Romantic Novelists' Association

My One True North

Milly Johnson

Simon & Schuster

The Romantic Novel of the Year Awards

The Contemporary Romantic Novel Award 2021

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About the book

After losing their partners, Pete and Laurie meet in a grief counselling group and an unexpected friendship develops. But all that serves to push them together will eventually drive them apart. Can the magic of the northern lights guide them back to where they both belong – to each other?

About the author

This book was written without any knowledge that soon I would be travelling in the footsteps of my own characters re their grief as I lost my father just after I had completed it – which is why it was dedicated to him.

I also ‘had’ to take a cruise (research purposes only of course) to Norway in February and brave 12 metre sea swells and monstrous weather but it was worth everything to see the Northern Lights and I couldn’t have written the book without going there. Magical.

I’m also the poster girl for proving what you can achieve when you use the knockbacks as stepping stones. People rubbished my accent, so I stuffed my books full of it. I was 40 when I started and on my final push after 15 years of trying to break into the publishing world. I didn’t want age or background to hold me back and it didn’t but I had a LOT of jobs and a massive learning curve before I had even the smallest success.