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New Releases: September 2023

1 September 2023

Jill Barry: Kimi’s Destiny

Historical Romance
D C Thomson
My Weekly Pocket Novel
14th September 2023

The Chief’s Daughter has grown up alongside a young brave on their settlement in the American North-West. It’s 1864 and Kimi is rebelling against her father’s choice of husband for her. Women’s roles are changing, but Kimi has much to achieve before she can marry her true love.






Sandy Barker: Match Me If You Can

All formats
September 28


When Tristan Fellows walks into the Ever After Agency, Poppy Dean knows she’s in for a challenge. A fortune is at stake & the clock is ticking.







Rachel Barnett: Starlight at Snow Pine Lodge

Contemporary romance fiction
Embla Books
Kindle/ebook, paperback, audiobook
26th September 2023

Three friends. One Christmas escape. A week that will change their lives. As Clara, Rose and Tania head to their mountain lodge, there’s more waiting for them than a relaxing break. Between uninvited guests, a snowstorm and secrets bubbling to the surface, these women will need to lean on friendship more than ever before.






Jan Baynham:The Secret Sister

Historical Romance
Joffe Books Choc Lit Publishing
31st AUGUST 2023

Wartime Wales to 1960s Sicily. In 1943, Carlo Rosso an Italian POW falls for local widow, Sara Lewis. Unbeknown to her, he is harbouring secrets. After his untimely death in 1968, his daughter, Claudia travels to Sicily to find out more about the Italian side of her family. Shocked by what she finds out, she endeavours to clear his name of a crime he did not commit.






Josie Bonham: The Rake’s Rescued Bride

Regency Romance
Pitcheroak Press
Paperback and ebook
Tuesday 5th September


Lucy Vaughan is facing her worst nightmare, a forced marriage to a man she fears. Who better to help her flee than Bertie Lovell, the boy who slayed dragons for her when they were children?







Sharon Booth: Second Chances in Tuppenny Bridge

Contemporary romance
Storm Publishing
E-book and paperback, audio to follow soon
28th September 2023

New mum Kat’s job in Pennyfeather’s Wool Shop is at risk. Jonah’s work as a farrier is being affected by his role as a single dad. Can two old friends help each other out? And will their rekindled friendship finally help them heal the wounds from the past?







Angela Britnell: Summer in Paradise Valley

Contemporary romance
Choc Lit/Joffe Books
22 August 2023

Lynsey Carne likes control in her professional life as a home organiser, and in her personal life. She reluctantly travels to Tennessee to help her chaotic sister Becca and falls for the unsuitable Griff. Can she help her sister and herself, too, or will her trip to Paradise Valley end with an early flight home?







Deborah Carr: The Poppy Sisters

Historical Fiction
One More Chapter
Paperback, ebook and audiobook
1 September 2023

Divided by war. Reunited by courage. Two sisters experience different wars – one, a VAD in Northern France, cares for wounded allied soldiers and falls in love with one, while the other cares for enemy prisoners in Jersey’s P.O.W. camp, whom she holds responsible for her family’s deaths.






Philippa Carey: A Touch of Class

Historical Romance
Ulverscroft Ltd
Large Print Softback
1 September 2023

Eleanor Sutcliffe booked lodgings at posting-inns while travelling to see her great-aunt Susan in Yorkshire. On the day of the journey, her coach is overtaken on the road by a distinctive yellow-wheeled four-horse post-chaise, carrying a handsome and very annoying gentleman. Arriving at the inns first, he steals her reserved rooms! When the two finally meet face to face in Doncaster, will sparks fly between them?






Nell Dixon: The Cinderella Substitute

Sweet/Clean Romance
Brierley Rose Press


Nate Mayer has successfully avoided relationships since he lost his fiancée. Jenni, Nate’s p.a. has her own problems. But those difficulties pale into insignificance when Jenni finally traces her birth mother…






Anise Eden: Dead Keen

Romantic Suspense
Tangled Tree Publishing
e-book and paperback
10 August 2023

Things Unseen Series, Book 2. Dr. Corneilus O’Brien brought his colleague-turned-girlfriend Neve home to Ireland to help his family — and to get her out of harm’s way. But neither one of them could have imagined that their efforts to save others and protect themselves would lead them into the deadliest peril they’ve ever faced.






Liz Fielding: The Temp & the Tycoon

6th August 2023


Jude Radcliffe cannot see a life beyond his work. Talie is locked in a family situation that she can’t escape. Can these two people rescue each other? They have just a few days in New York to find out.







Jackie Fraser: The Beginning of Everything

romance/romcom/women’s fiction
Simon & Schuster
28 September 2023

Jess is running, leaving all she knows and everyone she loves behind her. She’s escaping from the pain and trauma of a relationship gone badly wrong. Gethin’s kindness and care takes her breath away. They become friends. But with so much hurt in her past, can Jess learn to love and live again?






