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New Releases: September

1 September 2020



Jan Baynham: Her Sister’s Secret

Ruby Fiction
15th September 2020

It’s 1966 when the contents of an inconspicuous brown envelope turn the world of Jennifer Howells upside down. The discovery of a secret that fractured the family in 1947 leaves her spiralling, unsure who she is. First, she travels to Cardiff and then to Sicily to find answers and discover her true identity.





AnneMarie Brear: Beneath a Stormy Sky

Historical Saga
Large Print
1 Sept 2020



Surviving a shipwreck was the least of her problems.







Rachel Brimble: A Widow’s Vow

Historical Saga
Aria Fiction
September 10th


1851 – From grieving wife to madam…
When Louisa Hill’s husband is found hanged in a Bath hotel room, the debt collectors come calling. All too soon, Louisa realises she has no choice but to return to the ways of her old life…





Vivien Brown: Be Careful What You Wish For

Domestic drama/suspense
One More Chapter
26 September
Two strangers. Two very different lives…
Veteran stage actress Madi needs to get away from her lonely London life and has the strongest sense she is being watched. Young photographer Prue, is publicly humiliated in her small village. Swapping homes for a month seems the perfect escape for both women. Will changing places solve their problems? Or will happiness come at a dangerous price?





Lucy Coleman: Christmas at Lock Keeper’s Cottage

Romance/women’s contemporary
Boldwood Books
ebook, paperback, audio
3 September 2020
Boldwood Books

Enjoy a dreamy Cotswolds Christmas full of snowflakes and secrets, log fires, mistletoe, and much-loved traditions. Immi Tolliman lives with her grandfather in a picturesque lock-keeper’s cottage by the Asbury marina. Jump aboard the Santa Ahoy Special for a festive boat ride along the canal!





Tania Crosse: The Gunpowder Girl

Joffe Books
E-book & paperback
16 September 2020

Dartmoor 1875. Rose is devoted to only one man, her father, manager at the remote gunpowder mills on the moor. When their circumstances change dramatically, there is only one way to hold the family together. When Rose sacrifices her happiness at terrible cost, solace comes from an impossible source.






Tania Crosse: The Quarry Girl

Joffe Books
ebook & paperback
16 September 2020

Living at the remote quarry hamlet of Foggintor high up on Dartmoor, Ling is destined to marry her steady but unambitious childhood sweetheart, quarryman Barney. Then the new Princetown Railway steams its way up onto the moor, and Ling’s horizons expand – plus she meets a handsome young doctor and her world will be torn apart.





Tania Crosse: The Railway Girl

Joffe Books
ebook & paperback
16 September 2020
When times on the land are lean, in an effort to support himself and his daughter, farm labourer Emmanuel comes to Devon’s Tavistock to find work on the new railway being built through the town. But life does not go smoothly and events spiral out of control until his daughter finds herself on the brink of despair as her loved ones are snatched from her, leaving her to face the vicious actions of a mad woman.





Kiley Dunbar: One Winter’s Night

Romantic Comedy
Hera Books
Ebook and Paperback
17 September 2020


Return to Stratford-upon-Avon for a winter full of adventure, romance and family drama. Kelsey is navigating a long-distance love-affair, Mirren’s swearing off men, and Christmas is coming to Shakespeare’s hometown. There’s mystery, new neighbours, and a show-stopping theatrical procession.





Elaine Everest: Christmas with the Teashop Girls

WW2 Historical Saga
Pan Macmillan
3rd September (hardback) 15th October (paperback, audio, eBook)

It is late 1940, and the war feels closer to home than ever for Rose Neville and her staff at Lyon’s Teashop in Margate. The worry of rationing hangs overhead as the Nippies do their best to provide a happy smile and a hot cup of tea for their customers. With the start of the Blitz and the arrival of her mysterious half-sister, will Rose’s life ever be the same again?





