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The Fantasy Romantic Novel Award

6 March 2021

Today we’re finding out more about The Fantasy Romantic Novel Award nominees.

Christina Courtenay

Christina says:

I am absolutely delighted and very honoured to be shortlisted for this award! It is especially wonderful as Echoes of the Runes is my first book with Headline Review and it’s lovely that their faith in me has paid off. This book is very close to my heart as it is all about Vikings – being half Swedish, that is part of my heritage – and I’m so pleased readers have enjoyed this story.

An interesting story:

As I said above, I’m half Swedish so it’s been a joy for me to write about the Vikings, a part of my heritage. The story was initially inspired by a Viking style ring I own, which is an exact replica of one displayed at the Historical Museum in Stockholm. When I went to the museum to compare the two, I was very excited to see them together and was struck by the germ of an idea for this book. My agent, Lina Langlee of the North Literary Agency, just happens to be Swedish as well and she encouraged me so it seemed like it was meant to be. As I worked on the story, the Vikings suddenly appeared everywhere – a fictional TV series, a big exhibition at the British Museum and several factual TV programmes caught my attention – it was clearly serendipity!


About the book:

A dual-time story of Ceri, a Welsh noblewoman taken hostage by a Viking in the 9th century, and present-day Mia, who uncovers secrets at an archaeological dig. When the present begins to echo the past, and enemies threaten, they must fight to protect what has become most precious to them…






Hannah Emery

Hannah says:

I’m so excited and incredibly honoured to be shortlisted. My journey to publication started when I pitched to my editor at the RNA Conference in 2013. I never dreamed at that conference that one day I’d be published and then shortlisted for an RNA award!

An interesting story:

I love setting my books in Blackpool, as it has such a rich and unique history that it almost becomes a character itself.


About the book:

Daniel knows Erica’s special. She has the ability to slip between worlds to observe the paths she didn’t take and a life she’s never lived. Erica’s gift offers hope when tragedy strikes. But living another life means Erica has to give up all the happiness – and pain – of today.






Amelia Hopegood

Amelia says:

I think particularly when an author self-publishes, there are limited opportunities to gain industry validation. The Romantic Novelists Awards is an esteemed Award for authors, whether traditionally or self-published and I’m just honoured to have been shortlisted. I honestly can’t stop smiling!

An interesting story:

I have self-published since October 2011, writing Regency Romance under my own name, Audrey Harrison. I have a complex medical history and with lockdown my husband and I decided we were going to self-isolate for the foreseeable future. I’d longed to write a Paranormal Cozy Mystery with a dose of romance, but had never had the time to give it the attention it needed. This year gave me that opportunity and The Reluctant Witch was born and as a result, The Imperfect Witch trilogy. It’s been an absolute joy to just be able to sit and write a new story from scratch and one which readers have enjoyed. I decided to write under a pen name because it was so different from my Regency Romances and I wasn’t sure if readers would like the change. With being shortlisted, I might have to reveal my identity to readers now!



About the book:

A witch in denial…….. An interfering family…….. A murder……… A vampire who may or may not be a good guy……… A dog who is more intelligent than the average person…….. Just another day in the complicated world that is Jenny Sinclair’s life.






Amanda James

Amanda says:

I was so thrilled and incredibly honoured to be shortlisted for such a prestigious award!

An interesting story:

I live in Cornwall, and as ever take inspiration from the wild and rugged Cornish coast near where I live. I also have been fascinated for years with psychic phenomenon and have had quite a few interesting readings. I’m a spiritual person, and think there is more about our human existence and day-to-day lives than most of us can see or know. There’s certainly lot’s of questions left unanswered. I wish I was psychic, but sadly, I’m not!

About the book:

Nancy and Charlie Cornish are happily married and live in Cornwall. Nancy works in a cafe and Charlie’s a DS. While Nancy’s a seemingly ordinary member of her community, she has an extraordinary gift. Charlie is disbelieving of the gift, until Nancy uses it to help him solve an important case…






Olivia Lara

Olivia says:

I’m excited that Someday in Paris, my debut novel, has been shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Fantasy Romantic Novel Award in 2021. It’s an honor to be among such amazing books and authors in this shortlist and huge congratulations to everyone!

An interesting story:

Before moving to the United States, I’ve lived and worked in Paris for a few years and have visited Colmar many times and completely fell in love with it. It’s a magical small town and I couldn’t imagine Someday in Paris being set anywhere else but in these two amazing places. The inspiration for the book is my own love story with my (now) husband of 13 years and I have written the book initially as a wedding anniversary present to him (a few years ago).

About the book:

A power cut in a French museum brings together two teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks and leads to an epic journey across decades and continents in this magical love story debut, perfect for hopeless romantics and fans of The Notebook and One Day.





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