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Ruby Basu – Baby Surprise For The Millionaire

23 February 2022

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Congratulations on the upcoming release of your first novel with Mills and Boon. Tell us all about it.

Thank you. Baby Surprise for the Millionaire is a contemporary second-chance romance with a best-friend’s brother and surprise pregnancy.

How did you get the idea for your book?

I’m an avid reader of Mills & Boon so the initial idea came from reading some of their pregnancy storylines and thinking about what kind of slant I could put on it. Also, years ago, I started writing a YA romance and I wondered what those characters’ story would be if they met again as adults. I merged the ideas for Baby Surprise for the Millionaire.

How did you meet your agent/publisher?

I met my editor, Hannah Rossiter, at the RNA’s summer conference in 2020. I requested a virtual appointment with her. At our meeting, Hannah said she was interested in working with me to develop my manuscript, which was amazing! 

How many years were you a member of the NWS and how many times did this novel go through the programme?

I’ve been a member of the NWS on and off since 2013 but apart from that first year when I sent in a partial, I didn’t send anything else in until 2019, which was such a waste of what the scheme offers.

I sent in a partial for this novel in 2019. Baby Surprise for the Millionaire is the first book I ever completed so it was quite emotional being able to submit a full version to the programme in 2020.

What were some of the most helpful comments from your reader? Do you feel your reader gave you good advice?

The most helpful comments I got from my reader were to really understand the backstory and motivation of my characters, and to make sure the timeline was very clear – particularly since I was writing a second chance romance and a pregnancy.

I feel the advice I received from my reader on my partial was incredibly good and helpful.

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Baby Surprise for the Millionaire is your second novel to be published. Did your debut go through the NWS as well?

My debut novel, The Twelve Wishes of Christmas, was published in October 2021. It didn’t go through the NWS, but I did meet by publisher through the same RNA summer conference in 2020. This time I received feedback via email with a request to send a full or as much as I had done so far. I didn’t have a full so I sent in about a third of the book. A couple of months later I had a meeting with two editors who told me they were taking my partial to acquisitions and I was offered a contract a few weeks after that.

I am so grateful to the RNA for the opportunities it offers to its members. I honestly wouldn’t be a published author now without the RNA.

What does your writing ritual look like? Is it rigid or relaxed? 

Very relaxed. I don’t really have a ritual. The only constant is coffee.

Have you done any courses to help you in your journey as a writer? Are there any courses or books (or other sources of inspiration) that you particularly recommend?

I’ve taken a number of courses. I recommend the RNA Learning courses, particularly Janet Gover’s course, Taking the Plunge. For books, I recommend Angela Ackerman’s Thesaurus range.

What is your best tip for writers looking to get their first big break? 

The usual advice like keep writing and find a support network. On a more practical level, look for opportunities to get your work in front of editors or agents without joining the slush pile – like the many opportunities offered by the RNA.

Baby Surprise for the Millionaire

The consequence of their Maltese nights!

Tycoon Nathan was Saira’s first love…and he’s also her best friend’s brother! So a reunion at her friend’s engagement party is unavoidable. And then Saira can’t refuse the bride-to-be’s invitation to a luxury getaway—where she’s forced into sharing a villa with Nathan! They’re tempted into a holiday fling, but will their resulting baby bombshell help them realise they’ve never stopped loving?

Baby Surprise For The Millionaire (Mills & Boon True Love) – Mills & Boon UK (

Ruby Basu

Ruby lives in the beautiful Chilterns with her husband, two children, and the cutest dog in the world. She worked for many years as a lawyer and policy lead in the Civil Service.

As the second of four children, Ruby connected strongly with Little Women’s Jo March and was scribbling down stories from a young age. A huge fan of romantic movies, Star Wars, and Marvel, she loves creating new characters and worlds while waiting for her superpowers to develop.

Twitter – @writerrb01

IG – @authorrubybasu

Website –


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