Cass Grafton: New Dreams at Polkerran Point

Contemporary Romance
eBook, paperback
21st September 2023

When Anna is drawn back to Cornwall after many years away, she’s soon swept off her feet by an old crush. Loving life, and her job with a reclusive and somewhat exasperating historian, it seems she has all she’s ever wished for—until a revelation brings everything under threat. Can Anna save her new life and, if she does, who will be there to share it?







Erin Green: Christmas Wishes At The Lakeside Cottage

Women’s fiction
Ebook, paperback and audiobook
28th September 2023

The Carmichaels are a blended family like no other! Consisting of four ex-wives, four off-spring and a dedicated housekeeper, you wouldn’t think that wedding number five was necessary! Lowry, Helen and Martha each have a vested interest in the proceedings, ensuring it’s a merry Christmas for all concerned!






Georgia Hill: New Beginnings at Christmas Tree Cottage

Contemporary romance
E-pub and paperback
29th September 2023

Lullbury Bay goes all out for Christmas, and teacher Honor loves it. New arrival Jago doesn’t share her passion for all things Christmas. Grief stricken, he’s desperately trying to give his little sister happier memories of the season. Will Honor ever be able to teach him to love Christmas again?






Christine Hollis: The Wishing Tree
Romantic Fiction
People’s Friend
Pocket Novel
31st August 2023

Emma opens a nursery next door to grumpy Jake and fills it with children, determined not to let him put her off. Although their mutual suspicion thaws when Emma discovers they have both faced loss in their lives, and he offers her advice about running her business. When the tree that gives Emma’s nursery its name crashes through the roof during a storm, Jake finds temporary accommodation. The Wishing Tree Nursery is adapting to that change when another disaster strikes and Emma is tempted to close the nursery. But the determination that stopped her backing down in the face of Jake’s initial opposition makes her think twice. Will Emma and Jake become more than just friends?






Claire Huston: Clues to You

Contemporary romance/cosy mystery
Ebook and paperback
19th September 2023

Rival sleuths, Kate and Max, are forced to work together at a murder mystery weekend, and sparks fly between them. With growing suspicions that the game is rigged against them, can Kate and Max beat the odds to find the killer? And, as their partnership deepens, can they find romance too?






Kate Johnson: Hex and the City

Witchy romcom
One More Chapter/Harper Collins
Ebook, paperback & audio
3rd Sept


Poppy is a witch who can’t help creating chaos. Alex is a stage magician who’s been faking it for years. When a spell goes awry, can the real witch and the fake magician save London from chaos?







Fenella J Miller: A Land Girl’s Secret

Historical romance
All Formats
30th September

Essex 1941
Unhappy with her privileged lifestyle, Hannah Austen-Bagshaw joins the Land Girls Army, carrying with her a dark and terrible secret. Life on the farm is tough, but Hannah meets handsome, working-class flight lieutenant, Jack. They form an immediate friendship. But Hannah is sheltering a young German pilot who crash landed nearby. Torn between her duty and her humanity, risking arrest as a traitor. Hannah suspects if Jack finds out her terrible secret, their relationship will unravel.






Enid Reece: Selina’s Gift

My Weekly Pocket Novel
30th August 2023

A modern adventure story set on the island of Malta. Alice Gray meets an archaeologist, Harry Chapman. Together they go on a quest to find the legendary Golden Dolphin and find more than both of them bargained for.






Jessica Redland: Christmas at the Cat Café

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Boldwood Books
all platforms
15th September 2023

An inheritance allows Tabby’s dream to work with cats a reality. Idyllic Castle Street in Whitsborough Bay is perfect for pastry chef Tabby to open a cat café with her boyfriend. But when Leon leaves her in the lurch, with Christmas fast approaching, she must open the café alone – a daunting prospect, especially as she’s been hiding health issues from loved ones. Will the cat café bring the festive joy, Tabby hoped, or will it be a cat-astrophe? And can the magic of Christmas mend her broken heart, as well as her business?






Jill Steeples: Winter at The Dog & Duck

Contemporary romance
Boldwood Books
Ebook, Paperback, Audio
2nd September 2023

Ellie Browne left behind her high-flying job in London, returning to the charming Buckinghamshire village of Little Leyton. Working shifts at the Dog and Duck pub and running her own doggy-daycare business, Ellie’s looking for a simpler way of life. But rumour has it the pub might be sold. Suddenly, life’s looking more complicated…. Can Ellie overcome the challenges and finally find her one true love?




Sheila Riley brings you New Releases every month. Published by Boldwood Books, she is writing the second novel in the Beamer Street Series, which will be out in Spring 2024.