperback, audio, hardback, large print.
2nd Oct, 2023

Hanna, in Norfolk after working abroad for years. Her teenage dreams about the Iceni warrior woman leading her people return. Iceni slave, Brea, remembering little of the time before the Romans grew used to their indulgent customs and longs for freedom.. Diligently going about her duties looking after Aurelia, wife-to-be of the handsome war hero Marcellus, Brea’s desire to find her lost father is never far from her mind.






Victoria Cornwall: The Paris Affair

Historical WW2 Romance
Choc Lit
Kindle, paperback
14th November, 2023

Charlotte accepts a mysterious invitation from the War Office. Soon she finds herself in Nazi-occupied Paris, working alongside a handsome Frenchman, Pierre Lesieur. But danger is closer than she thinks. They have taught her how to defend herself from the enemy, but can she protect her heart …






Sue Cook: The Apothecary’s Daughter

Historical romance
DC Thomson: The People’s Friend
pocket novel

1790s: West Yorkshire: Amelia’s husband sells their apothecary shop and disappears with the proceeds, leaving her to fight off competition from the handsome new doctor and a ruthless chemist, to survive. But will she find love along the way?






Elle Cook: The Last Train Home

Women’s Fiction / Romance
Ebook (Paperback and audio book November 9th)
October 5th 2023

On the last train home, you expect to find standing space only. You never expect to find love. Abbie and Tom cross paths, travelling home after a night out. Their connection is unmistakable. What they don’t know is that moments later, a sudden event will change them forever. One that will bring them together. But also tears them apart.
A lot can happen in seven seconds. A lot can happen in seven years.
Can they find their way back to each other?






Elaine Everest: Celebrations for the Woolworths Girls

Genre, Historical fiction/saga
Pan Macmillan
Paperback, Audio, eBook
12th October 2023

As Coronation Day for young Queen Elizabeth II approaches, the girls from Woolworths celebrate friendship, family and overcoming anything that life can throw at them … At The Erith Store there is a new temporary Manager, and Sarah is getting more than a little concerned by problems he seems to create. The whole mess is enough to make her resign. Ruby is extremely worried about her friend Vera… Then there is Freda…






R J Gould: The American Woman

Contemporary Romance
eBook (Amazon) and paperback (FeedaRead)

Stand-alone novel in the ‘At the Dream Café’ series.
Jennifer’s dream of becoming a Hollywood star is shattered. Then she meets Gareth, an IT consultant, while working at Giulio’s Diner in a less desirable area of Los Angeles. The attractive, outgoing girl from Idaho and the shy, good looker from Wales. When Gareth’s work dries up, Jennifer follows him to Britain. But she discovers she’s been told a pack of lies? Now living alone in Muswell Hill, Jennifer, a regular at the popular Dream Café, finds it impossible to cast aside the wonderful memories of her time with Gareth. Should she give him the second chance he so desperately wants?






Juliet Greenwood: The Last Train from Paris

Historical Fiction
Storm Publishing
Paperback, ebook and audiobook
23rd October 2023

In her mother’s Cornwall cottage, Iris uncovers the past hidden in an old tin of letters. But its secrets are more intricate and tangled than she could ever have imagined…
1939. Paris, France. A young woman is about to commit a terrible betrayal…







Kate Hardy: The Body at Rookery Barn

Cosy crime/romance
Ebook and paperback
24 Oct 2023

When widowed photographer Georgina Drake discovers a dead body in her holiday cottage, she also hears a woman’s voice in her hearing aids – and ends up investigating a mystery from the past and trying to clear her name. Not to mention meeting Darcyalike DI Colin Bradshaw…






Elisabeth J. Hobbes: The Promise Tree

romantic fantasy historical
One More Chapter
ebook and print
06/10 for ebook 12/10 for print

Edwin Hope’s childhood climb in a forbidden sycamore results in an unexpected encounter, a broken arm, and banishment from his grandfather’s household. Summoned back in 1913, he meets a woman he half remembers, who claims to be the spirit of the tree. Can love bloom and survive when two worlds collide?






