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New Releases: September 2022

1 September 2022



Jennifer Bohnet: Making Waves at River View Cottage

Women’s Contemporary
Boldwood Books
All formats
September 2022

Cassie Lewis, a widow for 20 years, has more on her mind than her fast-approaching 50th birthday. Not only is her daughter about to set off for a round-the-world sailing race, but unexpectedly, two men in her life are keen to be more than friends with her. Cassie knows she has some big decisions to make but will the worry over Polly’s safe return cloud her judgement?




AnneMarie Brear: The Soldier’s Daughter



Historical saga
Boldwood Books
All Formats: 8th September 2022


Evie knows she must do her duty. But in doing so faces the unbearable future of being without the man she loves.






Kat Chant: God of Summer

Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press
Paperback and Digital
12th September 2022


Back in the Bronze Age, Angus McCraggan sacrificed his life to break the Celtic curse laid on his kind. He failed. Millennia later, he returns to modern Ireland to find his people have become feral, vengeful shadows. With his hollow hill now packed with tourists, he uses his power to keep his past hidden. Until an American calls him out.





Lucy Coleman: Christmas at The Highland Flower Shop

Contemporary women’s fiction/romance                        Embla Books
e-format, paperback, and audio
20 September 2022                                                              Four months. One impossible task. It’s time to save Christmas. Bella Reed takes over The Highland Flower Shop from her Aunt Jane, but is dealt a massive blow. They’re being evicted. When Maverick McIntyre turns up he has no intention of honouring a deal his father made years ago. As Maverick and Bella lock horns, they strike up the most unexpected of friendships. Bella knows her head and heart are saying different things. But Bella won’t let anyone down. The town is counting on her to save Christmas.







Rachel Dove: Someone Like You                                                                               

Romance                                                                            HQ Digital/Stories
21st September 2022

One broken marriage. One broken heart. One chance to meet someone new. Hannah leaves her unhappy marriage with her beloved daughter Ava to start afresh. Planning to keep a low profile, far away from her violent ex-husband. However, Andrew Brody, a police officer with a strict moral code, knows something’s wrong and wants to help. But Hannah pushes him away. Hannah, trying to ignore Brody, is drawn to his caring, kind, and patient nature. He’s nothing like the man she’s running from. Can Hannah put her past behind her and open her heart to someone new?





Lynn Johnson: The Potteries Girls on the Home Front

Historical Saga, WW1
September 2022


Betty Dean has a dreadful secret, which she must keep from her Tram Girl pals and from her soldier friend, Duncan Kennedy. If word gets out, it could destroy her life.





Jenni Keer: The Legacy of Halesham Hall

Gothic historical dual timeline
Headline Accent
eBook, paperback, and audiobook
Thursday 15th September

1890. Sidney and Leonard Bellingham are taught by their bitter father to trust no one but themselves. On his deathbed, the series of twisted games they are forced to play decides who inherits the family board game company. 1920. Phoebe Bellingham arrives at Halesham Hall determined to claim back the Bellingham inheritance, but the stakes are much higher than she imagined…




Skye MacKinnon: Vikingr


Science Fiction Romance
Peryton Press
Ebook, paperback
6th September 2022

Steff runs a dating agency matching human women with alien men, but she didn’t expect to be abducted by an alien Viking herself. He’s wild, loud, and has never heard of table manners. Maybe he’ll let her go if she finds him another bride…







Skye MacKinnon: Drengr


Science Fiction Romance
Peryton Press
Ebook, paperback
27th September 2022

After the loss of his betrothed, battle-scarred warrior Errik has locked his heart away. All he wants to do is be the fearless, emotionless Vikingr he trained to be. He never wants to love again – until he meets Holly, who knows the pain of loss. But is that shared experience enough to bring them together?






Clare Marchant: The Mapmaker’s Daughter


Dual Timeline Historical
1st September

When Robyn discovers a blood-stained Tudor map, she investigates. But delving into the mystery, she finds herself caught up in a centuries-old secret.
In 1569 mapmaker Freida’s talent catches the eye of Queen Elizabeth. She embarks on a deadly mission, the consequences of which will echo down the ages…






Elizabeth McGintY: Half Moon Ranch

Linford Romance                                                              Ulverscroft
Large Print Soft Cover

Ashley Lang is settled with her life as a writer in LA, until she discovers her grandfather has left her his estate, Half Moon Ranch, in Denver. Ashley has to decide where her future lies, and handsome Levi, who cares for her grandfather’s horse Stargazer adds further complication. With the future of the estate in danger, can Ashley save the Ranch, and at what cost?






Lilac Mills: The Cosy Travelling Christmas Shop


Romantic Comedy
ebook and paperback
1st September 2022


While bringing joy to others, can two Christmas helpers also find some for themselves? An uplifting and inspiring festive romance.








Pauley J Ray: A Little More Trust

Contemporary MM Romance
NineStar Press
eBook and paperback
6th September 2022

When Ethan sets eyes on his shy painter, he has to have him. But after a bad breakup, Nate wants nothing to do with his handsome client, until Ethan offers him an intriguing proposition… A short-term, no-strings sex agreement, without the messy emotions… It’s the perfect arrangement for them both, until those messy emotions start messing with their hearts.







Jessica Redland: Christmas Miracles at Hedgehog Hollow

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Boldwood Books
All formats: 6th September 2022.                          Audio: 20th September 2022

It’s the countdown to Christmas at the wildlife rescue centre, and everyone is anticipating a festive season to remember… Samantha and Josh prepare for their first baby, but they have unexpected challenges to overcome. Fizz’s dream job is at the heart of the rescue centre, but her personal life is a nightmare. As the snow falls over Hedgehog Hollow, will Samantha and Fizz find the Christmas miracle they need to overcome heartache and find happiness?





Kate Ryder: into a Cornish Wind

Embla Books
eBook and Audiobook

Kat Maddox decides it’s time for a fresh start after another terrible relationship, and begins a new chapter in Fowey, drawn to the beautiful Cornish landscape. Since she was young, when her paintbrush touches canvas, a ‘gift enables her to see the history of her subject. She crosses paths with a local sailor, Mac. And an old feeling emerges. This isn’t the first time they have met, and as they grow closer, she wonders if she should open her heart to love one more time…




Clare Swatman: The Mother’s Secret

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Boldwood Books
All formats
7th September 2022

There’s nothing a mother won’t do for her children – even if it means telling a lie. And when sisters Kate and Georgie discover the lie their mother has been telling them their whole lives, they’ll discover that while lies can cause pain, the truth could destroy them all.







Clare Swatman: Before You Go

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Boldwood Books
All formats
7th September 2022 (original publication February 2017)

After years of navigating dead-end jobs and chaotic house shares together, romance finally blossoms for Zoe and Ed. Their future together looks set. Then one morning Ed is knocked off his bike and dies. There’s so much Zoe wishes she could have said to him. But now it’s too late. Or is it . . . ?





Samantha Tonge: Lost Luggage


Multi-generational Women’s Fiction
Boldwood Books
All Formats
22nd September 2022

When Dolly bids on a suitcase at the lost luggage auction, she has no idea how the contents will change her life, and the secrets they will reveal. But can you really have a year of firsts when you’re seventy-two? And are some secrets best left lost at the airport?





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