Romantic Novelists' Association

I Let You Fall

Sara Downing

Quilla Books (TCK Publishing)

The Romantic Novel of the Year Awards

The Fantasy Romantic Novel Award 2023

A woman in a coma looks on as her body lies inert and useless. Then she meets a man who teaches her that being out-of-body means to live and to love, and that perhaps the half-life she is caught in is more romantic than her real life ever was.

Worcester author Sara Downing has WON the Fantasy Romantic Novel Award with her novel, I Let You Fall, for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s (RNA) annual Romantic Novel Awards for 2023. The awards celebrate excellence in romantic fiction in all its forms.

Sara lives in Worcestershire with her husband, three almost grown-up children, a Labrador and a cat. Before she had children, she was a Chartered Accountant, but always knew her dream career lay elsewhere. She started writing in 2009 and hasn’t since yearned to return to the world of accountancy. Sara writes across several genres, including romance. More recently she has become fascinated with the supernatural, and her latest novel, I Let You Fall, combines these two genres.

She commented, ‘Winning this award is by far the biggest moment of my writing career. Thank you to the RNA for such a wonderful evening – I’m still buzzing and think I will be for some time!!’