Romantic Novelists' Association

Open Letter To Phoenix Group About Their Marketing Campaign

28 October 2022

This dismissive and sexist attitude towards the romance genre has to end. The genre written and read by mostly women generates billions of dollars for the publishing industry; that’s serious business.

Women of all ages read romance novels, they can be read at the top of a mountain, on an aeroplane whilst travelling to far flung destinations, on the beach or by the pool.

Romance novels are not an either/or they compliment life’s journeys. Retiring women don’t have to give up romance novels for more ‘worthy’ (according to Phoenix Group) pursuits. They are a reward after a long walk or run, something to relax with in the bath after a day with the grandchildren or quite simply for pleasure.

Phoenix Group have got this seriously wrong with these outdated stereotypes and have alienated their target audience. #RespectRomFic #ProudToWriteRomFic