Christina Hollis: Royal Passion

Contemporary Romance
The Cyclamen Press
24th October 2023

While Leo wrestles with a royal secret, and Sara looks forward to career success, they fall passionately in love. Then disaster tears them apart. Will Leo accept his destiny? Can Sara really turn her back on him? Dive into Royal Passion, where ambition and love clash on a Greek island.







Emma Jackson: Witch You Weren’t Here

Paranormal romance
Orion Fiction
eBook, paperback and audiobook

One hurricane. Two stranded witches. Sparks fly…
Kay knows three things to be true: a witch who cannot control their power is dangerous. She needs to make it home for her brother’s wedding. And Harry Ashworth is the last person she ever wants to see…







Eva Jordan: Only You

Romance Literary Fiction/ Literary Saga
Bloodhound Books
Kindle Ebook and Paperback
9th October 2023

They fell in love decades ago and dreamed of a big future together. Then Ben broke Leora’s heart and they went their separate ways. Now, years later, their worlds are about to collide in a way they never imagined, and Ben and Leora are about to discover whether true love really can endure.






Jenni Keer: No. 23 Burlington Square

Historical romance/alternate timelines
Boldwood Books
Ebook, paperback, hardback and audiobook
Published 31st October

An historical sliding doors. London, 1927. Will Agnes Humphries let her first-floor rooms to her spirited niece, Clara who is hiding a secret? Stephen, the sensible, church-going banker who seems too good to be true? Or timid war-widow Mercy who is clearly running from something – or someone…






Karen King: The Retreat

Psychological Thriller
ebook, paperback and audiobook
13 October 2023

Relaxation. Recovery. Revenge…
My partner José and I have dreamed of this moment. Opening our perfect home in the mountains of southern Spain to its first guests for a few days of relaxation. We’ve worked hard for this. I’ve started over. Begun a new life. This place is my escape from everything that happened before. I recognise a guest Saskia, my best friend, before she betrayed me. She’s sorry, but can I forgive her? Then I discover our water fountain stained red. The note revealing a terrible secret. Saskia swears she didn’t do it. But someone knows the truth?






Kate Kenzie: A Blend of Magic

Paranormal/witch romance
Mythic Alley
ebook and paperback
31st Oct 2023

A festive contemporary romantic novel set in Whitby. A witch discovers she can not live on tea and potions alone. Along with a meddling cat and ghosts, and a teenage apprentice with her own agenda, can she face her dark past to find the love she deserves?






J.S. Lark: Her Last Lie

Psychological Suspense
Bloodhound Books
Ebook and Print.
23 October 2023

A twisting tale of guilt, motherhood, and murder…
When the body of Jen’s teenage son, Eli, is found at the edge of a lake, her shock and grief are overwhelming—as is the activity of police investigation swirling around her. The guilt she feels, not being home the night her child was killed, weighs heavily on Jen’s heart. Will Jen catch the killer of her beloved son while protecting those around her?






Leonie Mack: Snow Days With You

Contemporary Romance
Boldwood Books
ebook, paperback, hardback, audio
20 October 2023

When Luna discovers she is the beneficiary of a stranger’s life insurance policy, she travels to Chamonix to investigate. But she finds a lot more than she bargains for in the mountains – family secrets, a blossoming romance with a mountain rescue officer and her own sense of adventure.






Sue Moorcroft: The Christmas Love Letters

Romantic Fiction
Avon, HarperCollins
Paperback, ebook and audio
26th of October 2023

The love letters were only the start of the story…
One snowy night, Maddy’s husband Adey disappears from her life. Six years on, a handsome stranger Raff turns up with long-forgotten love letters and family secrets. Then Maddy receives a mysterious message. Is her past as distant as she thought?






Phoebe MacLeod: Never Ever Getting back Together

Boldwood Books
eBook/Kindle/Paperback/Hardback/Large Print/Audio
26 October 2023

Everyone remembers their first love. Jess Thomas definitely does. So it’s more than a little awkward when her first love turns out to be the best man at the wedding she’s catering for. Since Jamie broke her heart 10 years earlier, Jess has sworn off romance. But when her car breaks down on a country lane, she has no choice but to accept his help. Can she forgive Jamie, though?






