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Sing Me a Secret

Julie Houston

Aria (Head of Zeus)

The Romantic Novel of the Year Awards

The Popular Romantic Fiction Award 2021

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About the book

The four Sutherland sisters have all led very different lives. But one secret and a slightly tense production of Jesus Christ Superstar, being put on in the village of Westenbury, are about to bring them all back together again as well as opening up old wounds and bringing to the fore a past very probably best left where it is …

About the author

SING ME A SECRET was inspired by my own venture into musical theatre.

About fifteen years ago, the choir I’d sung with for several years, was given permission by The Really Useful Group to put on a performance of Jesus Christ Superstar in Leeds Town Hall, the several hundred-strong choir taking the part of the chorus waving palm leaves and belting out the many songs, while Jesus and Judas were drafted in from another part of Yorkshire to strengthen the ranks.

And what a Jesus! I can’t even remember his name now but he was gorgeous, and at every weekly rehearsal we’d be asking, ‘Jesus, just look at Jesus. Is Jesus here yet? When’s Jesus going to do his bit? No Jesus tonight?’ We were all a little bit in love, starstruck even, by this talented young man who, during the day, was possibly a painter and decorator, a postman, a teacher – I really have no idea – but at every Monday rehearsal night was transformed into the son of God.