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Echoes of the Runes

Christina Courtenay

Headline Review

The Romantic Novel of the Year Awards

The Fantasy Romantic Novel Award 2021

About the book

A dual-time story of Ceri, a Welsh noblewoman taken hostage by a Viking in the 9th century, and present-day Mia, who uncovers secrets at an archaeological dig. When the present begins to echo the past, and enemies threaten, they must fight to protect what has become most precious to them…

About the author

I’m half Swedish so it’s been a joy for me to write about the Vikings, a part of my heritage. The story was initially inspired by a Viking style ring I own, which is an exact replica of one displayed at the Historical Museum in Stockholm. When I went to the museum to compare the two, I was very excited to see them together and was struck by the germ of an idea for this book. My agent, Lina Langlee of the North Literary Agency, just happens to be Swedish as well and she encouraged me so it seemed like it was meant to be. As I worked on the story, the Vikings suddenly appeared everywhere – a fictional TV series, a big exhibition at the British Museum and several factual TV programmes caught my attention – it was clearly serendipity!