Jen Gilroy: A Wish in Irish Falls

Contemporary Heartwarming Romance
Soul Mate Publishing
16 Sept 2020

When you wish on a wishing tree, you don’t always get what you want. If you’re very lucky, you get something even better… With a bit of wishing tree magic, can two grieving people face their biggest fears and open their hearts to each other to find a new beginning in small town Irish Falls?





Lynn Johnson: The Girl From the Workhouse

Ulverscroft/Magna – audio (date – 1 August 2020)
Hera/Canelo – Paperback (17 September 2020)


Even in the darkest of times, Ginnie never gives up. Separated from everybody she knows, she quickly learns good things are always followed by bad. An emotional, nostalgic saga set during WW1, it will make you smile while tugging at your heart-strings. A Joan Hessayon Award 2020 contender.





Jane Lovering: The Country Escape

Romantic Comedy
Boldwood Books
01 September

Katie and her 14-year-old daughter move into their ramshackle cottage on the Dorset coast. With funds running low, the prospect of a cold winter in the country is daunting. But then there’s Gabriel, a mysterious pony, and a past horror to consider. Can they make a new life?





Leonie Mack: My Christmas Number One

Contemporary romance/romantic comedy
Boldwood Books
Ebook, paperback, audiobook, large print
10 September 2020


A serious British pop singer and a flirty Latin music star are forced to record a Christmas single together. They have different attitudes to everything – music, life, Christmas – but as the candles are lit and Christmas works its magic, they discover they have more in common than they realised.





Jessica Redland: Starry Skies Over The Chocolate Pot Café

Contemporary romance
Boldwood Books
eBook (all platforms), Audio, Paperback, Large Print
8th September 2020

For Tara Porter, owner of The Chocolate Pot cafe, Christmas is the most difficult time of the year. A successful businesswoman and pillar of the community, but behind closed doors, Tara is lonely. With a lifetime of secrets, she retreated from friends, family and romance, shutting her real self away. As the weight of her past grows heavier, someone moves onto the street who could threaten the future of her cafe and Tara realises it is time to let people back in and confront her history. It could change her life forever.





Emily Royal: What the Hart Wants

Historical Romance
Dragonblade Publishing
ebook (paperback to follow)
29 September 2020

Five lessons in pleasure. One lesson in love. When Highlander Fraser MacGregor unexpectedly inherits a dukedom, he travels to London, where he’s knocked unconscious by a feisty bluestocking. Debutante Delilah Hart believes the aristocracy to be degenerate and has no wish to marry a lord. But when a maddeningly handsome duke offers to teach her the art of pleasure in exchange for learning about her charitable causes – how can she refuse?





Suzanne Snow: The Cottage of New Beginnings

Contemporary Romance
eBook format only
3rd September


When Annie returns to Thorndale, she’s looking for a new start. All she wants to do is fix up her cottage and her broken heart, until she clashes with distractingly handsome local hero, Jon, and realises avoiding him is proving impossible.





Evonne Wareham: A Wedding on the Riviera

Romantic Suspense
22 September


Attending a wedding should be a time for celebration. Nadine Wells and Ryan Calder find it is anything but that when the groom absconds with a large amount of cash. Will the plans of a group of friends to track the man down give Nadine and Ryan the chance at their own happy ever after?





Kitty Wilson: The Cornish Village School – Christmas Wishes

Romantic comedy
Canelo Escape

A festive, feel-good romance. It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Penmenna… Alice has sworn off men and is busy organising the school Nativity with the help of the village vicar, Dan, who is happy to help. Then, his beloved Granny is about to become homeless, the church choir has disintegrated and he’s battling dark demons from his past. With meddling grannies and PTA wars, can Alice and Dan overcome their past hurts to move forward? Will they spend Christmas as friends… or something more?



Sheila Riley is the author of The Mersey Girls, published by Boldwood Books. Represented by Felicity Trew at the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency, Sheila has been a member of the RNA since 2003 and collects the New Releases every month.