Sheila Norton: One Week in Winter

Women’s fiction/ Cosy romance
Amazon KDP
Kindle and paperback
5 October 2023

Julia and Lauren are sisters, but definitely not best friends! Spending a week together in a cottage on Dartmoor, in the middle of winter, seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Can they stop arguing for long enough to find peace with each other, and perhaps even a little bit of magic?






Bella Osborne: The Perfect Christmas Village

Romantic Comedy
Aria, Head of Zeus
eBook, audiobook and paperback
20th October 2023

Tis the season…. for a Christmas cynic to have his frozen heart melted. Blythe is one sale from being Estate Agent of the Month, so she twists the truth to sell a cottage. Sam doesn’t know he’s bought a cottage in the most Christmassy village in the country. And if there’s one thing Sam loathes, it’s Christmas.






Emily Royal: Lyon of the Ton

Historical Romance
e:book and paperback
11th October 2023

Divided by betrayal…United by need…Redeemed by love.
Lady Betty Grey must enter a hasty marriage of convenience to save her reputation – but the bridegroom is the man who broke her heart thirty years ago.
A second-chance steamy Regency romance between an older couple.






KD Sherrinford: Meet Me in Milan

historical romantic mystery,
Extasy Books
29th of September.
book 3 in the Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler romantic mysteries

Irene Adler finds herself having to play detective when her friend Renata becomes the prime suspect in the attempted murder of her husband. When Sherlock arrives on the scene, he agrees to help with her investigation, but in doing so, they open up a can of worms in their quest for the truth,





Ali Simpson: The Matchmaker, the Milliner and the Man from Maastricht

warm-hearted, contemporary romance
Paperback and eBook
28th October 2023

When Anna Peel travels to Africa, she makes unexpected friends with precocious 10-year old Henry Sissonga, and Grace Nkomo, founder of Mwabonwa school, but can she balance her commitment to the empowerment of the village women with her growing affection for teacher Dann Huismann, scarred by war and personal tragedy, who clearly doesn’t reciprocate her feelings.






Suzanne Snow: Starting over at Halesmere House

Contemporary Romance
eBook and paperback
19th October 2023

Alice is mending her heart through horticulture at the Flower Shed studio in Halesmere after her marriage ended. She’s not seeking romance with tree surgeon Zac. But as Christmas approaches, will the magic of Halesmere bring love for two people starting over?







L.H.STACEY: THE FAKE DATE (rereleased)

Boldwood Books
Ebook, Paperback, Audio, Hardback, Large Print
18th October

Nine hours and eleven minutes …
That’s how long it’s been since Ella Hope is left for dead. Unable to move and praying for somebody to find her, she counts down the minutes and wonders who could have hated her so much to have hurt her so badly. Was it the man she went on a date with the previous evening, the man linked to the deaths of two other women? Or somebody else, somebody who wants her out of the picture so much they’re willing to kill? Whoever it is, they will pay.
All Ella has to do first is survive. . .






Catherine Tinley: Miss Rose and the Vexing Viscount

Regency Romance
Mills & Boon
paperback and ebook. Hardback to follow.
26 October 2023

Book One of The Triplet Orphans series.

An unsuitable match for the Viscount And not just because she vexes him! Bookworm Rose Lennox has no interest in making her debut—she’s only in London to discover the truth of her parentage. Her sponsor’s nephew James, Viscount Ashbourne, is equally cynical about the marriage mart, yet they still rile each other every time they speak! The sparks of animosity soon become flames of attraction, but Rose’s unknown past means she can never be a viscount’s wife…



Sheila Riley, brings you NEW RELEASES every month. Bestselling author of heart warming family sagas with a touch of Liverpool dockside grit, Sheila is published by Boldwood Books and is currently working on her second novel in the Beamer Street series published in spring 2024.                                                    

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